Scientist, physician, mathematician and astronomer, one of the great Iranian scientists and philosophers with mystic character, was born on October 1236 in a scientist family.



Scientist, physician, mathematician and astronomer, one of the great Iranian scientists and philosophers with mystic character, was born on October 1236 in a scientist family.
His father, a physician and professor of medicine at the MOZAFARI hospital of SHIRAZ.
MAHMOUD learnt medical science through his father and uncle. Got the Cloak of Sufism from father, when he was only ten years old. (Many centuries ago, Sufis had a special dress by name Cloak)
At the age of 14, his father died and he replaced his father as an ophthalmologist at the hospital and began to work. At this time, he feels to study more and more. So approached his own uncle.
His uncle, KAMALUDIN ABOLKHEIR MOSLEH KAZAROUNI thought him the law. Then went to BOUSHKANI to analysis the law book. (Law book is a very famous book written by scientist ABO ALI SINA in medical course). He found the book difficult. So started to read the explanations. Eventually found himself in need of KHAJE NASIRUDDIN TOUSI. Therefore started his journey to MARAGHE city and solved his problems through the master TOUSI. Then went to other areas like BAGHDAD and EGYPT to discuss about law book with other professional scientists. At this time he sat and wrote a brief explanation about law book. His explanation was used by many after his death. During his life, he wrote more than twenty works in Persian and Arabic. He became expert in many more subjects like mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, literature, religion, music, poetry, playing chess and found techniques to overcome magic tricks.
His most important book is DORATULTAJ. This book after SHAFA, is the most important essay in philosophical science (theology, mathematics, physics and logic) and overall is the composition of the twelve fields of science. The importance is that, DORATULTAJ is the most important philosophical book in Persian.
In analogy with the SHAFA book, mathematics and practical wisdom sections are having more explanation in GHOTBOLDIN`s book.
He was believing that philosophy and religion are two branches of science. He obtained this system from his master KHAJE NEZAMUDIN. This type of thinking was followed by other philosophers like DAVANI, DASHTAKI, MIRDAMAD, SADRA and others. Therefore, he declare every subject in relation to holy Quran. And by this way we can see the slogan of Europeans as philosophy is the servant of the religion in our country too.
GHOTBOLDIN believes that mathematics is a part of theoretical component of wisdom. And achieves the dignity of the human soul from holy notice to the board of heaven and earth, number of movements, quality of the objects, components and absolutism. The mathematical definition of GHOTBOLDIN who is astronomer and accompanied with KHAJE NASIR is interesting, because of inclusion of mathematical knowledge in the sphere of quantity, values of momentum, mass and vast heavenly bodies.
This great scientist tried to solve some of the famous mathematical problems, common problems and issues and tried also to respond to other`s opinions as it was customary in the arbitration between predecessors. For example, he supported the theory of FAKHR RAZI, the Seven Continents of the earth.
He was one of the greatest figures of his time in physics and music too. Even though, he was not the student of SAFIULDIN ARMOY. But dedicated a large part of multi-volume encyclopedia of music to explain the views of SAFIULDIN.
Some of previous great scholars were his students like GHOTBULDIN RAZI, KAMALUDIN FARSI and NEZAMUDIN AARAJ.
He was always wearing Sufi dresses and was fasting when he was writing a book.
At the end of life, settled in Tabriz, and expired there.
He was buried in the CHARANDAB cemetery in Tabriz city by the side of GHAZI BEIZAVI.

God bless him

His works:

DORATUL TAJ the most important philosophical work

NAHAYATOL EDRAK (in Arabic) in the field of astronomy and has four sections: preliminaries, the board of objects, the objects and values. It also contains new material on the mechanics, geology, weather and light discussion about universal ideas of EBN HEISAM and KHERGHI.
TOHFATOL SHAHIYEH (in Arabic) in astronomy
Persian translation of EUCLAID`s elements of geometry by KHAJE NASIR TOUSI
EKHTIARAT MOZAFARI (in Persian) in astronomy and board
Dissertation in the research of world examples (about the world, bodily resurrection and quality of the other world)
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