The biography of AVECINA, the Iranian philosopher

ABUALI SINA, the great Iranian sage, philosopher, physician and scientist, who is known in the West, with the name of (Avicenna) and the title of "king of Physicians", was
The biography of AVECINA, the Iranian philosopher
The biography of AVECINA, the Iranian philosopher


Translator: Majid Jamalzadeh

Source: rasekhoon.net


ABUALI SINA, the great Iranian sage, philosopher, physician and scientist, who is known in the West, with the name of (Avicenna) and the title of "king of Physicians", was born in the month of Safar of the lunar year of 370, in the city of Bukhara.
This great philosopher who later became the most influential figure in the science and philosophy in the Islamic world, and was given titles like SHEIKH UL RAEES, HOJATOLHAGH (sign of truth), and SHARAFOLMOLK (Honor of land), had a strange talent and competence in learning various sciences, from the beginning of childhood.
Since his father, Abdullah, worked hard in training him, and his house was a meeting place for scientists from the near and far, IBN SINA, learned all of the Quran and grammar and syntax until the age of ten, and then began to learn the logic and mathematics. His professor of mathematics was "Abu Abdullah Natalie."
Then went to ABUSOHEIL MASIHI, to learn physics, metaphysics and medicine science.
At the age of 16, became master of all sciences in his own time, except in metaphysics, which was written by ARISTOTLE. He studied the said book for forty times, but could not understand it. After sometime, he found the FARABI explanation which was written about this book, by reading it, he could realize the difficult questions. When ABUALI, reached 18, he was not needing any book to read or learn any kind of science, because he learnt all kind of sciences, it was only necessary to make his understanding deeply so to realize his own science in better way.
At the end of life, once he told to his own student. JOZANI, that he did not learn anything, more than what he was knowing at the age of 18.
Skill of EBNESINA in medical science and his ability to cure the ruler of that time, was the cause to be loved by the ruler and possess a very good situation in the court. But due to political turmoil in TRANSOXIANA, life became difficult in his own birthplace, so forcibly he went to JORJANIYEH and then GORGAN.
In the year 403 AH, after leaving behind the hardship and great difficulties in the face of the trip and losing some friends in the midst of the way, could pass the north desert of KHORASAN province.
According to reliable sources, in this journey he met the famous SUFI poet, ABUSAEED ABELKHEAIR.
He hoped to meet GHABOUS EBN VOSHMGIR, who was the famous supporter of science and literature, in JORJAN city, but when he reached to the same city, the great master had died. Because of this event, he became disconsolate and lived in a village for few years, then in the years 405 and 406 AH, went to REY area.
At this time, ALBOUYEH family was ruling in Iran, and some members of the said family were ruling in different states. EBNESINA, stayed for some months in the court of FAKHRODOLEH. Then he moved to HAMEDAN, to meet another ruler from the same family by name SHAMSODOLEH.
This journey was a great chance for ABUALI, because when he arrived to HAMEDAN, the ruler was sick and all the doctors were not able to treat him, so they invited EBNESINA to see the patient. The great master cured the ruler and because of the reason, he has been appointed as the minister. Our great physician was in this heavy post until the death of SHAMSODOLEH. After the death of the said ruler, chance was turned and master refused to continue serving in the office of ministry, because of this, authorities sent him to jail, in prison he wrote the famous book of HEALING (SHAFA), later he escaped from the custody and fled from HAMEDAN, in DARVISH cloths. His next destination was ISFAHAN, which was a great center of science and was wishing to see this city for years. Here he was welcomed by ALAODOLEH. So, master lived in this area with peace of mind for fifteen years.
During this period, he wrote some important books, even constructed an observatory, but peace of mind was not permanent, Isfahan was under attack of king MASOUD GHAZNAVI the son of MAHMOUD GHAZNAVI, and in this attack, some of important works of grate sage were vanished. This was a big blow for him. In addition, Colic was disturbing him too much, because of this reason, he went back to HAMEDAN. And in the year 428 AH, at the age of 57 expired and was buried in the same place.

Scientific character:

Although EBNESINA`s life was full of ups and downs and did not live long, but had a rational, wise and productive life. Evidence of this matter are number and type of his works, which he wrote and also characteristics of the students, who studied under his guidance, just like: BAHMANYAR and JOZANI.
His mental focus force was excellent, as he was riding a horse along with the king to go to war, was dictating some of his articles to the writer, who was serving him.
He had a great knack in all branches of knowledge, so in the philosophy field, he made the base course of peripatetic in the tradition of Islamic thoughts and performed the basic philosophy of middle age.
Our grate sage could combine the heritage of Hippocratic and GALENIC in the field of medicine and in Islamic science and literature, made such an impact, that no one before or after him could do the same.
His influence in these fields in east and west of the globe remained even up to today, and many of improvement in major various branches of science are based on his comments and ideas.




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