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Judaism and trade in the field of prostitution

Judaism and trade in the field of prostitution

Judaism and trade in the field of prostitution

Translator: Davood Salehan
Source: Rasekhoon.net


Factors for hatred of the Jews (8)
Karl Marx, the founder of Marxism, which was originally a Jew, says in his short book, as on the Jewish question:
Money is jealous god of Israel that no other God can withstand it...
The true God of the Jews is money. His God is nothing but the concept of the bill ... in general imaginary Jewish nationality is the nationality of businessman, man of money-worshiping nations.
The mood of money-worshiping has led the Jews to look at everything from the perspective of material interest and in obtaining wealth they do not know any boundaries at all.
The activities of the tribe in the field of prostitution and providing fun unconditional, due to growing demand in the prone and anti-values of Western societies is one of the most extensive and most profitable business areas of Jewish people.
Trade in these areas is natural that is not irrelevant with the phenomenon of slavery. In the past that the rich people did slavery and slave trade to accumulate more wealth, usually rented their human cargo, namely women and children slaves, in order to meet customers' sexual intentions.
"Jewish historian, Edward Bristow, in prostitution and exploitation book mentions global prostitution network and clearly emphasized the role of Jews in this organization."
Statistics issued by the Russian government said that in 1889, there were 389 prostitution centers in the country that about two hundred of them were ran by Jews. 22% of girls and women who did prostitution in the center were Jewish women.
On the other hand, Jewish traders of Port "Audisa" located on the Black Sea coast, attempted to sell the women and girls and dominated this trade. According to the received orders, they sent their goods to homes!
In impoverished Poland, Jews worked in destroying chastity and honor, became so much that social reformers chanted opposition voices.
In 1911, Ms. Brsabepenhaym, head of the "Jewish women's organization", announced by the statistics: 30% of prostitutes in Galicia in Poland are Jews, but the Jewish speculators in the ugly phenomenon is much more.
In 1909, New York Immigration Department has announced statistic that during the last four months, the number of two thousand criminal prostitutes were submitted to judicial authorities that three-quarters of them are Jewish women.
David Duke, a former representative of the Congress of America, writes:
Jews operate in the prostitution trade, not only in the past, but now in an area much wider than before.
He adds Times Picayune newspaper (in New Orleans) in an article in the January 1998 issue entitled " deception of Slav's Women by the slave sellers" written by Michel Spector with relying on documents has revealed extensive measures of Jewish slave sellers in this day and age.
The paper begins with report of the tragic story of a beautiful Ukrainian girl.
This blond girl, who is 21 years old, says: in a local newspaper in our town I read a statement in which had mentioned fantastic career opportunities for girls in abroad. I think it's a great opportunity to save me from poverty and indigence and I felt that in this way I can set my happiness to the world.
... But within a week or two weeks after arriving in Israel, everything became clear to me and I realized that I was sold as a slave in a brothel.
Director of prostitutes tear up my passport in front of my eyes, saying: "I am your owner and you are mine now, you have to work here to make money. So do not run away because they do not have any passport and you do not know Hebrew. If you escape, you will be arrested and returned to the same place. "
Duke adds that Israel is not the only destination for Eastern Europe women. Jewish gangs of Russia are in close contact with Jewish organizations across the world and in accordance with the statements of Minister of Ukraine, in the last decade, about four hundred thousand women less than thirty years were deceived and have been transferred out of Ukraine.
Sepektor, author of the aforementioned article, stated that each year about half a million from the East Block is transferred to Western Europe, and from there they are distributed around the world.
Magazine Moment, which contains the Jewish culture and vote, in the April 1988, p. 44, has had an article titled "whores in the Holy Land" in which it has talked about spread of prostitution and extramarital affairs with Russian girls and adds that (in Israel) a part of the customers of the girls are Jewish rabbis who ride on their bicycles and go to brothels.
However, in view of the traders, employment in the goods trade called "sexual pleasure", as long as it involves macro-economic profit is desirable and permissible, although it is not compliant with some standards. They believe that this product due to the need for members of society is not different from the bakery, dairy and beverages. They know gaining wealth through sexual habits applicants normal and recognize prostitution as an economic activity and even know a prostitute as worker of sexual behavior. Thus, like other professional traders they are trying to give their specific products to consumers with attractive promotions and incentive practices and lower costs.
Mass of videotapes, vulgar CDs, many online sites, flood of journals, magazines and books, hundreds and even thousands of satellite transponders and TV channels and movies in particular ... are including means used in this way.
Between the years 1880-1930 CE, many Jewish financiers, did international trade activity and were involved in prostitution. In the course, Russian Jewish neighborhoods, especially in Galicia were of the most important centers of issuing the prostitutes in the world. After that, sales network of women from East Europe to central and western regions of the continent and from there to South Africa, Egypt, India, Singapore and China was widened.
In America, Jewish neighborhood in New York was the center of such trading; Forum of "Max Hoshestym» was considered as first organized institute for women sale in America. Of course, the institute, was not the only known organization of its kind, but another organization called "independent charity of New York" was established in 1896 CE by a group of Jews who were active in the buying and selling of women.
The main center of activity of this business was special dance halls which continued their work under the cover of charity in the eastern neighborhood of New York with the management of a group of Jewish traders. When the United States government commissioned a committee to investigate the associations, the presented results revealed tragedies and scandals that hearing them caused vibrations (shocks) on the human body (it was so shocking).
As you can see, this tribe does not reject any effort in achieving economic benefits, ethnic intentions, and its political purposes, and in this way does it not recognize any barrier and border. They sometimes showed play of "Hair" first in London and then in Paris, New York, Hamburg and Stockholm on stage completely naked and made the players to have hideous behavior in front of audience to do, and during a time, Ashlo Mubar Lashtan, of the great leaders of this nation and member of "Mabam" party, in only one year (1960) surrendered three thousand Jewish girls to centers of corruption and released vulgar and sexually explicit magazines, such as Playboy and Sun in millions of copies.
Innumerable Jewish measures in this field spread and provoked such licentiousness and immorality in the West that a lot of women working in this field looked at their job as a legitimate source of income.
Scholem Ash, Jewish author, in play "revenge" has tried to depict the harsh reality. Hero of the play has established a brothel in his home on the first floor and runs it. He tries that this job does not harm his Jewish family's beliefs and moral values, but suddenly her daughter ran away from home and in another brothel she starts prostitution; but when she feels remorse and returns home, his father does not forgive her and sends her to the first floor of his house to continue the work!
Statistics of prostitute women Jews in Europe gradually increased so that in Austria, it increased from a few thousand in the mid-nineteenth century to 150 thousand at the end of the century.
Before finishing up this article it must be added that the occupying regime of Palestine for political blackmail and surrendering his opponents uses vulgar methods of sexual and immoral practices.
Hofy, who was the head of Israel's spy agency "Mossad" during the years 1974-1982, had confessed: when Anwar Sadat visited occupied territories and was spending time in Jerusalem, at the insistence of Menachem Begin and Moshe Diane, with setting the tiniest eavesdropping devices and microscopic cameras in all parts of the residence in the hotel King David, he intended catching his behavior and movements, even in the bathroom, toilet and bedroom, but apparently Egyptian security officials who were accompanying Sadat on this trip discovered it with tact and intelligence and dismantled devices
Israeli leaders' intent of this despicable behavior was access to scenes that could take advantage of it.
Earlier the same plan was implemented on Ahmad Sukarno, President of Indonesia state, on a trip to Europe, and they had his naked body's photos in the bathroom in his residence, and they used them in making a Sexy Video and tried to blackmail Sukarno in this way, but Sukarno, who was a veteran and experienced politician, after understanding Zionists' purposes, foiled their plan and with full coolness and complete mastery of the nerves, he sent them a message to provide more copies of the film so that he can give them to his friends as gifts.
The Zionists have used the same plan about Yasser Arafat and other politicians as well.


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