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Prophet Muhammad Said: "My Lord, command me to do my duties, as he command me to tolerate with people." The book Al-Kafi, vol. II, p. 117.

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Quran and history

Quran and history

Quran and history


Translator: Zahra. Kalaa
Source: rasekhoon.net

There are many verses about history. However, we leave its responsibility to addressees to research about it and the subjects that can be searched in this area include:
A) Historical foundations in the holy Quran
B) Historical aims in the holy Quran
C) Schools and historical system in the holy Quran
D) Historical principles in the holy Quran. (Internal and external)
E) Historical theorization in the holy Quran, Such as historical customs and prediction the end of history (Tubah/33:that He may make it prevail over all religions)
F) Historical interpretation in the holy Quran (foundation, methodology, procedures and Pathology).
G) Historical miracles in the holy Quran. (Performances and cases)
H) Enumerating historical verses and classifying them.
I) Research interdisciplinary subjects in the holy Quran and the history areas:
1) Generalities of the history and the holy Quran.
2) Ādam (Eve,Abel,Cain)
3) Noah (Noah’s wife, Noah’s child, Noah’s nation, flood water, Noah’s ship)
4) Abraham (sarah, Hajar, Ibrāhim,Azār, Nimrod)
5) Ismail
6) Isaac
7) Jacob
8) Joseph (Joseph's brothers, beloved, Putiphar'swife, accompanying prisoners)
9) Lut (Lut’s wife, lut’s daughters, and lut’speople)
10) Moses (Moss's mother, Moss's wife, Moss's teacher (Elias), Fata, Moss's sister(
11) The children of Israel (Al'bast disciples(
12) Al-ʻImran (ʻImran and ʻImran's wife)
13) Aaron (Aaron’s people and Aaron’s sister(
14) Pharaoh (pharaoh’s people, pharaoh’s nation, pharaoh’s wife, pharaoh’s body)
15) Jethro (Jethro’s sister,Madayn's disciples, Ay'ki’s disciples )
16) Jesus (Johannes, prophets, Al-Ghar'ye disciples, ascension(
17) Maryam (goodness(…
18) Zachariah (zachariah’s wife)
19) John
20) Enoch
21) Ilyās
22) Al-yase
23) Āyub
24) Zo Al-Kafl
25) Sālih(Thamoud,Naghe,AL-Hejr disciples)
26) Hood (AD)
27) Jonah (Jonah's people, Hoot)
28) Azir
29) David (Talootab and Jaloot (
30) Suliman (Queen of Sheba who visited suliman, Haroot and Maroot)
31) Loqmān (loqmān’s boy, admonitions)
32) Zo al-Qarniyn(Ya’jooj and Ma’jooj( (یاجوج و ماجوج)
33) Ta'ba’s nation
34) Al- Rās disciples
35) Disciples of the Cave and Raqim .
36) Asbāt
37) Akh'dūd disciples
38) Elephant (Fīl) disciples
39) Majus (refer to Zoroaster(
40) Sabein
41) Bābil
42) Madayn
43) Ah'qāf
44) Hojr
45) Biyn Al-sadin
46) Irma
47) Egypt
48) Nile (beach, sea)
49) Ahmar Sea
50) Set of seas (مجمع البحرین)
51) Sinai
52) Al-I'man land
53) Tūr
54) Tuwa (طوی)
55) Sabā
56) Village (An'tākiya…)
57) The disciples of the Cave
58) Rome
59) Juda mountain
60) Ignorance (first and second)
61) Prophetic (pointed to Varqat Ibn Nofel's doubt)
62) Prophetic invitation (evolution (Siyr Taṭwur) and methods,…)
63) Prophet’s wives (‛Aye'sheh, Afk Hadith, Mothers of believersامها ت المومنین )
64) Followers
65) Ziyd (Ziynab marriage doubt)
66) Polytheists
67) Hypocrites
68) Book readers (summary)
69) Jews
70) Christianity
71) Holy land
72) Habib Najjār
73) Disciples (As'hāb(
74) AbuLa'hab (his wife)
75) Ascension
76) Emigration
77) Chang kiblah (refer to interpretive and jurisprudence subjects)
78) Prophet’s wars.
79) Ba'dr
80) O'hud
81) Ah'zāb
82) Hudaybiyah peace
83) Mecca victory
84) Huna'yn
85) Innocence (the political aspect should be discussed in the international relationships)
86) Hajj and Umrah Hajj (the rituals of the Hajj performed at a time other than the appointed time) of the prophet
87) Gha'dīr (only in the festival celebrated on the occasion of ‘Ali being appointed successor of Mohammad because the event took place near a pool)
88) Mecca (Al- Balad AL-Amin,Om Al-Qura,Ba'kee )
89) AL-Haram Mosque
90) AL-Nabi Mosque
91) Safā and Marvah
92) Kibah
93) Abrahim status
94) Arafāt (a mountain near Mecca)
95) Minā
96) 96)Masha‘ar Al-Harām
97) Thour cave
98) Harā cave
99) Ha'rām
100) Al-Aqsā mosque
101) Mosques (Qoba, Zarar(
102) Madineh (Yasrib(
103) Sha'jareh
104) The philosophy of the history
105) Historical words (nation, century, day)
106) Civilization in the holy Quran
107) Mohammad
108) Ishmuial
109) Taloot and Jaloot
110) the disciples of Sufah
111) Disciples of Aqabah
112) Assassination of prophet (many activities were done in this assassination, especially Aqabah disciples)
113) Splitting of the moon
114) Arabs
115) Azār
116) Āsiyah, the daughter of Muzāhim (pharaoh's wife)
117) Egypt land
118) The king of Egypt
119) Asīf Ibn Barkhiya
120) Amineh,Vahab's daughter
121) Satan
122) Iblis
123) AbuTaleb
124) Ahbār
125) Illiterate people
126) Legend of Gharanigh
127) Ta‘rub Bad Al-Hijrah
128) Children of Israel's coffin
129) Allegiance
130) Biyt Al-ma‘mūr
131) Bakht Nasr
132) Azi
133) Wid(ود)
134) Yaghus
135) Legends
136) Announcement of the prophet appearance
137) Ahmad
138) Illiterate
139) Sāmiri
140) Raabiyun
141) Zabih Allah
142) Those who mocked the Prophet
143) Dahiyah Kalbi
144) Ba'al
145) Manat
146) LAT
147) Idol
148) Haroot and Maroot
149) Bābi Hitah
150) Emigrants
151) Ansar
152) Ous and Khazraj
153) Dating in history(according to historical incidents and new doubts(
154) Nasr
155) Banī Nazīr
156) Divine memories(Alvah)
157) Monastic life
158) Temples (monestry, church...)
159) Nazīr (historical discussion(
160) Kahānat (only the historical discussion about it(
161) Qasis
162) Koreysh
163) Sacrificing
164) Quran and history
165) Bani Ghingha
166) Bani Mostalegh
167) Bani Gharizeh
168) Hazr(حضر)
169) Sāhib al-ghār(صاحب الغار)
170) Khadijah,Khoyld's daughter
171) Havāriyūn
172) Hanīf
173) Hunafā
174) Believer of AL-pharaoh
175) Zamzam
176) Hajat Al-veda
177) Magic
178) Kurah
179) Suhuf
180) Zaboor
181) Cross (Salib)
182) The holy Quran and policy
183) Epistemology
184) Political words in the holy Quran
185) Governmental aims.
186) Principles and rules of politics
187) Methodology and theorization
188) Liberty in the holy Quran
189) Justice and equality in the holy Quran
190) Political systems of the Quran point of view
191) Legitimacy in the holy Quran
192) Admonishing fellow believers to do right and to avoid sin
193) Dissimulation
194) The holy war (jihad(
195) Political culture
196) Revolution
197) Political events understanding
198) Nation unity
199) Security in the holy Quran
200) Religious democracy
201) Holiness and leadership (Willāyah(
202) Power
203) Friendship and renouncement
204) Political parties
205) Advisability (best thing to do(
206) Council
207) Allegiance
208) International relationship
209) Political partnership
210) Political development
211) Generalities
212) Political preceptsverses
There are many verses about the ethics .But we leave its responsibilities to addressees to research about it. Some subjects that can be searched in this area include:
A) Ethic foundation in the Quran.(foundation, cosmology, anthropology, epistemology(
B) Ethical aims in the holy Quran
C) Schools and ethical systems in the holy Quran
D) Principles and ethical rules in century
E) Ethical theorization in the holy Quran, for example in the control area and the prevention of crimes such as divine systems and angles…
F) Ethical interpretation in the holy Quran (foundation, methodology, procedures, Pathology…)
G) Ethical miracles in the holy Quran. (Performances and cases)
H) Enumerating the ethical verses and classifying them.
I) Research interdisciplinary subjects in the holy Quran and ethical areas
1) Ethical values such as truthfulness, trusteeship, loyalty and …
2) Valueless ethical principles such as lying, pride, wonder…
3) Ethical foundation, ethical principles, and …
Quran and mathematics Introduction:
At some decades later, some of authors and experts claim that there is math arrangement in the holy Quran and they have mentioned another dimension related to the marvel of Quran. It is the numerical marvel of Quran .In addition, you can see some signs of this thought in the book “al-Itaqan in Quran sciences” by Siyūti.
However, this scientific secret was hidden for many years until computer was invented and the secret of mathematic arrangement was revealed.The marvel of this holy book was approved for mankind once more. Experts have got other results in this area which we will discuss them. Great experts in this area are Rashid khalifah and Abdul al- Razāq Nufil and…
Against this group, some of authors and Qur’anic experts did not accept those thoughts. They believe that some calculations are accompanied with errors. Even some writers strongly represent that some thoughts are only Baha'ism conspiracy and deviational flow. In this case, they add a witness to the claim about the prophethood of Rashid khalifah and his murderer.
At first, we will present the eports of books and the writers of both groups. Then we will conclude.
A) Advocates of numerical marvel of the holy Quran:
In this case, many people have written books and papers
which we will mention the most important ones:
1) Miracle of the holy Quran: Dr. Rashid khalifah;
2) Dr. Rashid khalifah was born in one of Sufi family\ies (EGYPTION) in Tan Tahe and he joined Taṣa'vuf group officially in 1971 in Mecca.
He got a B.A degree in agricultural college in Cairo Iyn Al_ shams. He has got an M.A degree in Arizona University in America and his PH.D degree in biochemistry of plant in California University.
He has searched about the holy Quran by the computer for 3 years. And the results of these searches have been demonstrated in news papers all over the world in 1351.
His book was published with the title of “miracle of holy Quran” in Beirut in 1983, and also in English language in America.
He has attempted to detect the meanings and the secrets of the segmental alphabets in the holy Quran. In addition, he has proved that there is a close relationship between these letters and the first letter of the name of a Surah. He used computer to do calculations and declared that there were segmental letters in 29 surahs. The Total numbers of these letters consisted of28 letters in Arabic alphabet,(Means: a, h, r, S'in, sād, Ta, Ayn, q, k, l, m, n, h, y ), and sometimes they can be called luminous letters.
He measured the ratio of these letters in114 surahs in the holy Quran and has achieved to some results that we will mention some of them.
The ratio of “Q(ق) ” letter in “Q(ق)” surah is more than other surahs of the holy Quran. The number of “Sād” in “sad” surah is more than other surahs. And “n” letter in “Noon and al-qalam” surah is more than others.
He recognized that nineteen is a basic number in the holy Quran which he has got it fromتسعه عشر”” and has compared the numbers of some sings and words with it and presents a mathematic system. He proved these subjects with many calculations and multiple tables, and he has got the following results:
The holy Quran is God’s language.
Place of the segmental letters in the holy Quran in its special place approves the advanced distribution of the alphabets in all of the surahs of the holy Quran. Nobody can claim that such an advanced design has been done by humans even although he is exalted.
He used the computer to calculate possible changes in a book like the holy Quran that is very exact and precise mathematically and it becomes 626 septillion. Certainly, it is beyond human’s ability and capacity. Nobody can create a work like the holy Quran in the past, at present or in the future. Consequently, the miracle of the holy Quran can be concluded and even Jesus’s and Moses’s miracles have been proved by the holy quran.³
1) The arrangement of the surahs of the holy Quran surahs inspired of Divine nature.
2) Descent arrangement of the holy Quran surahs, what we know nowadays, is from God.
3) The descent place of surahs, whether Mecca or Medina, has been confirmed.
4) The special method to write the words in the holy Quran was ordered by God,so he recommended that we do not change the inscription of the holy Quran Ṣalāt be Ṣalāt
5) The special method to divide each surah to verses in the holy Quran was ordered by God.
6) The verse of ''in the name of God the Merciful and the Compassionate '' is an indispensable part in all surahs expect 9th surah ''repentance (al_tubah)”which can be proved with reasons from the mathematic order.




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