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Prophet Muhammad Said: "My Lord, command me to do my duties, as he command me to tolerate with people." The book Al-Kafi, vol. II, p. 117.

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Lady Nardooneh

Lady Nardooneh

Lady Nardooneh

Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefipoor
Source: Rasekhoon.net


Once upon a time there was a couple having a daughter named as Lady Nardooneh. One day the mother of this daughter got sick and very soon died. The father cannot cope to take care of her, and after a while married. The stepmother was very jealousy in respect to her from the first, because Lady Nardooneh was very beautiful.
One day the stepmother made up herself and stood in front of her magic mirror and said it: "O mirror! Am I beautiful or the mirror?" The mirror answered: "None. Neither you nor the mirror is beautiful. Only Lady Nardooneh is beautiful." The stepmother got angry and took Lady Nardoonet to a quite dry desert and put her there and returned back.
Lady Nardooneh went and went until she reached a cottage. He noticed that the furniture in the cottage was untidy and dirty. She made there tidy and clean and hid herself in a corner.
This cottage belonged to seven dervishes. When the seven dervishes came, they noticed that their cottage had become tidy and clean. Since they saw no one, they called loudly: "O who you have cleaned the cottage! Show us yourself." Lade Nardooneh show her to them. The seven dervishes asked her who she was. Lady Nardooneh told them the whole story of herself in detail. As the seven dervishes listened to her story, they decided to adopt her as their sister and all of them behave like brothers to each other.
On the other hand, after leaving Lady Nardooneh in the desert, the stepmother came and again made up and sat in front of the magic mirror and repeated the same question and heard the same reply. The stepmother said: "But until now, predatory animal have eaten Lady Nardooneh." The mirror said: "She is alive and is living in the cottage of the seven dervishes."
The stepmother wore gypsies' clothes and went and went until she reached the cottage of the seven dervishes. She shouted: "I am soothsayer. I am fortune – teller. I sell ring." Then she put a poisonous ring round the finger of Lady Nardooneh. Lady Nardooneh became unwell and then became unconscious. After doing this act, the stepmother returned back to her home.
When the seven dervishes returned back to the cottage, they saw that Lady Nardooneh had died. They put her in a box, and floated the box on the river water. The water took the box until it reached the garden of the ruler of the city. The son of the ruler took the box from water and opened its lid and saw the girl. He ordered to wash the dead body and bury her. When the person who was washing her took out the ring from her finger Lady Nardoone sneezed and revived. The ruler's son who was surprised of her beauty proposed to her. The girl, who had fallen to his love after seeing him, accepted his propose and informed her father and married him. After one year they had a son.
One day the stepmother went in front of the mirror and said: "Am I beautiful or the mirror?" The mirror answered: "Lady Nardooneh is beautiful." The stepmother said: "But she is not alive." The mirror said: "She is alive and the wife of the ruler's son." The stepmother changed again her appearance and using many tricks went to the palace of the ruler and became the servant of the ruler's son. One night cut off the head of Lady Nardooneh's son and put the knife in the pocket of Lady Nardooneh. In the morning the ruler's son was informed. They investigated and found the bloody knife in the pocket of Lady Nardooneh. The expelled her with her dead son from the palace.
Lady Nardooneh went and went until she was tired. She sat under a tree. Just at this time two pigeons sat on the branches of the tree. One of them said: "If the mashed leaf of this tree was rubbed on a cut head, it can be attached again to the body." The second pigeon said: "If a dead person was hit by the wood of this tree, he will become alive." Then the pigeon flied and went.
The gird did the same works the pigeons had said and the boy revived. They went and went together until when they reached a city in which they began a new life beside each other. One day, the ruler's son came to that city for inspection. Lady Nardooneh made use of this opportunity and leaned his son to hit a stick to the ground on the path of the ruler's son and to pour straw in front of it and to say it: "O wooden horse! Eat straw. If you don't like straw, eat barley." The boy did this same work. The ruler's son said him: "But, does wooden horse eat straw?!" the boy answered: "But, Does the mother cut off the head of her son?!" As the ruler's son heard this reply, he ordered to bring him the mother of the boy. When he saw her, he recognized her. Lady Nardooneh too, told her all her story in detail. When the husband was informed, he regretted of his act and they began a new common life together. The ruler's son ordered to find the stepmother of Lady Nardooneh and they tied her hair to the tale of a mulish horse and left the horse in a desert.


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