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Prophet Muhammad Said: "My Lord, command me to do my duties, as he command me to tolerate with people." The book Al-Kafi, vol. II, p. 117.

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Pear Leaf

Pear Leaf

Pear Leaf

Author: Mohammad Ghasemzadeh
Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefipoor
Extracted from Rasekhoon
In ancient times there was a city which has a ruler governing it. This ruler had three sons each of them having a separate mother. Unfortunately, the ruler became blind. Whatever physicians tried could not cure him and the ruler remained blind. The ruler understood that he should accept dark and blindness for always.
But one day a dervish came to the ruler's home and said: "I know the medicine of the pain of your eyes. If your sons are determined to help you, they can go and bring it for you. The medicine of your pain is the pearl leaf. There is a garden in which there exists pear leaf, but to reach there three castles should be passed in each of them a demon is living. Your sons should wrestle with them and conquer them and loop ring at their ears. Then the demons will instruct them how they should bring back pearl leaf for you."
The dervish said this and went. The brothers got ready and in the next day they set off to the desert all together. They went and went until when they reached a fork in the road. The saw there a stone on which had been written that if the three brothers would go together in a way not only they would not gain peal leaf but also they would die, and one of them should go right and the other two should go left in order that they could become successful.
The brothers agree sadly the youngest brother to go to right and the other two brothers to go to left. Then all of them put their rings under that stone in order that they would become informed of each other in returning. The older brothers said goodbye to the youngest brother and became separate from each other and each one went to a way. The two older brothers reach a city and each became busy in that city by being occupied in a job by this intention that they could find a way for their main purpose. One of them became apprentice of a cook of porridge and the other one became apprentice of a cook of sheep head.
But hear from the smaller brother. The name of this brother was Malek Mohammad. He went a long way and eventually reached a castle. He knocked the door of the castle. A girl came at the door and opened the door and said: "O human being! What do you do here?"
Malek Mohammad said: "O girl! Let me come in. I am following a matter." The girl said: "If my brother saw you or heard that you have come in the castle, he would eat your meat raw." Malek Mohammad said: "Presently let me come in. Later I will do something."
The girl read a word and blew to him and changed him into a broomstick and put it in a corner of the home. In the evening, a demon came in and shouted: "O sister! I feel the smell of human being. Has anyone come here today?" The girl said: "No. None has come here. You can search everywhere." The demon searched everywhere and found nothing. Upset and despondent, he came to his sister and said: "Tell me the truth! What have you done with the human being?" The girl said: "If you swear to the milk of our mother and to the suffering of our father that you will not bother him, I will bring him to you." The demon swore. The girl read a word and blew to the boom stick. Malek Mohammad became alive and stood in front of the demon. The demon said: "O human being. What do you do here?"
Malek Mohammad said: "The fact is that my father has become blind and they have said that the medicine of his pain is pearl leaf which can make his eyes seeing. Now I have come to take pearl leaf foe him."
The demon said: "O Malek Mohammad! Our custom is that to wrestle with every human being who has come here. If he wins, we will be the slave of him and will obey all his orders. But if we win, we will eat his meat raw." Malek Mohammad accepted and wrestled with the demon. After a great effort, he could win over the demon and hung the ring of slavery in his ears.
He slept that night in the demon's castle and at the next day said good bye and left there. After passing a long way, he reached the second castle. He again wrestled with another demon in this castle and won over him and made the demon slavery to him while hanging slavery ring on the demon's ears. This time too, he slept there that night and said good bye to him in the next morning and set off to go and reached the third castle after a while. In this castle too, won over a demon during a wrestle and made him as slave of himself while hanging slavery ring on the demon's ears like the two other demons. This demon said: "O Malek Mohammad! Tell me, what are you following?"
Malek Mohammad said: "I have come for pearl leaf." The demon went and brought two speedy horses and said to Malek Mohammad: "First we go into darkness. When we come out of the darkness, we will reach a garden having pear leaves. There, I can enter no longer. You should go yourself alone. The tree of pearl is in that garden. You should make a two - branch stick and using it you should cut pear leaves. The garden has four guards. When they see you, one of them will shout: HE CUT. The other one will shout: HE TOOK. The third one will shout: WHO? The second one will answer: STICK. The fourth one will say: BUT STICK COULD NOT CUT. When you cut the leaves, you should drop them into a bag and set off going. There are wild animals like lions, leopards, wolves, and pigs sleeping in the middle of the garden. You should have nothing to do with them, and they will have nothing to do with you too. Afterwards, you will see a ladder having forty steps and forty bells. You should take forty pieces of cotton with yourself and push them into the bells in such a manner that no sound could be heard from them. Then you should go upwards on the ladder and you will enter a room in which a girl will have slept. Above her there exists a tulip and downward her legs there exists a lightened oil lamp. You should put the tulip in the place of oil lamp and the oil lamp I the place of tulip. Then you will see a cup of water beside her which will be singing and also you will see a dish of food and a hookah. If you drink the water of the cup, it will sing no longer. You should also eat half of the food in the dish and puff the hookah. Then you should leave the room. I will be waiting you at the back of the garden to return back together."
Malek Mohammad went and did all those works and returned back and with the third demon went to the demon's castle. He slept at the night there and in the next day when he wanted to say good bye to him and leave there, the demon said to him: "O Malek Mohammad! My sister belongs to you."
Malek Mohammad accepted his offer and took the girl with himself and set off to go until when they reached the second castle. I that castle too he said good bye to the demon and also took his sister too, and continued toward the first castle. In that castle too thanked the demon and picked up her sister and with all of the three girls set off going toward his home city. They went and went up to the same two – ways fork in which he had become separate from his brothers. Suddenly he remembered them, so he went and saw under the stone. He noticed that the rings of the brothers were there steel. So he understood that they had not yet found pearl leaf. So he put the three girls near a fountain and went to follow his brothers.
After a while, he reached the city in which his brothers were working there. He searched several days there until eventually he found them. He noticed that they had become poor. He bought such clothes for them that would be proper for the ruler's children. Then they set off and went until they reached the girls. Malek Mohammad said: "Now, our work has finished. I am tired and want to sleep a little."
When he slept, the two older brothers said to themselves: "If we go all of us to our city, our father will understand that it is our youngest brother who was able to find pear leaf and will say the we, the older brothers, are jackstraw. I is better that to kill him and to take pear leaf ourselves." In this manner, they took Malek Mohammad who was asleep and dropped him into a nearby well. Then they took two of the girls with themselves and went toward the city. But the smaller girl who was fiancée of Malek Mohammad did not accompany them. The girl who had seen what happened for Malek Mohammad, went at the well and called: "Malek Mohammad!" He heard a weak voice. She became glad that he is steel alive. She went to the city and bought a rope and returned toward the well and tried and tried until when she succeeded to save him and took him out of the well.
On the other hand, the two older brothers and the two girls reached the city. As soon as the father understood that Malek Mohammad was not with them wanted them to say where he was and how he was. They said that in pass, wolf had eaten Malek Mohammad. Then they made powder from pear leaf and poured it into the eyes of the father. Suddenly the father's eyes became seeing. The father said: "The mother of that son was bad. Put her inside a skin and put her on the roof of bathroom and give her only a bread of barley each day."
On the other hand, when Malek Mohammad was saved by the girl, nightly came with the girl to his city and without informing anyone went to his room and closed the door and they slept.
Now hear a little about the fairy – born girl who was owner of the pearl leaf. When she got up, felt unwell in her head. As she understood what happened, she sat on Solomon's rug and said: "Take me and this garden to where pear leaves had been taken."
The garden flied and landed at the back of the city of Malek Mohammad. In the next day, When Makek Mohammad's father got up, he saw that a palace had been appeared beside his mansion. He sent his slave to see who he / she was and what he / she wanted.
The slave went and returned back and said that she was the owner of pearl leaves. The ruler summoned his two sons and said: "The owner of pear leaf has come. What do you do now?"
The brothers said: "Don't worry. We answer her."
The fairy – born girl sent her slave and messaged that they must render the person who had brought pear leaves or she would destroy the city of the ruler.
They hold a session in the palace of the fairy – born girl. The oldest son came forward to reply to the girl. The girl asked him: "O boy! Have you brought pearl leaves?" The boy answered: "Yes." The girl asked: "From where did you enter the garden?" The boy answered: "From the ruined wall of your garden." The girl faced the ruler and said: "O Ruler! See if my garden has any ruined wall." The ruler saw and said: "No. It does not have."
It was the time for the middle – aged son. He neither could answer to her. The girl said: "O Ruler! Fetch one who had brought my pearl leaf. None of these boys is that person." The ruler faced his sons and said: "I'm afraid you have killed your brother." The ruler sent his slave to see in secret if the youngest son had come to his room.
The slave went and when reached the room noticed that its door had been closed from inside Took this news to the ruler. The ruler went himself toward the room and shouted from back of the door: "O Malek Mohammad!"
Malek Mohammad got up and opened the door. As he saw his father said: "If my mother was bad, why have you come to see me?" The ruler said: "O my son! Pease help me. The fairy – born girl, who is the owner of pearl leaf, had come, Please come and answer to her."
Malek Mohammad wore his clothes and came out of his room and went to the palace of the girl. When the girl saw him, she guessed that he had brought back her pearl leaf. Malek Mohammad went forward to her. The girl asked: "O Malek Mohammad! Have you taken pearl leaf from my garden?"
Malek Mohammad said: "Yes." The girl said: "How did you enter the palace?" Malek Mohammad answered: "I lassoed." Then he told her all what happened in detail. The girl said: "Bravo! Now let me now if you marry with me." Malek Mohammad said: "Of course."
When the work of Malek Mohammad with the fairy – born girl finished, he summoned his father and two brothers. He said to them: "O brothers! I did not any bad to you. I bought clothes for you and freed you from being apprentice. Instead, you dropped me into well! Why?" Then he faced his father and asked: "O father! If you thought I was bad, why did you say that my mother was bad?"
Then he called the pair of male and female lions. The lions came and bowed. He asked them: "How long have you been hungry?" The lions answered in human language: "It is about a week that we are hungry." He ordered them: "Eat the two brothers of me." The lions ate his brothers.
Then the he called the tiger and asked it: "O tiger! How long have you been hungry?" The tiger said: "Five days." He said: "You also eat my father."
After that his brothers and father were eaten by predators, Malek Mohammad married with the fairy – born girl and became the ruler of that city and also he married with the three demons' sisters and so he possessed four wives.


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