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Prophet Muhammad Said: "My Lord, command me to do my duties, as he command me to tolerate with people." The book Al-Kafi, vol. II, p. 117.

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Amir is a woman not a man. The eyes of Amir killed you.

Amir is a woman not a man. The eyes of Amir killed you.

Amir is a woman not a man. The eyes of Amir killed you.

Author: Mohammad Ghasemzadeh
Translator: Mohammad Ali asefipoor
Source: Rasekhoon.net
Extracted from Rasekhoon

In the ancient times there were two brothers. One of them was a merchant and the other one was a woodchopper. The merchant had seven sons and the woodchopper had seven daughters.
By chance, it rained strongly and the rain continued for seven nights and seven days continuously. So the woodchopper could not continue his job and earn money. So he became poor and hungry. As his wife insisted, he went to his brother home to borrow some money from him.
There was a big party with so much entertainment in the merchant's home and they did not let the woodchopper go in. The woodchopper got sad and returned back disappointedly and told his wife all what happened. The woodchopper and his wife cried as much as they became blind due to sadness.
The youngest daughter of the woodchopper, who had become tired of that situation and was downhearted, got ready and left that city toward the desert. She went and went up to a ruin place in which a cat was roaming. By chance, that can was an elf which had changed himself in the form of a cat.
The girl stayed in that ruin place. After elapsing a few days, the cat gave birth. Inevitably the cat began to talk with the human speech and begged the girl to stay there to help it. The girl stayed there seven days. In the eighth day, when she wanted to leave there, the cat said: "Stay here until the fortieth day after the time of childbirth of me. Then leave here."
The girl accepted. The elf said: "At the fortieth day I will tell you something to cause you to become blissful." The girl wanted just that, so she stayed there with the cat.
In the fortieth day, the cat bought a suit of menswear for the girl and said to her: "Put on this clothing and go to the city. Be forty days pupil of carpenter, forty days pupil of grocer, and forty days pupil of mercer. Be also mercer forty days. Do these. They will bring goodness to you. Also drop by me."
The girl did what the cat had stated one by one. At the fortieth day in the mercer shop, a prince came to buy a cloth. He asked the girl who had worn menswear: "What is your name?"
The pupil of the mercer answered: "Amir."
The prince fell in the love of the mercer's pupil. But he was a boy and the prince did not to what he should do. The prince went to the palace and summoned the mercer and said to him: "Go and investigate to see if your pupil is a boy or a girl. I guess she is a girl."
In the next day, the prince and the mercer and the mercer's pupil wet to hunting. By chance, an arrow hit the tooth of the girl and broke it. But the girl did not cry or complain. When they returned back, the girl who had noticed that her master was trying so much to understand her secret, fled there nightly. Before leaving there, she wrote a letter to the prince in which she had written: "Amir is a woman not a man. The eyes of Amir killed you."
When the letter reached to the prince, he understood that the mercer's pupil was indeed a girl. The prince got sick due to the love of the girl.
They brought physician to cure him. The physician tested him and found him healthy in body. The physician sat and began to talk with the prince and understood that he had fallen in love. The physician said to him that he had to go by any means and find the girl.
The prince set off to follow the girl. He searched everywhere and said: "I'll give pearl and instead I'll take back laugh." His intention was recognizing the girl be seeing her broken tooth when laughing.
Out of seven pearls that the prince had taken with himself, he had given six ones to different persons and only one pearl had remained for him. At last he reached at the door of the cat's home. When he knocked the door, the cat said to the girl to go and open the door and bring the prince in. As the prince entered, he said: "I'll give pearl and instead I'll take back laugh."
The girl took the pearl and laughed. The prince recognized her. He said to her: "I have come here to request you to become my wife." The girl said: "I have three provisions. First, you should do something that everybody realizes that you are a prince. Second, you should find seven remedial herbs to cure the eyes of my father and mother. Third, our wedding should be like the wedding of princes."
The price accepted all of her provisions. He found seven remedial herbs by the aid of the cat and then they went to the home of the girl. From there, they went to the palace and held seven nights and seven days celebration. At the seventh night they married and began a a happy common life as husband and wife.


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