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Prophet Muhammad Said: "My Lord, command me to do my duties, as he command me to tolerate with people." The book Al-Kafi, vol. II, p. 117.

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Uh ... Uh ... Uh ... Excuse me!

Uh ... Uh ... Uh ... Excuse me!

Uh ... Uh ... Uh ... Excuse me!


I woke up late in the morning and I missed the office bus. I was too late. I quickly left the house and went to the alley. Perhaps you've noticed that all the bad events occur during poverty and unexpected times. And that day was from those days! ...
I was going to the street with rapid steps in order that I find a taxi and go to the office. Suddenly... God won’t want even for your enemies... As though the sky door was opened at that narrow alley. But only on my head! And began to pour out. But a hot rain with roughly one hundred temperatures! I looked up with my half burned head and face to see this catastrophe was from where! I saw a housekeeper lady (!) with a laughing mouth more open than the buddle of a house’s terrace. She had a large pan in her hands and with a very cool and complacent tone said:

"Uh ... Uh ... Uh ... Excuse me!" I put an angry look in her eyes! ...

I was thinking what to say to these senior excellences for my grilling face skin in this tight time. The only word that could empty my obsession a little! was to say: Catch your excuse to your head!
And I went back home to change clothes and go to the office if God wanted! ...


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