Ghanbar Polo
Ghanbar Polo


Translated by, Samira Hasanzadeh


The authentic dish originally belongs to Fars where people serve it during the month of Ramadan (at down) to fast.
Rice, 4 cups
Ground meat, 500 g
Walnuts, 100 g
Sultana raisins, 200 g
Pomegranate paste, 4 tablespoons
Grapes syrup, 2 tablespoons
Onion, large, 1 no
Chickpea flour, 50 g
Salt, pepper and turmeric powder for seasoning
Ghanbar Polo
First put the ground mutton inside a mixing bowl. Add in salt, pepper, turmeric and chickpea flour and knead well. Shape the mixture into small balls and fry in oil. Keep the meatballs aside.
Cut the onion into slices and fry in oil in a pan till golden brown. Add in the chopped walnuts and keep sautéing. Then add in the pomegranate paste, grapes syrup and stir well. Add in salt and allow the mixture to become thickened. Add in the soaked and drained raisins and keep sautéing.
You can make either Polo or Katteh. Put a layer of strained rice at the bottom of the pot and cover with a layer of meatballs and pomegranate mixture. Do this in different layers on to the top till your ingredients are over. Once ready, transfer to a serving dish and garnish with sautéed raisins. Serve with fresh herbs and pickled vegetables. Bon Appetit.
Cooking points,
Be careful not to burn the raisins. When you add in pomegranate paste and syrup , stir immediately and at the end add in raisins.
You can add in garlic powder and desired spices into the meat mixture, if you like.
Don't over fry the meatballs or they will be very dry after cooking with rice.


نسخه چاپی