The miracles of the prophet
The miracles of the prophet


Translator: Zahra. Kalaa


In the first year of Bethat, one of miracles of the prophet happened in such a day due to the request of some polytheists and the heads of Ghoreish such as Abu Jahl, Valid Bin Moghayere, As Bin Vael and others. Hence, they came to the house of the messenger of God (peace of Allah be upon him and his descendants) in a night that the month was complete and said '' if you are honest in the claim of your prophetic mission, order to separate the month into two halves''. The messenger of God (peace of Allah be upon him and his descendants) stated to them '' if I separate it in two halves, will you believe in God?''
They said '' yes, we will''. Hazrat Muhammad requested this miracle from God. Suddenly all of them saw that the month separated in two halves and the Hara Mountain was seen between it. Then the month became the same as before and two halves were joined together. The messenger of God (peace of Allah be upon him and his descendants) stated two times

When the polytheists saw this event, instead of believing in God, they said
«سحرنا محمد» گفتند:«سحرالقمر،سحر القمر»
Some of them said '' maybe he has spelled you, but he has not spelled the people of other cities; ask them''. When they asked the passengers and the people of other cities, they also expressed that they saw that the moon had separated in two halves.
It has been said in some narrations that this event happened two times. However, some of the explainers of the Hadith have said '' the purpose of two times is that the moon separated in two halves and it does not mean that this event happened two times''.
Today is the anniversary of saving the tribe of Hazrat Yunes. Gabriel informed the prophet (peace of Allah be upon him and his descendants) that Yunes was chosen as a prophet in the age of 30. He was not patient toward his tribe and did not get along with them. He invited his tribe to worship God for 33 years and none of them believed in God except two persons with the names '' Rubil'' and '' Tanukha''. Rubil was from a family that was educated and wise and he had a friendly relationship with Hazrat Yunes (peace be upon him) before he was chosen as a prophet. On the other hand, Tanukha was poor and pious and tried to worship a lot, but he was not knowledgeable and wise. Rubil had a herd and met his needs through animal husbandry and Tanukha was woodcutter and lived with such a job.
Rubil had a better position in the point of view Yunes due to his high knowledge and his old friendship with him. When the tribe did not accept his invitation and did not believe in God, he became sad and impatient and complained about them in the presence of God. He said in the his complaints
''O' God! You chose me as prophet in your tribe in the age of 30. I had them believe in you and accept my prophetic mission and scared them from your torture and anger, but they denied me and my prophecy and did not pay attention to my mission. They threatened me and I scared that they killed me. Descend you torture over them because they do not believe in you''.
Exalted God sent divine messages to him '' there are pregnant women, fetus, children, old people, weak women and poor persons. I will not torture the children due to the sin the adults. O' Yunes! They are my persons and I am responsible for them. I would like to behave them mildly. Hence, you should behave them mildly and wait until they believe in me. I chose you as a prophet for the tribe and wanted you to help them, to behave them mildly, to get along with them with prophetic sympathy, be patient in your mission with your great personality and prudence and act like a physician that is aware of the secrets of curing. But you left them, did not attract their hearts and did not apply any policies as a prophet in behaving them. You have not been patient enough with them and now you want me to descend torture over them. The patience of my person, Nuh, in relation to his tribe was more than you. He behaved them more kindly and got along with them and their excuses more than you. Consequently, when he became angry, I became angry as well and when he called me, I accepted it''.
Yunes said '' O' my God! I behaved them angrily because of you and after they made you angry, I prayed against them. I swear your honor; I will not behave them kindly. I will not advise them kindly because they applied blasphemy tongue, denied me and my prophetic mission. Descend your torture over them because they will never believe in God''.
God stated '' O' Yunes! They are a hundred thousand persons of my creatures and build houses in my cities and give birth. According to whatever I know about you and them, I would like to behave them mildly as my evaluation and interpretation are different from your science and evaluation. You are the prophet and I am a wise God''.
O' Yunes! My science about them is hidden and no one knows its ending, but your science sees what is clear not what is hidden.
O' Yunes! I have accepted your request about the descending of torture, but this will not heighten your rank in my opinion and will not make your position better. Torture will descend over them on Wednesday in the Shavval fifteenth after the sunrise; inform them.
Yunes continued his path and the news of the descending of torture did not make him sad and did not know what his destination would be. Yunes went to Tanukha and informed him of the divine message about the descending of the torture of God. Yunes said to him'' we can go together in order to inform them of the divine message related to the descending of the torture of God''.
Tanukha said ''leave them in their ignorance and sins so that God tortures them ''. Then Yunes said '' we can go to Rubil. He is a knowledgeable and wise man and is from the dynasty of the prophets; therefore, we can consult with him''. They went to him and informed Yunes of the divine message in relation to the descending of torture after the sunset on Wednesday in the fifteen day of Shavval Month. Yunes asked Rubil '' what is your idea about informing them of this topic?''
Rubil said '' you as a wise and merciful prophet! Go to your God and ask him to avoid torturing them because he is needless of torturing them and likes to forgive his creatures. Such request has no consequences for you and does not have bad effect on your position. They may believe in God one day after your tribe denied God for a while. Hence, be patient and get along with them. In such time, Tanukha said ''O' Rubil! Woe you on whatever you have expressed about Yunes and his situation although they were unbeliever of God and denied his prophetic mission. In addition, they had him even leave his house and tried to lapidate him''.
Rubil said to Tanukha '' you cannot judge about this situation fairly because you are a pious man, but you have no science''. Then he looked at Yunes and said '' when torture descends, will all of them die or will some of them die? ''He answered'' I requested God that all of them should die''. At the present, I have no sympathy toward them until I go to God and want him to prevent from torturing them''.
Rubil said ''O' Yunes! Do you know when the torture descends over them and they see it, they may repent. Consequently, since God is merciful, God may have mercy on them and avoid torturing them even though you had announced them that the torture would be on Wednesday and therefore, you will be considered like a liar''.
Tanukha said '' O' Rubil! Woe you! You have said false remarks. The prophet of God informed you that God expressed divine messages that the torture would descend over them, but you are doubtful about the remarks of the messenger of God. You should know that your good actions have been spoilt''.
Rubil said to Tanukha '' your opinion is wrong and looked at Yunes and said '' the divine message in relation to torturing them had been descended and his remark is right. If such event happens and all of persons of the tribe are killed and their city destroys, won't your name be left out as a prophet and won't your mission be wrong? Hence, you will seem like weak people and a hundred thousand persons will die because of you''.
Yunes did not care about the recommendation of Rubil , went to the tribe along with Tanukha and announced the tribe that the torture of God would descend on Wednesday in the Shavval fifteen after the sunrise. However, they did not accept his remarks, denied him and had him leave the city with abuse words.
Yunes and Tanukha left the city, but not to a far place and waited for the torture. Rubil stayed with his tribe until Shavval Month arrived. He stood on the top of the mountain and said loudly
'' I am Rubil, your friend. I am kind with you in relation to the orders of God. You denied the torture of God and at the present, Shavval Month has arrived. Yunes as the prophet informed you that God would send his divine message in relation to the descending of the torture on Wednesday in the Shavval fifteen after the sunrise. God will never break his promise to the prophet. Wait and see what will happen.
The remarks of Rubil scared them and they thought that the torture of God might come true. Immediately, they went to Rubil and said
''O' Rubil! What is your idea about us? You are genius and wise and you have always behaved us kindly. We are aware of whatever you said to Yunes. Now guide us and express your idea''.
Rubil said '' I think you had better wait until Wednesday arrives. In such a day, separate children from their mothers and have them stand in the valley below the mountain. The women should stand in the foot of the mountain and all of these should be done before the sunrise. All of children and adults should cry loudly and repent and seek forgiveness from God. Hold up their heads toward the sky and say
'' O' God! We tyrannized ourselves and denied your prophet. Now we repent for sins. If you do not forgive us, we will be considered as sinners. O' God! Accept our repent and pity us. Do not be tired of crying and repenting in the presence of God until the sun sets''.
All of the persons of the tribe decided to follow the suggestions of Rubil. The day of torture (Wednesday) arrived. Rubil left them in order to hear their shout and if torture descends, he can see it.
Around the dawn, the people followed the suggestion of Rubil and in the time of the sunrise, it started blowing with a lot of noise. The wind produced horrible noise with hitting things. When the tribe observed this event, they started crying and shouting loudly and repented and sought forgiveness from God. The children were screaming and looking for their mothers. The children of the animals were screaming and waned to be held and breastfed by their mothers. The animals were screaming and looking for their grassland. During this time, Yunes and Tanukha heard their shout and wanted God to punish them severely. Rubil could also hear their noise and shout and wanted God to avoid punishing them.
After the sun set, God opened the doors of the sky. Merciful God became kind with them, accepted their need and repent and forgave their mistake.


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