They promote war

"Jesus Camp" made by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grid is an explicit, immediate, and shocking documentary about promoting Evangelical thinking among
They promote war
They promote war

Translator: Davood Salehan


"Jesus Camp" made by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grid is an explicit, immediate, and shocking documentary about promoting Evangelical thinking among American children.
The thought which is based on Zionist doctrines and its followers believe in the Armageddon based on apocalypse fight on the establishment of the state of Israel so their Messiah, who is besides Christ (Peace be upon him), after a fearsome and devastating war (During which according to their own words the planet is almost destroyed, and two-thirds of its inhabitants, except Jews and Evangelists, will be destroyed) and he will forgive remaining Jews who come to him!
The Children's summer "Kids on Fire" is near the Devil's Lake in North Dakota, USA, and that is a camp that an Evangelical woman, Becky Fischer, has founded it and she brings children there from age 6, and wants to turn them into soldiers to fight Armageddon by day-to-day training. In modern political culture, evangelicals are also known as Christian Zionists.
Heyday Ewing and Rachel Grady have chosen three children named Levy, Rachel and Tory, and by following them in parallel, familiarize spectator with the atmosphere of camp, the political and religious ideas of Mrs. Fisher and her religious education system, and the mechanism of inculcation and brainwashing of Children in the camp. These children voluntarily and with the consent of their parents participate in this camp and are taught under the guidance of Evangelism.
In the film, we observe that Mrs. Fischer tells the children that their duty is to give the world back to the Messiah and the key to doing so is in their hands. She calls her mission as a spiritual struggle and tries to make children numb physically and mentally to become under her control and thus prepare them to accept Zionist ideas.

Her goal of creating this camp is not only to direct children to religion, but she also wants to make soldiers for the future; for example like George Bush that Becky Fisher says about him: "God sent him to save the world and bring it back to Christ".
It is clear that Mrs. Fischer pursues neo-conservative goals ruling the United States, which have never concealed their warfare plans to support the survival of Israel and the progress of Zionism in the world. We do not forget that the same President George W. Bush called Ariel Sharon (former Israeli prime minister and murderer of Palestinian massacres), as his spiritual father in his early years as governor of the White House.
Ms. Becky Fischer does not deny her bias towards George W. Bush's ideas in her speech and obviously promotes it in her speeches.
She speaks in a passionate way that can affect young children and attract them to her political ideas. She speaks of cultural wars and prevents children from the influence of Satan.
Becky Fisher uses symbolic techniques and simple tools such as balloons and dolls to flesh out the concepts of goodness and evil. Children break cups with the name of the devil on them by hammer and shout the name of Christ.
When they hear Becky Fisher's exciting words they feel uncontrolled and raise their hands in the sky and cry hysterically and the camera is with them and next to them everywhere, without taking a moment to distract them or disturb them.
The camp of Christ is a documentary without comment. There is no comment or explanation in it. There is no rumor. Filmmakers do not show themselves, they do not appear, or do not stand up to what they say in the movie. Instead, they try to get close to Becky Fisher and children and their parents and show the horrific effects of Fisher and her helpers in the camp on innocent children.
On the other hand for challenging Becky Fischer's words and her camp they use the host of a local radio station called Ring of Fire that promotes Christian peaceful ideas and criticizes Bush's warlike policies. Mike Pap Antonio speaks about empowering of the Evangelical Fundamentalist groups, and is convinced that they are going to create war and chaos in the world through the White House, the US Congress and the army and their European allies.
At the beginning of the film, the camera crosses a highway that has a frame that says "God Bless America" and it captures the attention of the spectator, and the voice of Mike Pap Antonio is heard on the picture saying that it is actually the Christian Zionist religion that leads this country and the rulers claim that all they do is in the name of God and is done for the sake of God.
He says that they tell Americans that George Bush is a holy man and is chosen by God and has come to create a Christian community not only in the United States, but also throughout the world.
Pap Antonio's words are like anti-theory against the words of Becky Fisher and her fellows in the camp and show that the American society is extremely feared despite the public intellectual and political diversity. Fear is seen on both sides of this spectrum, and their main motivation is for political and possibly military action.
Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady have raised many questions in the film, including how and at what stage Evangelist education can become a kind of brainwashing.
Fisher says in the camera: "We should not remain silent against the movement created in the Muslim world, and especially the Shiites". He speaks of the enemy in all his sermons, but he does not explicitly say what he means by the enemy." Although by his referring to the actions and behaviors of Muslims, it is not so difficult to understand what they mean by the enemy.
Levy is a 12-year-old adolescent who talks like priests and wishes to become priest in the future. In one of his speeches at Camp, he says his generation is a generation that can bring Christ back.
Tori is a 9-year-old daughter of an American officer whose favorite music is Christian Heavy metal and "Rock and Roll". In a scene of film, George W. Bush cut out is present for children and they ask them to pray for him. The children extend their hands to Bush and pray for him; an action that is more like worship than prayer.
In the movie, they say that these children are the Republican Christian army and must be prepared to save America from the enemy and Antichrist forces. The preachers of the Christ Camp clearly talk about military equipment of this ideological Zionist army in the next step.
Although by screening the Camp of Christ, the school was temporarily closed, a few months later Becky Fisher announced at the Camp site that it was going to work.
Ms. Ewing and Ms. Grady's film is a perfect warning about the danger of misuse of religion for political and ideological purposes in modern American society. In a scene of film mother of one of the children says that she sees people in two categories; those who love Christ and those who disagree with the Messiah. (Like Bush's saying that said anyone who is not with us is against us !!!), this is a simplistic and dualistic approach that leads to fascist, authoritarian and non-democratic behaviors in the world, and led Middle East to an endless war.
In another scene, Levy (12-year-old child) goes to a church in Colorado along with her parents to attend Ted Haggard, the Evangelical Leader's mourning ceremony who was representative of 30 million Evangelical Americans (the film says that he is the one who speaks to George Bush every Thursday).,] Ted Haggard says in his preaching that we have no right to discuss the Gospel's words.
Ted Haggard was the only one who protested to the directors of the film because of depicting a distorted and inaccurate image of him and the Evangelists believers and said that the film has shown a devilish image of them and their method of documenting is as false as Michael Moore's method. He said the camera's work in this movie is very similar to the camera's work on Blair's Wizard Project!
Two weeks after showing the movie "Ted Haggard" was dismissed for scandalous acts such as drug possession and committing homosexual prostitution.
At the end of the film, filmmakers were able to make a phone call between Mike Pap Antonio, the local radio broadcaster, and Becky Fisher. Mike asks her: "Why kids?" Why are they the new army of God? "And Becky replies:
"You can call this brainwashing, but I want to bring the children up as responsible Christians."
"Christ's camp" shows that despite the claims of separation of religion and politics in the American constitution, Christian Zionists try to legitimize themselves under the banner of religion for existence of Israel and they show The US's unconditional support of the Zionist regime and its racist aims as a religious duty and they create ideological justification for launching the devastating wars of the future.


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