Assistance to Spouse

The Supreme Leader has stated:'' If a man behaves with his wife violently, it is a great injustice to her. For example man imposes his idea to his wife or he has unwarranted
Assistance to Spouse
Assistance to Spouse



Strengthening factors of the family

Imam Ali peace be upon him has said:'' Females are flowers not brokers.''
The Supreme Leader has stated:'' If a man behaves with his wife violently, it is a great injustice to her. For example man imposes his idea to his wife or he has unwarranted expectations of his wife. Woman is not your broker. Whether you shift your work onto her shoulders and then blame her? She is a flower in your hand. Whoever you are, a scientist or a politician, she is a flower.''
One of the factors that strengthen the relations between spouses is helping the spouse in the household. Managing a family is a difficult work, especially training the young children and handling their homework. Holding a house party is also too difficult. So helping your wife in these situations will strengthen your relationships. Do not imagine that working outside the home is more valuable than house work or house holding is worthless. It is not the environment which determines the value of jobs but it is the humanistic and moral motivations and attempts and their scientific results that makes a job worthy.
So always inculcate your wife that her attempts are extremely valuable and important to you.
Some of the men on the basis of a false belief think that if they work at home, they would be insulted. While this issue will increase his influence and popularity in the hearts and it will satisfy the almighty God. In fact it is the character of a man that leads the family not his money and wealth.
If you are too busy due to heavy responsibility and you cannot actually cooperate with your spouse, at least tell her about your feeling toward her. Show that you are aware of her attempts. Motivation of collaboration is more important than the cooperation itself. Since motivation is the introduction of any practical cooperation. If you do not have time to cooperate with your partner, try to keep the house clean and neat. If you know what behaviors your spouse expects you, this will be a practical help to your wife.
It has been quoted in the traditions that the infallible Imams helped their wives in the house.
The prophet of Islam (peace be upon him), the man who had defeated all superpowers of his time, i.e., the Roman Empire, the Byzantine and Sassanian king, was being worked at home."
One day the Prophet (peace be upon him) came to the house of Imam Ali. He saw his daughter, Fatima and her husband Ali (peace be upon them) who were cooking bread. He said: "who is more tired?'' Ali PBUH said:" Fatima is more tired'', the Prophet said to his daughter: ''let me work instead of you. "
Aisha, the Prophet's wife says:
""the prophet worked at home like other men. He sewed his cloth and repaired his shoes
The fourth Imam said:
''The almighty God likes the man who provides more means of comfort for his family. "
Imam Reza peace be upon him has said:
''It is worthy that a man takes the life easy to his wife and children so that they won't ask God his death."
Islam has promised a great reward to the man who helps his wife in the housework.
When the prophet (peace be upon him) saw Ali peace be upon him helped his wife, said:
Anyone who helps his wife, God will consider him one year of worshiping God and will reward him the truthful martyrs’ reward. "

Assistance of woman to her husband

No woman is so busy that cannot help her husband. (At least she can give him a mental help. )
If a woman likes to help her husband, the housework should be adjusted so that she can also meet his requirements in the extra time. Without sufficient knowledge or information about husband’s job she will not be able to help him. So the more knowledge of women about their husbands 'works the more equipped and prepared help and assistance to their husbands.
Even if a man does not need her assistance, it will increase the intimacy and understanding between them.
Allameh Tabatabai, the author of Tafsir al-Mizan (1) and the great scholar cried a lot when his wife died. People asked him why you're so sad over the loss of your wife, he said: "If there were not the efforts and assistances of my wife, I couldn’t write this great book ". (10
It is known that the book (War and Peace), the excellent work of Tolstoy is one of the ten best books of the world literature. Tolstoy's devoted wife rewrote this book more than ten times to help her husband. So it was presented to the human society.
A woman asked the Prophet (peace be upon him):
"What is the reward of a woman who serves her husband at home? »
The Prophet said:'' women will be greatly rewarded for any work that they do at husband’s house and God will look at them affectionately. So those who are affected by the almighty God will not be tortured.
In a hadith, the Prophet has said: ''A woman, who gives her husband a glass of water, will be rewarded more than a year of prayer.''


1-Tafsir al Mizan is a wonderful book which is about the interpretation of the holy Quran




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