Lifestyle from the perspective of the Supreme Leader

The Supreme Leader stated valuable content around "lifestyle" among the youth of North Khorasan Province on 23/07/91 that you read this wise advice in continue.
Wednesday, August 12, 2015
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Lifestyle from the perspective of the Supreme Leader
Lifestyle from the perspective of the Supreme Leader


Translator: Davood Salehan



The Supreme Leader stated valuable content around "lifestyle" among the youth of North Khorasan Province on 23/07/91 that you read this wise advice in continue.
Why should care about the "lifestyle"?
One of the aspects of development with the Islamic concept is the style of living, social behavior, Way of living - that these are synonymous with each other - This is an important dimension; Today we have to talk a little about this subject. If we look from the perspective of spirituality - That the purpose of human is salvation and liberty - Should care about the lifestyle; if we do not believe to the spirituality and spiritual salvation, for living in comfort, having a life with mental and moral security, again we must care about the lifestyle, So this issue is essential and important one.
Lifestyle is the real and original part of the Islamic civilization.
If we defined all-round development to modern Islamic civilization - Finally, There is a true objective and external for progressing with the Islamic concept; we must say by this way that the purpose of the Iranian nation and the purpose of the Islamic Revolution, is to create a new Islamic civilization. This calculation is correct - This new civilization has two parts: A section is the tool part and another part is the text and basic and principle part. We must pay attention to both part.
What is the tool part? The tool part is these values that we bring up today as the country's progress. Science, invention, industry, politics, economics, political and military power, international prestige, publicity and promotion tools, all of them are the tool part of civilization, it is tool. Of course, we have made good progress in this section in the country. a lot of good work has been done; also in the field of politics, also in the field of scientific problems, also in the field of social issues, also in the field of patents - Now you are here saw one of its example that this dear young explained to us - and like these were performed throughout the country a lot. In the tool part, despite pressure and threats and sanctions, and these things, Progress has been well.
But the real part are those things that forms the basis of our lives that is the lifestyle that we mentioned it. This is the true and original of civilization; like the case of the family, Style marriage, Type of housing, Type of Clothes, Use patterns, Type of food, Type of cuisine, entertainment, the issue of the line, the issue of the language, the issue of the business, Our behavior at work, our behavior at the University, our behavior in the school, our behavior in political activities, our behavior in sports, our behavior in the media that is under our control, Our behavior with the parents, Our behavior with the partner, Our behavior with the children, Our behavior with the boss, Our behavior with the Subordinate, Our behavior with the police, Our behavior with the government officer, Our travels, Our hygiene and cleanliness, Our behavior with the friend, Our behavior with the enemy, Our behavior with the alien; These are the main parts of the culture which is the basis of human life.
We must do Pathology that's why we did not progress in lifestyle part.
In the Revolution, in this section, our progress is not remarkable; In this context, We did not move like the first part, did not progress .well, We must do pathology; why we did not progress in this part?
So we should do Pathology; It means pay attention to the injuries in this area and a search for finding the causes of the damage. Of course here we do not want to assume that this issue has been finished; we proposed a list: why collective work culture in our society is weak? This is an injury. Even though the West Country have recorded the collective work to their names, But Islam have said it long before that do not divided and be united and such this. According to the verse of Quran, you must be social and be united. Why divorcing is high in some sectors of our country? Why in some parts of our country, young people use too much from drugs? Why in our neighborhood relations, do not pay attention to our neighbor’s right? Why visiting are weak between us? Why in the field of driving culture in the street, are not fully disciplined? This is an injury. Movement in the street is one of our problems; it is not a small issue, it is the fundamental issue. How much living in the apartment is necessary for us? How much is it true? What does the requirements have what we should be respected? How it will comply? What is the pattern of healthy fun? How is the architectural styles in our society? See how these diverse and inclusive issues of all sectors of life are within the category of lifestyle; in this main part and true and real of civilization that is our behavior. How much our modern architecture fits with our needs? How much is rational and logical? How is our design of my clothes? How is the makeup issue between men and women? How much is true? How much is useful? Do we tell fully right to each other on the market, in offices, in daily interactions? How much lying is common between us? Why do we talk behind each other? Some people escape from working, although they have the power of work. Why they escape? In the social environment, some of people do aggression that is unnecessary; what is the cause of aggression and impatience and intolerance among some of us? How much do we observe the rights of individuals? How much is observed in the media? How much is observed in the Internet? How much do we respect to the law? What is the cause of lawlessness- Which is a serious disease – in some of the people? How much is the work ethic in the community? How much is the Social discipline in the community? How much we work with high random in production? How much the focus of attention is about the production quality in different areas? Why some good word, good comment, and good ideas remains at the level of dream which you saw that they pointed out. Why do they say us that our useful work hours is low in our administrative organizations? Eight-hour work should have benefit as much as eight hours; why as much as an hour or half an hour, or two hours? Why consumerism is common among many of our people? Do you proud of consumerism? Consumerism means that we spent every that earn in the subject that is not one of the necessities of our lives. What do we do that the roots of lucre become discontinued in the community? What do we do that the right of partner- The right of woman and the right of husband- and the right of children to be respected? What do we do that divorce and family breakdown do not become prevalent among us, such that it is common in the West? What do we do that women in our society, not only preserved their dignity, but also preserved the dignity of their family, and also could perform social responsibility and protected their social rights and their family? What do we do that woman does not force to choose one of them among these few? These are important issues for us. What is the birth Limit in our society? I pointed out; we chose a timed decision and require time and sectional, got it, after that we forgot its time! For example, suppose that tell you that Sir, Open this water tap for one hour. Then you open the water tap and go away! We went, we were unaware; Ten years, Fifteen years. Now they report us that our society in the not so far future will be an old community; this young face that today our society has, will be taken. What is the birth Limit? Why in some big cities, there are some houses for Singles? How has influenced this Western disease in our society? What is the luxury action? Is it bad? Or good? How much of it is bad? And how much of it is good? What do we do that it does not exceed from the good limit and not arrive to the bad limit? These are some various sectors of Life style issues, and there are tens of issue such this; that Some of all these words which I said, is more important. This is a list from that things which forms the main source of civilization. Judge about a civilization is based on that. It is not acceptable that a civilization judge and praised just because it has car, industry, wealth; while this many problems in it have covered all over the Community and people's lives. These are principles; they are tool for this that the section provide, until people feel comfortable, live with hope, live with security, Progress, Move and find the desired of human excellence.
Lifestyle is subordinate of our interpretation of life
Social behavior and lifestyle is subordinate to our interpretation of life: What is the purpose of life? Any purpose that we determine for our life, draw to ourselves, naturally, according to itself, suggests a lifestyle to us. There is a main point and it is faith. We must draw a target- The purpose of life- believe to it. Without faith, Progress in these areas is not possible; proper work does not perform. Now what the thing that we are believe to it, can be liberalism, can be capitalism, can be Communism, can be Fascism, Also can be pure monotheism; finally, one thing should be believed, we must Follow the faith and think, The issue of faith is important, Faith to a principle, Faith to a main harbor of a belief; There must be such this faith. Based on this belief, lifestyle will be chosen.
Imitation from the West has nothing more than destruction and tragedy
To build this section from the new Islamic civilization, we seriously must avoid from imitation; Imitation of those who are attempting to impose the Lifestyle and behavior style of life on nations. Today, the complete symbol and the only symbol of bullying and imposition is the western civilization. It is not with this meaning that we measure the West as our enemy - This word is the result of the investigation - it is not emotional militancy and hatred. Some people only when comes the name of West and the civilization of West and the methods of West and the conspiracy of the West and the enemy of the West, think that we conflict with West and say: Sir, you are enemy with the West. No, we do not have much struggle with the West- Of course, we have! - We do not have purpose. This words have been investigated. Imitation of the West for countries that wanted this imitation for themselves and acted, has had nothing other than catastrophe and losses; Even those countries that apparently reached to industrial, inventions and wealth, but they were not imitator. The reason is that the West culture is an aggressive culture. The West culture is a culture which is devastating culture. Where the West people entered, they destroyed indigenous cultures, Destroyed basic foundations of social; As far as they could, Changed the history of nations, changed their language, changed their handwriting. Wherever the British arrived, they have turned the language of the indigenous people to English; if there was a competing languages, they destroyed it.
Inside of Western culture is a material lifestyle that Covered with lust and against with the identity and anti-spirituality.
One of the characteristics of Western culture is to Normalizing the sin; they perform sexual sins as a common action. Today this situation has been opprobrium in the West. Firstly in the UK, Then in some other countries and America. This great sin of homosexuality become a value! They protest to a politician that Why he oppose with homosexuality, or opposes with gay! See that where the moral decadence is. This is Western culture. As well as this we can say the collapsing of the family, the spread of alcohol, the spread of drugs.
I saw the elders and experts many years ago- In the decade of 30 and 40 - in the region of South Khorasan that they remembered that How British prevalent the opium among the people Otherwise, people did not know about how to smoke opium; these things did not exist. They remembered and was saying its attributes. They gradually could develop the drugs into the country with this same methods. The Western culture is like this.
The Western culture is not only aircraft and tools of comfort in life and the equipment of fast and comfort. These are the trappings of the Western culture, Inside of the Western culture includes that material and sinful lifestyle which is covered with lust and also is against with the identity and anti-spirituality and is enemy with spiritual. The condition to arrive to the new Islamic civilization primarily is to avoid from the Western imitation. We, unfortunately, over the years, have learned to emulate from something that we have used it.
I'm not supporters of this that now about clothes, about housing, about other things, perform a collective and general movement. No, these things should be done gradually, also is not command. These require culture making. As I said, it is the work of the elites, it is the work of culture maker. And you young people need to prepare yourselves for this. This is the main mission.




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