Besh Ghardash a spectacular place in North Khorasan

Been Ghardash is among the natural highlights and tourist attractions in the city of Bojnord which means five brothers in Turkish.
Sunday, April 3, 2016
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Besh Ghardash a spectacular place in North Khorasan
 Besh Ghardash a spectacular place in North Khorasan


Translated by: Samira Hasanzadeh


Been Ghardash is among the natural highlights and tourist attractions in the city of Bojnord which means five brothers in Turkish.

Geographical location

It is located 7 km from the city of Bojnord, the center of North Khorasan province.


Before Islam in the time of the Parthia and the Sassanid it used to be the place for worshipping of the kenits Zoroastrian leaders.
Since it's s been settled by four Magis (Zoroastrian religious leaders)it's known as four Magis. According to the documents the spring is known as Chehrmoghan or Chermoghan and it's still called this way..
Based on a historical story spread among the people it's called Besh Ghardash. According to the myth five brothers used to live in the city of Bojnord who were chased by officials since they were opposed to the oppression of the ruler ran away together and they were followed up to this place. The five sought help from God and five holes were made in the mountain where they sheltered and cool water flew out of the holes.
Until a few years ago and before the harsh drought there were 5 abundant springs. Of course on this some uninformed people say that since there are five stone cave-like springs it's called Besh Ghardash , Ghar means cave and Dash means stone in Turkish. This is probably the belief of immigrants and people unfamiliar with Turkish language. Since if it was true it must have been called Bush Dashli That.
The water of the spring comes out of five large and small cracks in a rocky mountain. In the old days it came out of the top and middle of the mountain and now there are some cracks showing the paths of water. At the foothill there is a carved slogan on the mountain belonging to the Zoroastrian which reads " good thoughts, good words, good deeds. Its the work of Esmaail Jazmi , the painter, calliogropher, and stonecutter in Bojnord some unknown years after 1300. But to let it keep in mind he has written the date 1300( solar calendar).
On the left of the mountain and the spring is housed a historical building constructed at the order of Naser-e-din Shah from The Qajar, which is still there. It's the burial place of the dynasty of Shadlu in Bojnord, buried years ago. Opposite the main pool of Beshn Ghardash there still lies a gateway dating from about 200 years ago.
 Besh Ghardash a spectacular place in North Khorasan

Mineral features of the spearing

Its water is important to treat eating disorders, liver problems, bilious chords problems and urinary tract disorders according to medical hydrology. In the studies by Dr Mohammad Reza Ghafuri, the professor of the faculty of pharmacy in Tehran , it's mentioned that it is bicarbonate, and contains calcium chloride and sulfate with silica and iron.
In the statement of the environment health of Bojnord, the theraupotic features of the spring are mentioned to have treatment effects on the disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, stomach, liver, pancreas and intestine.
It has protecting and soothing effect as it contains silica and the alkaline water neutralizes the acidity in stomach .
It strengthens the intestines directly and facilitates bilious and pancreatic secretions changing the chemical and bacterial contents of the body indirectly. It has good effects on the inflammation of intestines as a result of fermentation.
They heighten the amylase , saliva, klutamik and periodic enzymes , acid-making force, Urease, Saccharase, in the liver and pan crease.
Its mineral water came into the Iranian market under the name of Saha and then Golestan by the company of Cheshmey-e Tabiat in Bojnord.


The resort contains three pools , two for kids to swim and adults. There is a prayers house for travelers and there is one pool under construction for women. Among other facilitoes are the phone booth, super market, nice lighting system at night, parking lot,
Police camp, rescue team of red crescent, good cell phone service, drinking water, and public rest rooms




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