Iraq, the target for attacking the Christian Zionists

Analysts and writers on the question of the occupation "of Iraq" by the "United States" have focused on the strategic and political aspects, while there is also another aspect
Thursday, April 14, 2016
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Iraq, the target for attacking the Christian Zionists
 Iraq, the target for attacking the Christian Zionists


Translator: Davood Salehan



Analysts and writers on the question of the occupation "of Iraq" by the "United States" have focused on the strategic and political aspects, while there is also another aspect that is rarely considered and that aspect, is the aspect of religious theme . When it was asked about the war against Iraq and occupation demands of this country, all of the ideas, perceptions and beliefs were derived from a group named Christian Zionists. As they reacted step by step along with the programs and policies of America, they also placed the religious interpretation for this occupation. In other words, they believed:
Iraq's occupation has been predicted and mentioned in the Bible and this is one of a series of events that occur before the return of the Messiah.
The final result of the war in Iraq, many fundamentalist Christians announced the story on ancient sands of Iraq as a message of fulfillment of the prophecy of "the Bible" (Gospel) about the apocalypse and the return of Jesus Christ. The idea can also be seen in books, literature, websites and even videos.
At the end of the month there were talking of the divination in Religious communities. The twentieth "International Conference of apocalypse prediction” " was held in Tampa. Bill Bordeaux writes:
it seems too many people that there are some evidences about the role of Iraq in Apocalypse scenario in principal parts of the Holt book’s predictions.
Zionist Christians believe there are some predictions about the occupation "of Iraq" as a factor of the resurgence of Christ, and in this regards they rely on the predictions made in Sefer of "Dream of John" in the "New Testament". Despite the extremely vague and symbolic prophecies of the "Bible", the chapter of Iraq is very clear. In the Bible, Iraq has been introduced as "Babylon".
Although throughout the history, Iraq has been invaded by aliens, Christian Zionists believe that the occupation of Iraq by "America" is associated with the reappearance of Christ. According to the idea of Christian Zionists, plan of dividing Iraq into three regions, possibly matches with this phrase: great city was divided into three parts... Even this group sent an army to Iraq to convince Iraqis that the occupation of their country has been a divinely ordained. The prophecy of the Bible explicitly mentioned this point thus they should accept it. Franklin Graham has said about the missionaries:
They have gone to "Iraq" to show their love for the people as a Christian, and they are doing it in the name of Christ.
In the Bible we read verse 8-14:
Then the second angel came after him, said, Babylon the great is the cup of cruelty which had watered other nations, fell.
We read in verse 8/16.
Firelight and horrible sounds were heard and a great earthquake took place, the earthquake that had never happened like that in history. The great city was divided into three parts and the cities of the nations collapsed and God said the name of the great Babylon, so that would be captured in his rage and his wrath.
We read in verse 5/17:
a name was written on its forehead that it was a secret, and that was the great Babylon with cruelty and ugliness and filth of the earth.
It has been mentioned in 1/18 verse:
Then I saw another angel came down from heaven to earth and he had a great place, so that the earth was illuminated by his power and his greatness. Then yelled with a loud voice, Babylon fell, Babylon the Great fell.
Tom Higi, the Christian Zionists that his narrations about these predictions are well-known, says:
The source of all false religions is Babylon and Jerusalem is the source of true and right belief.
These people believe that the wars and clashes near the "Euphrates" During the attack of "America" which took place in Iraq, is the emphasis on what is mentioned in this Sefer.
In verse 14.9 we read:
Then the he said to the sixth angel who was carrying a trumpet: release the four angels of the Euphrates River who are in the prison, then, four angels were released, and were ready to kill to a third of the people for hours, days, months, and years.
According to the beliefs of Christian Zionists, many texts of "Bible" including the hymn "Ezekiel" in the "Old Testament" emphasizes on the need to gather the Jews in "Palestine" and found a Jewish government there, and they even believe that Jews should immigrate to Palestine, to play a role in acts of Christ’s advent. According to their beliefs, Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims are the enemies of Judaism and must fight with them. They always raise the issue explicitly in their conferences and discuss them in their articles. Thus, in their view, terrorism of Arabs and Muslims is something ordinary and commonplace.
JR Graham says in one of his books:
Islam is an evil religion and the Koran incites Muslims to violence.
They imagine the future of the world in the worst way and lead it to the worst end, and in order to achieve this goal they try and do everything because of their belief in the Bible prophecies.
Pat Robertson, the famous Christian Zionist priest says:
The world should not move towards peace and recovery, the world must be led to the worst possible conditions, Christians must learn not to delay coming of Christ. So Christians should not even worry about environmental damages because, according to predictions, it is the beginning of the coming of Christ.
Once Bush was asked why did not he join to "Kyoto Protocol" (a Treaty that protects the earth from the pest of vegetables)? He said:
Earth will be removed until 2007, so we would not bother ourselves for few years.
From their perspective, the wars are backgrounds of the coming of Christ, and we should not stop wars or try on peace because they believe there is no peace before the advent of Christ and all livings are in the war. Strasbourg, the head of one of the internet sites which collects, reviews and analyzes the events before Christ's advent, writes:
I was very pleased with the events of September eleventh, believers [in the Christian Zionism] declared their sorrow but they did not mean it and they did it just due to the general atmosphere, to lie lamented the accident, but in depth of their heart they believe that this event would help their demand which is Christ’s emergence to occur.
Mark Hitchkok, pastor of "Faith Bible" church located in the "Edmund" in the state of "Oklahoma" says:
The most important thing to tell i that what is happening there (Iraq), is not the realization of predictions.
He adds:
Some people will know the war in Iraq as Armageddon, but my overall view is that the Iraq war is more than just telling a scenario.
He is the author of nine books on the subject of the prophecies of "the Bible" and he says:
War in Iraq is like a catalyst for heating and disturbing events that will occur.
At "Bob Jones" University, which is rearing place of fundamentalists, doctor Stephen Jenkins fully believes that the war in "Iraq" is not an end to predictions, soon humanity will face with events taking place in different parts of " Bible "including" Revelation of John ", he believes that humanity is on the brink of war that Jesus Christ (PBUH) will do against a group of nations led by the Antichrists, and after that we will have a period of seven years of suffering and disaster.
Those who believe in "holy book" agree with Arvin Baxter, a priest in "Richmond" in “America, Indiana" and the founder of the "Journal of the Apocalypse".
Arvin Baxter says:
the Old Testament and the New Testament predicts are exactly the same as the story of Iraq.
Baxter also predicted a high rate of casualties in military invasion of "America" in "Iraq" and warned that other countries will have the opportunity to shape their policies in the Iraq war, for example, "China " may try to occupy " Taiwan” or" India "and" Pakistan " can start a sever war in unstable region of" Kashmir ".
Baxter said the beginning of World War II and the extermination of the Jews were handled by Nazis which had been predicted in “The Bible”.
If there are signs and symptoms on the theory that at the end "America" progresses, it would be an amazing success for the book "left behind" by the Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins.
According to the newspaper "News Vaqtiem" of "Turkey", Mike Reynolds says about Evangelists who are also known as Christian Zionists, by alluding to the fact that this group of Zionists have built lots of schools, hospitals and many buildings in the Kurdish region of Iraq, where they know it as the second front of their occupied territories:
This group of Evangelist Christians who are sponsored by Massoud Barzani, leader of the Kurds in northern Iraq, are widely engaged in missionary activities.
The report went on to note that after the occupation "of Iraq" by "America" and the United governments with this country, thousands of Evangelist Christians in the guise of priests and rabbis invaded Iraq and besides helping American soldiers, they accomplished missionary activities as well. He added:
According to Reynolds in fact behind the local government in northern Iraq, these Evangelist Christians exist and governance are in their hands.




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