Purim or anniversary of Iranian murder by Jews

"Purim" celebration is one of the old traditions of the Jewish people which in recent decades and after the formation of the fake Israeli regime in the occupied territories has taken a
Wednesday, January 4, 2017
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Purim or anniversary of Iranian murder by Jews
Purim or anniversary of Iranian murder by Jews


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"Purim" celebration is one of the old traditions of the Jewish people which in recent decades and after the formation of the fake Israeli regime in the occupied territories has taken a different flavor and color. The so-called celebration that is held simultaneously with the thirteenth day of the solar New Year, is in fact, celebrating the blood of tens of thousands of people of Iran who were killed by the conspiracies and intrigues of two Jewish men at the court of King Xerxes.
Netanyahu in celebration of Purim - 1999
In the Old Testament book it says about the story of "The King of Persia that at the end of 180-day celebration was drunk and while drinking he asks for Empress" Vashti " to show him to strangers. Queen refuses this arrogant command of king, and the furious king topples her from the Queendom and gives her to executioner. Jews, who had great influence all over the country, their audacity has reached the point that they would refuse to pay taxes and tribute, and this denial had made "Haman", Chancellor of Xerxes, to make riot against them and put them in a corner or even ordered the murder demand of some of them; of course, Jews say in some of their books: "Mordecai" who was the religious leader of the Jews in the time of Xerxes, when refused to bow before Haman, he and his nationals were threatened to death.
Jews who were influential in king's court informally thought a lot and used the opportunity to introduce a Jewish girl named "Esther" as the Queen to the King of their country and also recommend her to hide her Jewishness.
Esther was a Jewish girl who hid her Jewish identity and went to the court of Xerxes and provided the Persians killing arrangements.
Kosher Prostitution in Judaism
In 2010, a Jewish rabbi in Israel, referring to the events of Purim and Esther, said female Mossad's agents are authorized to perform any sexual act for enemies to fulfill their mission, as Esther hid her Jewish identity and married an Iranian enemy, Ahasuerus (Xerxes), and saved the Jewish people by the action.
This is one of the most successful Jewish spy women's infiltration practices among authorities of other countries who carried out the Jews' conspiracy by using their beauty and sexual attractiveness.
When weak-minded king sees her beauty is fascinated by her and chooses her as the queen of all Iranians without knowing she is Jewish or knowing that "Mordecai" her uncle is Jews' religious leader in Iran. Esther became Queen of Iran and by plans of "Mordecai", her uncle, uninstalls the chancellor of Xerxes, Haman and sentenced him to death along with his 10 sons.
Esther's dinner feast for Haman in the presence of King Xerxes
In the Feast, Esther asked Haman's punishment because of hostility to Jews.
Painter: Jean-Victor (17th century)
Jews ruled the Achaemenid court, and of course they have mentioned in some of their books that Haman did repentance unto Mordecai, which other histories certificate his murder by Jews. As Jews ruled Iran's cities asked the King three days of chance to kill Persian and Iranian opponents of the Jews, and in these three days, more than 77 thousand Iranians were massacred by Jews and in some versions, this number gets to 500 thousand people.
From then until now, this day has been kept alive as the "feast of the Jews", and every year on this day, Jews around the world cherish various events such as fasting, celebrations and carols, drinking wine and indulge in a bun, giving gifts to each other and ...
Feast of Purim of 2012
Tel Aviv - Jerusalem
But in Israel, Purim is in another flavor that in continue it will be discussed in detail.
Historical event, the Iranians' Holocaust by Jews
At the time of Xerxes, the Jews were part of Iran's religious minorities and always tried to influence the court of the Shah of Iran. Haman, Xerxes Prime Minister, expressed concern because of disobedience of the orders and laws of the kingdom and not paying tax by the Jews and tells the king about the conspiracies of the Jews and asks the king to deal with the conspiracy before the people act against the crown and King.
Mordechai, Iranian Jewish leader, finally sends a Jewish girl to the court with a lot of intrigue to replace the Queen of Iran who was removed due to being guilty of refusing the arrogant command of King Xerxes to show her beauty to the court of King.
Mordecai and Esther
Artist: Arent de Gelder (17th century)
With the arrival of "Esther", beautiful Jewish young girl, on the court, Mordecai was able to run his plans easily by Esther and the lure of the Shah of Iran. Haman also alarms the king about Mordecai's plot and the king ordered Mordecai's death penalty. But Esther and Mordecai's plot does not end by killing Haman, and death penalty of his ten sons as well, and in the next step, 10 sons of Haman are killed, too.
The peak of hostility of Jews with Iran is clearer after killing Haman and his 10 sons, in the point where they are not satisfied by death of his ten sons and hang their corpses in city to create fear among Iranians and tell them destiny of Jews' opponents.
Haman had a daughter except for his 10 sons, who committed suicide before being killed.
Killing half of Iran's population
After killing Haman, Jewish immigrants who were living in Iran who were now also in the court, started mass slaughter of Iranians by attacking the cities of Iran. In the 127 provinces of Iran in that time, in two days more than 77 thousand Iranians - and in another story 500 thousands - were killed.
In the books of Jews, including the Book of Esther, the Jews confess killing 80 thousand Iranians but independent researchers have mentioned this figure to 500 thousand.
At that time, Iran had about 800 thousand people and including 500 thousand people, more than half of Iran's population were massacred by Jews in that day.
Destruction and looting are of teachings of Esther and are rooted in the Jewish history.
Jews killed Iranian, men, women and children by attacking their homes and according to some literature also looted their property. But the Jews only confessed to of Iranians' massacre in their texts and deny any looting of their property and recognize it as their honor...!!

Is Purim associated with the thirteenth of Farvardin of Iranians?

It is said that the killings was done during the month Adar 13th and 14th, and the second day of slaughter continues by insist of Esther to King Xerxes to destroy the enemies of the Jewish people. According to historical texts, curse of date Farvardin 13th among Iranian and going out of the houses has roots in the historic killing of Iranian.

After the massacre of Persians, Jews celebrated and thanks to overcoming the Persians and the blooding of the enemies of the Jewish people, they announced the day as a feast and they get fast. From the time, Mordecai become God's messenger, and Esther, corrupted Jewish girl who relies on this tactic to enter the court – becomes the sacred character among Jews. Then Esther writes a book that describes all these events by grace and mercy of God and his will. The book has become the Jewish holy book now.

Tombs of Esther and Jewish Mordechai in Hamedan
Purim means lots and in Jews' believes this has been divine destiny and "lots" from the Lord to thanks the chosen people, the Jews, and the destruction of their enemies.
Purim, the feast of the Jews around the world
unfortunately, some of the images in follow are also related to the celebration of the Jewish Iranians in America.
Purim is one of important Jewish festivals around the world. From the occupied territories to America and even Jews in Iran celebrate these two days in different ways.
The peak of the celebrations is in Israel, where the Zionists drink wine to the point of madness for the massacre of Iranian and bad wine drunk is one of their customary traditions in this day.
Jewish rabbis also hold special ceremonies in the festivities. Zionist rabbis by hosting a party compete in drinking wine and dancing with each other. Usually drinking wine on this day is to the extent that they are unable to walk and fall on the streets of Tel Aviv and other occupied territories unconsciously.
In the teachings of the Talmud drinking wine to the point of intoxication is recommended:
On Purim every Jew is obliged to drink so much wine so that cannot understand the difference between “Damn Haman "and" Peace be upon Mordecai".
( Megillah (7b): Rava said: A person is obligated to drink on Purim until he does not know the difference between "cursed be Haman" and "blessed be Mordechai")
Israeli children in Purim celebration, 2012 - Jerusalem


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