The security-military movements of Zionist in the Ottoman Empire (5)

One of the recent anti-security efforts and actions, which was organized by the elements of enemies of “Ottoman Empire, was eliminating the political figures as an instability in the
Thursday, January 12, 2017
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author: علی اکبر مظاهری
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The security-military movements of Zionist in the Ottoman Empire (5)
The security-military movements of Zionist in the Ottoman Empire (5)


Translator: Zahra Zamanloo


One of the recent anti-security efforts and actions, which was organized by the elements of enemies of “Ottoman Empire, was eliminating the political figures as an instability in the foundation of government.
The purpose of political assassinations was mainly negative effect on domestic proponents and destroying the international authority of the Ottoman Empire, which sometimes led to internal political-security crises or foreign policy crisis. To know this political trick better, we consider assassination of Ottoman leaders by Zionist agents.
1-5.Diplomats of France and Germany
In the economic crisis of the "Ottoman" government, which had to seek external borrowing and loans from European countries, particularly "French" and "German", Zionist agents tried to destroy the Ottoman economic relations with the government of Salonica, killed the responsible diplomats of France and Germany consulate.
The aim of this action, which was performed in April 1255. Sun (May 1876 AD), was international isolation of Ottoman in the economic- security crisis. Moreover, this led to riots and protest in Israeli city of Salonica. They revolted under the pretext of insecurity and the inability of government to meet the public order.
5-2.Sultan Abdul Aziz
After the uprising led by protesting students and the coup of Medhat Pasha and the verdict of Hassan Kheirollah Effendi, the Grand Mufti to depose King Abdul Aziz, Prince Murad V took the power in spite of mental disorders. Dönmeh and Zionists conductors of the coup, like Awni Pasha, the minister of war, Suleiman Pasha, the head of War University, Medhat Pasha, the head of the Cabinet and Roshdi Pasha, the Prime Minister in order to complete domination on the Ottoman court, in a coherent and organizational design murdered King Abdul Aziz in his private room in the palace with foolishness on May of 1255. Sun (May 1876 AD).They put the scissors in the wrist of his hand that was hardly split. And in a scenario announced his death as a suicide. The aim of this murder was entirely domination on the new Sultan and preventing the political actions and taking revenge of the deposed Abdul Aziz and his supporters.
5-3.Sultan Abdul Hamid II
Due to the inherent authority of the Sultan Abdul Hamid and expanding the security umbrella of his police-military forces, in 1255. Sun (1876 AD), and 1288. Sun (1909 AD), most of his opponents had focused their efforts on his character assassination. As far as titles like stingy or Dictator Abdul Hamid were considered normal words.
But in 1907, an important operational action was designed by the enemies of Abdul Hamid. In this event that was organized by the Union and Progress of Masonry- Zion, Abdul Hamid was assassinated with the detonation of a bomb when leaving the "Aya Sophia" mosque after Friday Prayers. During the event, several of his companions were killed, but they could not harm the king.
5-4.Nazim Pasha
Leaders of unity and progress party in "Salonica" and other parts of the "state of Macedonia" could provoke civil unrest and disobedience in the army to win the scene.
Due to the critical condition of the state, Sultan Abdul Hamid in the year 1287. Sun (1908), dispatched a number of security elements to "Macedonia" to identify and determine the cause of the crisis.
One of the best and most famous of them was Nazim Pasha, the former police chief of "Ottoman", which was shot and was seriously injured in a terrorist operation organized by the members of Union and Progress, after making a detailed report before returning to "Istanbul" at 21 June (11 June) of the same year.
5-5.Shamsi Pasha
After Major Ahmed Niazi Pasha with troops under his command joined to Anvar pasha outside the city of "Monastir" in 1287 (1908) and raised the rebellion army and people against Ottoman rule, Sultan Abdul Hamid dispatched his representative Shamsi Pasha to investigate the issue of "Macedonia" and "Monastir". But Shamsi Pasha after a successful login, was shot dead in front of the telegraph building of the city of Monastir by Mofidbeyg, one of the elements associated with the military rebels.
This terror was a threat and declared a war to the King of “Ottoman". The concern of the domestic crisis led to the adoption of a constitution and a constitutional monarchy by Abdul Hamid.
5-6.Ismail Maher Pasha
Despite the apparent victory of the opposition of Abdul Hamid, in the year 1286 AH. Sun (1907), the security forces of Sultan carried out much effort to identify their activities. On the other hand, the penetrating members in the "Yildiz Palace" (lights) had a great interest in discovering these operations. The controversy led to the identification of one of the breaking security officers of Sultan Abdul Hamid in the community of unity and progress. This person, who was called Ismail Maher Pasha, transmitted the information of the Order of the leaders of the opposition to "Istanbul". In 1286 AH. Sun (1907) he was killed by Fedayeen of unity and progress. Opponents by killing Ismail created a great fear among the forces loyal to the sultan.

5-7.Yusuf Ezzedine Effendi
After the members of Zionist-Masonic community of unity and progress murdered Sultan Abdul Aziz, killed the possible successor of Crown of Prince Abdul Aziz.
5-8.Amir Mohammad Arsalan
He was the Muslim and smart representative of "Lazeqyeh province" of the area of "Syria" in the Ottoman Parliament. Unfortunately, because of the position that was taken against pan-Turkism and the Association of Union and Progress, he was murdered during the terrorist operation and purely with political purposes in the year of 1288 (1909 AD).
5-9.Hassan Fahmi
He was a famous Turkish Muslim journalist and the newspaper of "Sarbast" was published by him. He played an important role in guiding and raising public opinion against the Zionist unity and progress community. So that, after his assassination by mercenaries of Union and Progress, 30000 of people of "Istanbul" participated in his funeral due to his popularity.
The funeral of Hassan Fahmi was a prelude to rebellion against the Union and Progress Association in 1909, due to fear of the Association of strengthening Sultan Abdul Hamid, Mahmoud Shawkat Pasha led the military coup to depose Abdul Hamid.
5-10.Ahmad Samim
He was a Turkish Muslim writer, whose many articles condemning Association of Union and Progress, caused the awakening of people to the anti-Islamic conspiracy group. In 1289 Ahmed Samim was killed by a person named Abdul Ghader, one of the main elements of the Community. In the following it should be mentioned that the terrorist nature of Zionism was clearly evident during many political assassinations in the Empire of "Ottoman" and with the establishment of Jewish settlements. As the formation of terrorist organizations like Hashvmr, Haganah, Shin Beth and Mossad have been in this line. Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, who is one of the first terrorists of Zionist regime before the collapse of the Ottoman Empire explains the literature of violence and lust of access to weapons and tools of assassination in this way: Day and night we were looking forward to access weapon, we had nothing to talk except gun. When we achieved it, we were so happy. We were busy with it like a child and we did not want to separate it from ourselves.


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