The Prophet Mohammad's mission, a real dream

It was from the first advent of the Quran that uneducated prophet wrote a book and found a way in his heart to provide a new way to humanity. So, Aisha says that the
The Prophet Mohammad's mission, a real dream
The Prophet Mohammad's mission, a real dream


Translated by: Ahmad Ismaeil Abadi
Source: rasekhoon.net


It was from the first advent of the Quran that uneducated prophet wrote a book and found a way in his heart to provide a new way to humanity. So, Aisha says that the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) while his hear was beating with these verses returned to Khadijah. He was asleep when he saw Gabriel. Some narrations say that this incident happened in the morning, at dawn on Monday, the seventeenth and fourteenth month of Ramadan, thirteen years before the migration. So, in a narration mentioned by Aisha sleeping is not mentioned but, at the beginning the discussion is about the true dream and then coming Gabriel and divine revelation is considered. We can really not to say that in that hadith, this is the first revelation to sleep or awakening, and if we want to gather between two Hadiths first, we should probably say that the revelation of Gabriel first has been in asleep and divine revelation in wakening. He said: "then I came out, I got about halfway up the mountain, I heard a voice of the sky saying: said: O Muhammad! You are God's prophet and I am Gabriel. I raised my head and looked at the sky {I saw} the Gabriel in the face of a man had opened his steps to the end of the heavens and said: O Muhammad! You are God's prophet, and I am Gabriel then, I stood to look at him, neither I went forward nor backward and then I backed to him and on the horizon whenever I looked, I saw him. As I stood, neither a step forward nor a step backwards I got back. Khadijah had sent her people and they went up to the top of Mecca and had returned to her, and I was standing in the same place. It was the first time that I saw Gabriel face to face. Gabriel emerged and occupied entire horizon from the west to east; it is said that he has 600 or six thousand wings. Therefore, this huge emergence of Gabriel is an irony of all his predominance between Gabriel and the creatures. Of course, it was exemplifying the rational truth in the eyes of the prophet, otherwise, against the prophet's gratitude; the Gabriel with all his physique is little bit.
The Prophet re-tells his story with Gabriel to Khadijah
The prophet says that I returned to the home of my family and relatives and sat besides Khadijah. She said: Where were you, Abu Al Qasem? I sent my people in search of you and they searched all Mecca and then, I told her whatever I had seen. And she said: congratulate you be stable. Taking oath to the one that runs the soul of Khadijah, I hope that you are the Messenger of this people.
But the true narration that quoted by Aisha (9 BC. E. - 58 E), is more reliable. Of course, Aisha, at the time of Quran revelation had not been born yet and had not seen this incident (and in the second year of Hijrah became the wife of the Prophet) but probably she might have heard one of the Companions of the prophet) in any case, Aisha is right and not the Prophet's dialogue. However, the major difference is that one is lack of mentioning asleep or awaking, and do not speak about seeing the Gabriel on the sky. Therefore, narrates another quotation of Abdullah bin Shaddad that is almost the summary of Aisha's. It does not speak of sleeping and waking and does not include seeing Gabriel on the sky. Abdullah is of the greatest of the followers, the six narrators and Kathir Al Hadith. Khavas were the companions of Imam Ali (AS) and were killed in the war of Nehru (82 e) (32). In any case, that hadith is also Mursalah and does not have the name of the companion.
Returning home
It is said that when the prophet came out of the cave and set out home, any step that he took he felt more worry and fear. From every distance he heard a voice and when saw Gabriel on the sky that had filled the sky and everywhere that looks, sees him so, his concern increased. Whatever she did even covered his face with his hands, there was no benefit so; with a shaking like a fever got himself to home. Khadijah would later report that when the Prophet arrived home, I observed that he was pale and looked very tired. He put hand on the wall with small steps and slowly came toward me. Khadijah who saw him feared too much and according to the tradition, washed the Prophet's head with cold water in order to lessen his concern and then covered him well. The prophet reported what had experienced to his faithful wife and said I am worry about me. But Khadijah consolidated and comforted him. She said there is no room for concern! Do not be worry. God will never leave you alone. You're good with your relatives, speak honestly with them, put you in sufferings, host your guests and help people in difficulties.
Aisha also says: The Messenger of Allah while his heart was beating, returned with those verses to Khadijah and said, cover me, cover me. They covered him up till the prophet was improved. After that narrated the story to Khadijah, and this narration is also similar to the above mentioned one.
The difficulties of the helper
In this case, Khadijah helps her kind husband and little by little sleep her peacefully; she loved her husband, knew him well and believes in him whole-heartedly. She had never heard an untrue word from him and it was impossible for Muhammad (PBUH) to say such a thing. She never doubted that he was chosen by God, but she wanted to hear these words from another's. However, she set out toward the house of her scholar cousin, Varag Ibn Nafal. The others also have said these warm words and the behavior of Khadijah. Hence, the reaction of Khadijah to her husband was the best one; at the moment of anxiety, she gave him comfort, at time of concern, brought him calmness. It is because God has given the man who has the supermen humanistic features bestows such a pure and deserved wife. And it was because of her pure heart and good character that the Lord of the world sent her greetings and promised her with heaven.
The details of this story and this news sometimes have gained much color of myth and legend that has left much for discussion and regarding the fact that what has been the details of the prophet's dialogue just God knows but, regarding what they have said perfectly and in detail, we can conclude that stability and firmness of Khadijah its source was derived from his belief in God and his prophet.
Another important point remains and it is that in all of this news there is discussion of anxiety and apprehension, and sometimes fear and doubt of the Prophet was mentioned that unfortunately they have not stated a true and clear remark of its nature. Perhaps the companions of the Prophet more than this have not questioned about this and even if a question has been made and a response they have received have not reached the next generations.
. But what is the doubt or concern of the Prophet (PBUH) that some of the news or the authors have reported? However, in case of doubt, we can say that if they have doubt, this doubt has not been about the existence of God. His belief, credibility and reliability (PBUH) was never wavered. He was receptive to God in his heart and soul and adhering to his belief but, doubt is occasionally found and after the belief the doubt is found again and if any doubt it was not God's existence. In this case the news speaks and he said maybe I made a mistake.
He feels the burden of human generation's responsibility on his shoulders. Guiding generations as long as the man is on the earth is on his shoulders. This was neither something small and insignificant nor the risk in one's life but it was fate of all men and key for guiding them as well as a turning point in human history. This was massive change of perfect man to the last prophet. It was a journey of him to others and self-sacrifice to the human being and it was not easy to be solved in a short time. So, he was not waiting to receive the divine book. Now, suddenly, the divine message had been received and has enchanted him and this heavy responsibility and a burden of guiding the generations fell on his shoulders and it is natural to be concerned and anxious. So even if, there was something, it was internal concern against the enormity of the task that lay ahead. Alas, the received Hadiths do not disclose the nature of the doubt or anxiety. He said as much to surpass pain of his heart and revealed a secret to his faithful wife, Khadijah, and talked to himself and said I lest! I got magic and charmed. But his virtuous wife consoled him that God never leaves you alone. In this historical term, there is no room for argumentation. Light of God has brightened the family of Muhammad and before an open invitation empowers the soul of Muhammad (PBUH). But fear is not important. Some Hadiths have spoken of the fear and some have also tried to defend it and justify it. So, the fact is that it has not been divine duty imposed on the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and had no choice but doing the prophetic mission. . However, this sort of news interpretation is not correct because the concern and greatness of responsibility and concern is understandable, but fearing is not the case. The incident took place thirteen years before the migration at dawn in Ramadan 17th, on Monday.


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