What is the Idea of Scientist about the Israel?

In these divisions, we see that the Palestinian case was completely different from the other parts of the Ottoman Empire.
Wednesday, December 27, 2017
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What is the Idea of Scientist about the Israel?
What is the Idea of Scientist about the Israel?

Translator: Davood Salehan
Source: Rasekhoon.net


In these divisions, we see that the Palestinian case was completely different from the other parts of the Ottoman Empire.
- Yes. We see that Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and ... were surrendered to England and France, but it was in a way that later these states declared independence and formed a government, but this was not the same in Palestine. The first thing English did in Palestine was to make a prominent Jewish figure called "Sir Herbert Samuel" as the General Governor of Palestine. "Sir Herbert Samuel" was previously the Minister of England. "Samuel" set the "Balfour Declaration" as the basis of his rule in Palestine.
Do you mean the one which was addressed to the Rothschilds?
- In 1917, before the end of World War I, and when Britain occupied almost Palestine, a declaration and a statement in several lines was formally arranged by the British government with signature of secretary of state, Lord Balfour. Addressing of this declaration was to Rothschild, one of the royal thrones of the British Jewish community. The message was that dear Lord Rothschild! The Kingdom of the United Kingdom declares its agreement to form the National Jewish Foundation. The National Jewish Concept was deliberately used instead of the Jewish state intentionally, which would not create a tension for the United Kingdom by the Islamic countries or the Palestinians. After the publication of this statement, the Zionists throughout the world celebrated this event as a great victory.
On which basis did England give Palestine to the Jews?
- This issue has no legal basis and, basically, the interesting point of the problem is this. You see that a country that occupies another country without legal possession of a document and gives it to another community. In the whole world, a war has taken place after the occupation of a country, and after that the country returns to its main owners. The main owners of this land were those who lived in it.
In other words, this formation of the entire Palestinian Authority by the United Kingdom or the administration is an introduction to make groundwork for the gathering of Jews and the formation of a Jewish state.
How was the way Jews emigrated during these years?
- From the year 1880 to 1918, about 55,000 Jews were deployed to Palestine, and in the following years, until 1948, the flood of emigration increased and (when Israel declared its existence), about 700 to 750 thousand Jews were transferred to Palestine from all over the world.
Did these migrations induce the sensitivity of other countries?
- yes, of course. There was less sensitivity in the Christian world and more in the Muslim world. We see a great deal of movement from both the scholars of Islam and the people of this time.
I mean did the world become aware of such an incident, or the case was secretly pursued!
"you see, the world understood, but one of the Zionist propaganda tactics was saying that we want to go to a country that does not have any people. The slogan "land without people for Landless people" is famous.
What did they mean by saying that Palestine was a land without people? Did they mean that there were no people in this region or that they should be cleaned out of these people?
- they inspired the world's public opinion that there are not a lot of people in this land, and now we, who have always been under oppression and persecution, have to find a place.
They had promised here to us while there is no one living here, so we will live in the land. But you know that at that time (in mid the 19th century), Palestine was the largest exporter of olive, olive oil, orange, sesame and many agricultural products, and there are statistics about this matter as well.
After the emigration of the Jews to Palestine, the resistance of the Palestinian people began from the very beginning, 1880. The villagers and those who had weapons were armed with weapons, and if they were not armed, they defended their land with shovel and sickle. On the other hand as Zionists had said that Palestine is a desert without people, they should have proved it, and that was why they started killing the masses of the Palestinians. Throughout the history of the occupation of Palestine, especially after the First World War until 1948, when Israel was founded, the Zionists, with the help of Britain, carried out terrible quietly massacres in Palestine. Whenever the Palestinians defended, they killed them.
You mean the will to genocide was completely evident in these killings.
- Yes. The martyrdom of Sheikh Izz al-Din Qassam has been at the peak of the British rule in Palestine. There are many cases where Zionist militias enter a village overnight, killing all the villagers, including women, children and men, to prepare the village for the Jewish settlement.
The point here was that all the Zionist activities did not respond to the Jewish immigration, and the migration process was still slow, and they had to work to stabilize the Jewish state, and this was the work of the Second World War.
Do you consider the outbreak of the Second World War as the product of the conspiracy of the Zionists?
- Yes, the conspiracy that created the first World War, which led to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the fragmentation of the Islamic countries, was completed by World War II. That is, they came to the conclusion that an incident should occur like what Herzl had said that I would set fire to Europe and the world to reach my goal. Contrary to the conventional wording, and contrary to what is written in books and even textbooks that it is said that World War II began on September 1, 1939, with the invasion of the German forces of Hitler to Poland, I would tell you that this is a great lie.
How did the war begin?
- Six months before the war, a Moroccan Jewish man named Hurberisha in England became the war minister. When Bilasha became the war minister, he changes the military chiefs who did not think like him. For example, the General Chief of Logistics and the British Army supports was a Jew like himself. After a while, Blisha prepared a plan and submitted it to the British Parliament. There, he says, we are ready to send 17 troops to wherever we want, where a number of parliamentarians are surprised to say that we are not supposed to have a war. It was observed that, months before World War II, secret camps in France and England were organized by Zionist centers and in accordance with a routine. They later said that the First World War led to the occupation of Palestine, and the Second World War led to the establishment of the Jewish state; on the night of Thursday, August 31, 1939, a military unit raided overnight from Poland to German soil and killed thousands of Germans.
Who did this?
- A military group from Poland did this. You know that Jews had widespread influence in Poland. The invasion comes from a border region called Gilyotiz. At the same time British Radio announces the invasion and there are documents that Westerners do not show them. After the attack, to defend Germany, Hitler planned to crack down on the attackers and basically he did not intend to start a war. Now you see that September third (two days after the invasion of Germany), France and Britain, each had about 10 army ready for war, while Hitler was not ready for war in this way, while if Hitler wanted war, he must have naturally been more prepared than Britain and France. That is why he sent an official representative to England's court and Britain arrested Hitler's official representative and it attacked Germany on September third and the Second World War began.
When the Soviet Union occupied the greater part of Poland on September 17, the same countries did not react. The purpose is that the discussions like Holocaust came from the war and they were able to continue their victimization and use it as a weapon.
But other than war they could use victimization as a weapon. Couldn’t they?
- I will raise this issue in my discussion of the Holocaust. They did what they could exploit it in any way that this was achieved by the Second World War.
Let us return to the process of occupation of Palestine...
- Yes, after the Second World War England was supposed to declare its mandate era finishing in Palestine on May 1948, so all sensitive areas, barracks, territories and locations where were in control of mandate government were all given to the Zionists and Jews state announced its existence in Palestine before the UK government leaving there. The Zionist leaders headed by Ben Gurion (the first Israeli Prime Minister) were prepared statement, and announced the existence of the Israeli government.
- the night of May 15, 1948, Ordibehesht 1327.
Let's talk a little bit on the legal nature of the Israeli regime now because now Israel has announced its existence. Now the question is that in terms of international law, how is Israel's place as a sovereign state?
- in Jewish sight, background and legislative documents of the Israeli government were a few things that one of them is Balfour Declaration. They argue that Palestine was given to us by England because of the declaration and now we want to form a Jewish state in these territories. This is while the British as occupier cannot give a land where people live in to someone else; it is like now the United States wants to give Iraq to a group or person! Other legal documents of Jews, which they rely on, is resolution issued in November 1947 by the UN general Assembly. According to the resolution that was passed by trick of the US and Britain and the Jewish community, Palestine was divided into 2 parts and more than 56 percent of Palestine was given to the Jews and the rest was for Palestinians.



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