Who manages the media?

The Jewish influence on America's media as well as Hollywood is a matter of fact today. Even some Jews are reluctant to say this, while no group is more racist
Wednesday, December 27, 2017
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author: علی اکبر مظاهری
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Who manages the media?
Who manages the media?

Translator: Davood Salehan
Source: Rasekhoon.net


The Jewish influence on America's media as well as Hollywood is a matter of fact today. Even some Jews are reluctant to say this, while no group is more racist and organized than the Jews to achieve their goals and interests.
The press in its current state has become the most powerful force in the Western world, which is even more powerful than the executive branch, the legislature and the judiciary. Man wants to ask this question: who has chosen the power and who is responsible? This article addresses the question.
In the film "network", which won the Academy Award in 1976, Howard Bill, known as the "Crazy Media Prophet," decides to reveals repugnant threat that threatens the United States, namely the capture of US television by Arabs, through dollar-denomination by oil sales. The scenario of this film is written by Pedy Chyevsky. He has tried to portray the mysterious conspiracy to buy and control the American television networks by the Arabs on the cinema.
Howard Bill, whose role is played by Peter Fynch in this film, is a crazy reporter of news who speaks his mind on every subject. For example, while speaking with excitement about injustices and corruption in American life, Bill shouts, "I've come to the fringe of madness, and I cannot tolerate it anymore. I will not endure this situation again. "
Imagine what would happen if Iraqi US's supporters under control of Saddam Hussein had control of American media. Imagine that they controlled the national television networks of the United States and formed the majority of the owners, producers, and writers of news and entertainment programs of the US television. Television is a force that penetrates into every American home, and Americans are mainly aware of the events in the world through the media.
So you can imagine what threatened the United States if this huge force was under the control of the Iraqi minority supporting the regime of Saddam. If, apart from television, the other media were still free, they would undoubtedly describe the dominance of the Iraqi minority on television networks as a major threat to the United States. They would even state that this domination threatened the freedoms of the American nation, and Congress would probably approved a law to end the control of the Iraqi minority over the television networks.
Patriots warned the American people that if people are not free to get realistic and impartial news, democracy would not exist in the society. They also insisted that whenever the power of the television is under control of just one point of view, it will eliminate the foundation of all freedoms, which is the freedom of expression. In addition, thinkers and scholars were angry about the fact that non- American people were subjected to a foreign power and dominated the American people's thoughts.
Now, if the rest of the media were in the hands of this Iraqi minority: Imagine that three well-known weekly newspapers "Time", "Newsweek", and "U.S. News and World Report", and three of the most influential newspapers in the United States, "New York Times", "Wall Street Journal" and "Washington Post", along with most other major magazines and newspapers, would have been ran by Iraqis. Imagine in your mind that this Iraqi minority dominated the Hollywood film industry, book publishing, and even the distribution of the book, and they had huge wealth in commerce and banking, and had key positions in universities, the judiciary, and the government. More important than all, imagine that Saddam Hussein's supporters had the strongest influence in Washington, and were responsible for collecting a huge amount of financial assistance for both the Democratic and Republican parties. Imagine a fanatic Iraqi was chairman of the National Security Council at the White House. Was such a situation dangerous to the United States?
If the Americans woke up one morning and saw that their film makers and TV programs, as well as the US newspapers and magazines, all had Arabic names, they were surely saying: "They occupied our country!" In this situation, they would have looked at what they saw on television, or in newspapers, magazines and books by doubt. Particularly the Americans would have been very cautious with information released on issues related to Iraq, Saddam Hussein, Islam and the Middle East conflict. After a short time, many Americans, like Howard Bill, would have shouted: "I have gone to the fringe of madness, and I will not endure this situation anymore."
I was amazed when I discovered that the Russian revolution was not Russian in reality, but mainly was organized, led, and had financial support by Jews- the Jews who had a one-hundred-year conflict with the Russian people- and they had covered such an important historic truth effectively. After studying and knowing the killing of millions of Christians in Russia and Eastern Europe by the Communists, I asked myself why are there such a small number of films, television series or documentary films, book or article were produced or written about this incident, but the killing of The Jews by the Nazis have been endowed with attention by the endless media coverage. Then I read a copy of the "Sander Blot" newspaper, published and edited by Dr. Edward Fields, from Marita City in the state of Jersjia. Doctor Fields accurately and with provided documentation proved the Jewish domination on the three main US television networks, CNB, NBC, and IBS. I carefully studied the resources used by Dr. Fields, which included biographies published by the Jews themselves.
When I did my initial research, Richard Sarnov was the head of the ANB. William Poly was the head of the CBS, and Leonard Golden Sun managed the BBC. I was very surprised when I realized that all three were Jewish, all three were active in Zionist organizations, and all were awarded by numerous Jewish, Zionist and pro-Israel groups. Then I came to the conclusion that the executive chief of the most important US newspaper, the New York Times, is also Jewish. This is also true about Washington Post, a newspaper that affects the federal government in the United States more than any other newspaper. The Jews are also the owner of the most prolific newspaper in the US - Wall Street Journal. I realized that Jews have dominated Hollywood for many years; Jews such as Steven Spielberg, director of the "Shindler List", who is a supporter of the Zionist aims. He is also the director of the Hollywood movie "Holocaust", which is the most prolific movie ever made about the killing of European Jews by the Nazis.
Years later, I read journals in which Jews boasted their domination over American media. I also read the book "an empire", written by Neil Gobbler, in which the manner of Jews' domination over the American film industry is expressed in detail. Ben Stein, who is a Jewish scriptwriter, and his father, Herbert Stein, is an economics advisor to former US president, Richard Nixon, in a book that he wrote clearly states that the majority of Hollywood executives are Jews and they are stubbornly opposed to Christian values and preserving the traditions of the genuine American community.
In 1997, he also wrote an article entitled "Do Jews run the media? Truly that is it, what is wrong with it?” In the seventies, Dr. William Pearce, editor of the National Vanguard magazine, investigated about the Jewish domination on the US media and he proved the existence of this domination in an article entitled "Who rules America?" with sufficient documentation. The fact that I became aware of it was that the terrible nightmare of Pedy Chayovski and the first character of "network" film made by him, Howard Bill, had become reality. A small but united minority is dominant in the American media with a fanatical commitment to their newly emerging nation, but Arabs are not the ones who have such a power; they are not Irish, Germans, French, English, Russians, Swedes, Danes or Italians. They are not Muslims, Christians, Marannas or Catholics either. It is a wonderful surprise that this group is made up of the Pedy Chayovskys of the world; he is a harsh advocate of the Zionist ideals and the Israeli regime, and he has been trying to accuse the Arabs to what the Jews have done before, to make audience of their films against them. The same tribe that wrote and produced the network film dominates American media and indeed the media of the entire Western world.
It is true that many people working in the media are not Jews. Also, I do not claim that every Jew is a fanatic Zionist, but the main thing is that American media are run by Jews. It is also important that there is no group more racist and organized than Jews to achieve its goals and interests. Given these facts, can any sane person believe that Jews represent news and reports, and even entertainment programs, in what Gabbler describes as "an empire of their own" without affecting by their goals and interests?



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