Influence of Qur'an on Persian literature

Qur’an states: “If you are believed in God, then you should trust to Him.”
Monday, December 1, 2014
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Influence of Qur'an on Persian literature
Influence of Qur'an on Persian literature




Qur’an states: “If you are believed in God, then you should trust to Him.”
Rumi says: “Trust is the best act, because with it your hand is in the hand of God. Nothing is better than trust. What is more favorable than submission?”
Hafez says: ”If you, Hafez, let your work proceeds with God, most probably you will joy with the luck given to you by God.”
He also says in another verse: “Reliance on virtue and knowledge is misdirection in way to God. Traveler has to trust even if he has one hundred arts.”
Naser Khosrow says: “We should always submit and be contented. We should be with God in every state. We should in every work see and seek God. We must not know our friends better than Him in friendship. God aids you in every work. Your guide in your religion is Mohammad.”

Companion and friendship:

Qur’an states: “Shame on me! I wish I didn’t become friend with that (immoral) person. Companion and friendship with him deprived me of following Qur’an and the Prophet.”
Rumi says: “Cry on bad friend. Seek good companion through God.”
Saadi says: “Since Noah’ son consorted with bad persons, became rejected from the prophecy family. On the other hand, the dog of the companions of the cave became popular because it followed some days good persons.”
Sanai says: “Be companion with bad people little. Otherwise, you will become bad, because the man’s ego is capable of being influenced. That a wise person causes you to become angry is better than a fool person causes your eyes to become closed. I didn’t see goodness from worthless persons, and I think you did neither.”
He also says: “Companion with bad persons is harmful and captures one hundred calm hearts.”
Ibn Yamin says: “Covering cloth of Kaaba is kissed because it is companion with a dear friend (God).”
Hafez sings: “I have no way but tearing clothes of hypocrisy. Companion with bad persons is a huge torment for the soul.”



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