Osho and the game of love and mysticism

Our mettle had been witness of absolute beauty and perfection that its view has turned our being into love and has attracted to itself. Our heart is wandered for love and in
Sunday, December 7, 2014
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Osho and the game of love and mysticism
Osho and the game of love and mysticism



Our mettle had been witness of absolute beauty and perfection that its view has turned our being into love and has attracted to itself. Our heart is wandered for love and in this world cannot live without love. Although we jump branch to branch and do not find eternal lover, but everlasting and eternal love is intertwined with our lives. For this reason, love has colorful role in new spirituality-oriented flows, especially it has a central role in Osho’s thought.
Osho believes spiritual prosperity of humanity is possible with love and practice meditation. And his purpose of love is sexual love. He believes that he is alienated from himself with free relationships and emphasis on human love and he can’t discover divine energy in himself and flourish it. As he can’t open the path to truth by practice meditation in Eastern religion, both those who follow love and sell themselves to love and they have been intimidated and also those who run away from it and they are intimidated and frightened. Fear is the opposite of love and until the fear doesn’t disappear we can’t correctly love and if we can’t completely love, you won’t be able to have practice meditation. Thus, we must love with courage and follow practice meditation.
Courage means not to harbor to love and not to evade it. Human encroach love and destroy it because of his fear of loneliness and tend to solitude and penance from the fear of love. So far, only two cowardice lived on the earth. The right way is that until when love gives passion and joy to you and you make love and when you bored you tend to solitude and worship and meditation and recover yourself. Gathering love and meditation will be the salvation and future direction. According to Osho, modern man must love and have meditation together. Intercourse must be the largest art of meditation. This is Tantra’s offer to the world. The human who entered in love and had meditation in his intercourse and at the peak of his love and respect, he finds himself, love is a mirror for him. The true relationship is a mirror in which, two lovers see each other’s face and recognize God. This is the way unto the Lord. Surely God is pleasure and joy. When love is combined with meditation, relations will be made without belonging and being watched. As if you are not the factor and you do not miss anything at the end of a relation while disgust and fatigue and separation. A wise man lives in the world like a mirror. He would be happy with whatever in front of him. If he sees a flower, he will be happy and reflect it and if he gets back its reflection, he will see in it. If no one be in front of him and when all mirrors be empty, he will see God in its emptiness.
In holy intercourse, the person is independent. He does not think about the future of the relationship and the past does not matter for him. He sees the joy and excitement at the moment and he watches himself too. As if he sees himself in the mirror and, he observes connection and separation without being dependent. He enjoys and will be happy even if depression and sadness come unto him. He does not suffer, because he is the observer and he just sees sadness and he is not involved in it. Such a person would be happier with the joy of living in the moment and always with God. The happiness and joy which is not empty of suffering and depression is Osho’s religion. In this world, just stay here now and continue your way. Continue your way with a laughter arose from the depths of your being. Dance your way to God, laugh your way to God, and sing your way to God.
Osho amazingly applies the literature that mystics and scholars of the history of mankind have implemented in all civilizations and territories in a different concept to express the relationship of the human spirit with ultraviolet and God that all existence and perfections are from him. And all the spiritual fun and deep moral joy that can be experienced in a relationship with God are converted to sexual pleasure and the happiness of this world in Osho’s logic and religion. These happiness that we know and only Osho teaches us are that try to enjoy this happiness with all your attention and see yourself and feel it. Touch these joys wholeheartedly, so that your deeper layers of your awareness be watered and then throw away your feel of frustration by forgetting its memory and forget its fell of loss by living at the moment and focus on the present.
His position towards love is confused and distressed. In some cases, he introduces sexual love as an obstacle that the safest way to fix it is to remove sexual boundaries and limits. Elsewhere, he knows it as not a purpose and passing stage and emphasize that sexual love is a tool and a means to ascension. Finally, he suggests that the goal is the pleasure and joy of sex and love.
All his efforts in explaining and teaching the thesis of "Love + Meditation" is that meditative increases the joy and pleasure moments of lovemaking increases and decreases grief and depression after it and makes it more tolerable. Importance and necessity of intercourse or collection of love and meditation is because this reason that the mind is intruder while enjoying and it can prevent enjoying in courtship with all your senses and this can make grief after that. Because it focuses on the past and makes memories. The memories from the end of pleasure that the moral conscience did not accept and they are not compatible with human nature. Therefore, he recommends that set the mind and the thoughts in the meditation process aside and follow your natural passions to enjoy the fun and joy in life. Respect your inner voice and, obey it. Remember: I do not guarantee that this voice guides you to the right path. Most of the time it conducts you to go astray… This is your truth to go astray freely. This is part of your dignity. Even stand in front of God. Set the rightness and wrongness of things aside.
Osho’s escape from himself and his past is to the extent that he changed his name repeatedly and declared that the past does not worth remembering. And also says that "I do not respond to my yesterday’s letter." He tries to meet the modern man's spiritual crisis without change in intellectual and moral principles. Thus, he injected spirituality and mysticism in the fitfulness and offers an interpretation of mysticism that considers fallen human’s desires permissible and provide them. These pleasures are introduced by God and extremely misuses and distorts mystical literature and heritage of the East. In one word, Osho was a great deception on the threshold of the third millennium that represented the self-delusion of the contemporary human to justify his lust and ignorance. He acknowledged that he is the beginning of an entirely new religious consciousness and commented about religion that: All religions are based on the spurious pretext. All styles are false ... New pretexts can be brought and create a new religion. Old pretexts will be frazzled. Old lies miss their color and smell and new lies will be required.
Human experiences deep love, before worldly life and he is displaced for that love in this life and cannot understand all that love until he lives in this world. For this reason, the world should have a symbol of love and in this regard, God created man and woman to each other and he made each of them a source of comfort for another and considered marriage as a necessary ritual in the prophetic tradition and finally, introduced this relationship full of love and compassion verses in his words to test the spiritual and sustained love with this relationship that is full of love, spirituality and signs and with these ways they be prepared to return to the bosom of God's love.




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