Bald shepherd

In ancient times there was a bald shepherd who took the cows and sheep of the people to desert to graze them every day and managed the life of himself
Bald shepherd
Bald shepherd

Translator: Mohammad Ali asefipoor
Source: Rasekhoon.net


In ancient times there was a bald shepherd who took the cows and sheep of the people to desert to graze them every day and managed the life of himself and his mother by the wage that the people gave to him. One day, he saw the daughter of the chief of the village next to the fountain and fell deeply in her love. The girl wanted the bald man to help her to put the jug on her shoulder. The shepherd put the jug on her shoulder and kissed her face. The girl came home and told her mother what happened. Her mother, who was a wise woman, said: "That poor bald man did not kiss you with a bad intention."
At tomorrow, the bald man went to her mother and said: "O mother! I've loved the daughter of the chief of the village. You have to go to propose to her." The mother surprised and said: "Everyone should stretch his leg as much as the size of his rug. We are poor. We don't have any fitness to the daughter of the chief of the village." But the bald man was insisting on his wish and repeated his request. Inevitably, the mother accepted to do so.
There was a large rock in the yard of the chief, and everyone who wanted to propose to any girl should sit on it. The mother of the bald man went to the home of the chief of the village and sat on that rock. When the wife of the chief saw that the mother of the bald man had sat on the rock, she understood that she had come to propose to her daughter. So, she called one of her servants and said: "If there have remained from the dinner of the last night, give some to the mother of the bald man, and also give her two Rials and want her to leave here." The servant went to her and gave the mother of the bald man some food and two Rials. The mother said nothing and left there.
In the evening, the bald man came back from desert and asked her about the propose marriage. At first, his mother advised him a little to desist from that illusion. But the bald man got angry and lifted his stick and said: "If you don't go to propose to her at tomorrow, I will beat you severely by this stick." The poor mother got up early in the morning and went to sit on the rock. When the wife of the chief came to her, the mother of the bald man, who had gotten tongue – tied, repeated the speeches of the bald man to her. The chief's wife said: "A daughter is under the authority of her father. I will talk to him and will say you the result tomorrow."
When it was night, the chief of the village came home and his wife told him the story of propose marriage of the bald shepherd. The chief, who was a knowing man, said: "We should not promptly say him no. At tomorrow, when the mother of the bald man came again, say her that the chief will not disagree provided that at first the bald man will earn money and will prepare house and livelihood before coming to propose to my his daughter."
As the bald man heard that offer, he got happy very much and to earn money went to the desert. He went and went until when he saw a dervish on his way. The dervish asked the bald man: "Where are you going? Do you like to be my servant?" The bald man answered: "Of course." The dervish asked him: "How much a day do you want?" The bald man said: "No matter; how much you want give me."
The dervish took the boy with himself. They went and went until they reached next to a fountain having clear water. At first, they ate bread and cheese and kernel of walnut. Then the dervish faced the bald man and said: "Sit down here and I will go to call on my home and come back." The dervish read a spell and entered the fountain and suddenly disappeared. After an hour, the dervish came out of the water and said the bald man: "Hurry! Get going." The bald man read the spell the dervish had learned him, and then according to the order of the dervish, he closed his eyes and gave his hand to the hand of the dervish. Soon, the dervish said: "Now open your eyes."
When the bald man opened his eyes, he saw a garden like paradise. A very beautiful girl was sitting on a throne under the trees. The dervish handed over the bald man to the girl and gave her a book too, and said her: "I'm going for hunting for forty days. You must teach this book to this bald man is such a manner he becomes capable of reading and writing until when I will come back." The girl accepted and the dervish spun around himself and disappeared.
The girl learned what was in the book in a short duration. One day the girl said the bald man: "If my father find out that you have learned this book quite well, he will blacken your times. When he came back and asked you of this book, answer all of his questions wrongly."
After forth days, the dervish came and asked the girl: "Has the bald man learned well or not?" The girl answered: "He is very foolish. He learns nothing at all." The dervish put his finger on the letter A and asked the bald man what that was. The bald man answered: "B." Again the dervish asked about another letter and the bold man answered wrongly. The dervish gave fifty coins to the bald man and said him: "You are not the same person who I thought. You are not useful for us. Good bye."
The bold man, who had learned everything, went out of the garden and got going toward his home. As he arrived at home, he gave the coins to his mother and said: "Hire workers and builders and build a house." Then the bold man left the home and returned back at night and said his mother: "O mother! I will become a camel at tomorrow. Take my tether and took me to the market and sell me for one hundred Toomans, no less and no more." In the morning, his mother did so.
When the sun set, the mother of the bald man saw his son was returning back to home. At the next day, the bald man became a horse and his mother took him to the market in order to sell it for one thousand Toomans. A merchant saw the horse and liked it. He asked: "O old woman! How much is this horse?" She answered: "One thousand Toomans." The merchant said: "I have a hundred horses and I have bought none of them more than thirty to forty Toomans. Your horse does not cost more than a hundred Toomans." The old woman answered: "This horse can take you everywhere of the world and return back during only one hour." The merchant said: "If this is really the case, I will buy it for two thousand Toomans." Then he took the old woman to his home and wanted his wife to make omelet. The merchant's wife cooked omelet. The merchant put it to a pot and gave it, with a written letter, to one of his servant and said him: "Take this pot and this letter to the city of Rome to my brother. Take the reply of the letter from him and bring it to me."
The servant rode the horse of the old woman. He had not completely sat on the horse that he found himself in a strange city. He asked: "Where is here?" The reply was: "The city of Rome." The servant searched and found the address of the merchant's brother and gave him the pot of the omelet and the letter. The merchant's brother read the letter and wrote a reply to his brother and gave it to the servant. The servant rode the horse and in a flash arrived at his master. The merchant gave the old woman one thousand and five hundred Toomans and bought the horse.
A few days elapsed. One day the merchant went to the stable to see the horse. He saw that the horse was rubbing its nose into a hole on the wall. Bu continuing that act, its nose and subsequently itself was becoming more and more slender and eventually it passed gradually through the hole. All the effort of the merchant and his servants to prevent the horse from going into the hole was useless and the horse escaped so.
At last, after several days, the bald man returned back home and caused her mother to be worried no longer. The bald man said his mother: "Tomorrow I will become a ram. Take me to the market and sell me but be careful not to sell the chain of me."
In the morning, the old woman held the chain of the ram and took the ram to the market. There, the dervish saw the ram and said the old woman: "how much do you sell this ram?" The old woman answered: "Twenty Toomans." The dervish said: "Take this twenty Toomans and give me the end of the chain." The old woman said: "I want the chain. I don't sell it." After much insistence of the dervish at last he gave additional ten Toomans to her ad deceived her and took the chain from her too.
The angry and upset dervish went and reached the same fountain and he then was in the garden. As soon as he saw the girl, he said: "You bad girl! You lied to me. Now, I will show to both of you that nobody can say lying to me. Go and bring me that knife." The girl went and brought him jug instead of knife. The dervish got angry and dropped the chain in order to go to bring the knife himself. At that time the ram became a pigeon and flight. The dervish too became a hawk and chased it. The hawk was close to reach the pigeon that the pigeon became a bunch of flowers and fell in front of a merchant's daughter who was sitting beside the pool of their house. On the other hand the hawk became a dervish and knocked the door of the merchant's house and said that the bunch of flowers was his. The daughter said: "This is a beautiful bunch. I will give you a hundred Toomans instead of it." The dervish did not accept. The girl got angry and threw the bunch of flowers toward the dervish. As the bunch fell down, it became a fist size of millet. The dervish too became a rooster and began to eat the millets. It ate all the millets except one millet grain had fallen among the leaves of a flower.
Suddenly, that millet grain became a jackal and swallowed the rooster. The girl and her servants were watching surprisingly. As the merchant saw the jackal shouted: "Catch the jackal." The servants caught the jackal. Suddenly, the jackal became the bald shepherd. After the merchant heard the story of the bald man, he said: "I will provide myself the means of your wedding with the daughter of the chief of the village."
After a few days, they married and from the next day on, the bald shepherd had a capital to have a new job as a businessman.


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