Shepherd who sold his dream

In ancient times there was a shepherd. One day while he was tired he came back home from his daily work. He fell asleep at noon. He slept for an hour and then
Tuesday, June 12, 2018
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Shepherd who sold his dream
Shepherd who sold his dream

Author: Mohammad Ghasem Zadeh
Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefi Poor

Extracted from Rasekhoon
In ancient times there was a shepherd. One day while he was tired he came back home from his daily work. He fell asleep at noon. He slept for an hour and then got up and said to his friends: "I have seen a dream and I want to go to see what its interpretation is."
Then he guided the sheep to home. Afterwards he set off toward the city. Near the city some of his friends saw him and asked: "Where are you going?"
The shepherd said: "I want to go and see what the interpretation of my dream is."
A person whose name was Javad said: "I have a lactating cow. I am ready to give it to you and in return give me your dream." They brought a mullah. The mullah read a pray and gave the dream of the shepherd to Javad and gave the cow of Javad to the shepherd. Javad went toward the city. When he reached the city, he went above the door of the stable of the king and hid there and said to himself: "I go out in days and sleep here at nights."
By chance, in that city the daughter of the king had fallen in love of a beautiful young man named as Javad Ghannad. The king also rejected all the suitors of the girl. One day the daughter of the king said to Javad Ghannad: "Tonight, I'll prepare two high speed horses and some furniture and money and gold. Come near the head of the stable of the palace in order to escape together."
Javad Ghannad accepted. The girl of the king went and ordered the stableman to make ready two high fasr horses. She also made ready herself a saddlebag full of gold and jewelry. Gavad Ghannad moved at midnight toward the head of the stable, but he feared and said to himself: "If the king understands, he will make me miserable." So he went back home.
At midnight the daughter of the king picked up the saddlebag and brought the two horses near the door of the stable and called: "O Mr. Javad!"
There was no reply. The girl went closer and said: "O Mr. Javad!"
The shepherd Javad said to himself: "Wow! How does the king's daughter know my name?"
The girl called again: "O Mr. Javad!"
Javad answered: "Yes."
The girl said: "Let's go."
Javad climbed the other horse. The girl moved ahead and Javad behind her. Sometimes elapsed. The girl noticed there was no voice from Javad. So she said: "Why are you silent? We are away from the land of my father."
Javad was still silent. They galloped a distance again. The air became clear and the girl returned and looked and noticed that a dirty and ugly man was riding on the horse following her. She shouted: "O bastard! Why have you come with me?" Javad said: "You called me yourself saying "O Javad! come"."
The girl, who was ashamed to return back, got out of the horse and sat on the grass and thought to herself: "It is better to test this man." She put a coin in a bowl and said to that man: "Go and make this bowl full of water and bring to me."
Javad went and went until he reached the spring of water. He noticed that the spring had no water but was full of coins and gemstones. He began to fill the bowel with the coins and gemstones. The girl noticed that the man had made the bowel full of gemstones ever one of which cost a country. She said: "O bastard! From where have you brought these gemstones?"
Javad answered: "From the spring."
The girl asked: "Are there more gemstones there yet?"
Javad said: "No. They finished."
The girl said: "Set off and go to the city and buy a clean house having slave and bondwoman."
Javad went to the city and was searching in the market until he reached the shoemaker shop. The shoemaker asked Javad: "Why are you wandering?"
Javad said: "I intend to buy a house having servant and bondwoman for the daughter of the king."
The shoemaker took him just to the same house he was searching. Javad bought the house and returned back and brought the girl. The girl and Javad arranged their utensils there. Then they held wedding celebration for seven nights and seven days. One day the girl said to Javad: "We should communicate with the king of this city."
Then she began to instruct him about the court customs. This work lasted seven days and seven nights. Before Javad set off with his slaves, the girl gave an expensive coin to one of the slaves and said: "When you are returning back, you should give this coin to the person who pairs Javad's shoes and puts them in front of his feet."
Javad went in front and the slaves came from behind him until they reached the court of the king. The authority of the court bowed in front of Javad and informed the king that a man intended to meet the king. The king ordered to bring him. Even the king himself stood up in front of Javad. Javad went and sat instead of the king on the throne. The king inevitably sat on the chair. Then he ordered to bring hookah. Javad took the hookah from the king and smoke so much until when the fire of the hookah became ash. Then he stood up and the slaves followed him to go out. They gave the coin to the doorman who had paired the shoes of Javad in front of his feet.
When they went, the king said to the minister: "What a rich man he was!"
The minister said: "This is not the case. He is only a shepherd."
The king said: "No. It was clear that he was rich. I think they gave something to the doorman too."
They called the doorman. The doorman showed them the coin. The king noticed that the coin coast half of his country. Thus faced the minister and said: "Did you see? As I said he was rich."
The minister said: "No. This is not the case. I have a think. It is better to send someone to request him to give three other coins of that type in order that the king put them on the four corners of his throne."
The king liked the thought of the minister. So he called a slave to send his message to Javad. The slave went ti the door of Javad's house and gave him the message of the king. Javad said: "Tomorrow morning I will send you three trays."
The slave went. When the girl understood what message the king had sent and what Javad had responded, said: "O bastard shepherd! Why did you promise this? Now how do I provide three trays of coins?"
Javad said: "Don't worry. I will provide."
So he set off and went and went until he reached the same spring. He noticed that the spring had become full of water and there was reflected a very beautiful on the surface of the water of the spring. He looked around and could not find anyone. At last he looked above the tree and notice a very beautiful girl was sitting there. The girl said: "What are you doing here?"
Javad said: "I have come to take coins, but there is no coin."
The girl said: "Don't worry. Every step I take, three hundred coins of this type will emerge from under my feet."
Javad and the girl set off and came home. As the daughter of the king saw that beautiful girl, she began to swear to Javad and said: "O bastard! I brought you and made a jentelman out of you. Who is she you have brought with yourself?"
Javad said: "The girl has this property that three hundred coins will emerge under his feet after each step she takes."
The daughter of the king understood that the girl was a fairy. So she established a close friendship to her. She took some steps and the boy filled three trays with coins and sent them to the king. The minister devised another way and said: "You should want him three bunches of guffaw flower. Guffaw flower cannot be found in this world. If he sends guffaw flower, it will be cleared that he is aware of that world too."
The king again sent the doorman to the door of Javad's house and threatened that if he would not send three bunches of guffaw flower, he would kill him and his family. When the doorman gave Javad the message of the king, Javad said" "Tomorrow, I will send three trays to you instead of three bunches."
When the daughter of the king understood what the king wanted again and what Javad answered, said: "O bastard shepherd! You destroyed my life."
The fairy girl said to Javad: "Go a hundred steps farther than the spring where you saw me. There you will see a spring beside a plantain. You should not look at each side. You should put at once your hand behind the rocky part of the fountain span. There, you will find a bottle which is the bottle life of the demon. You should take it and look at the top of the tree. My cousin will be sitting there. You should say to her that her cousin is in your home. If she says whether your cousin does not know that she is captive to the male demon, you should show her the bottle life of the demon. Then you should ride the horse and bring her here. Each time she guffaws, a hundred og guffaw flower will pour from her mouth."
Javad rode the horse and did all of the works the fairy girl had said to him. When the demon wanted to attack them, Javad stroke his life bottle onto the ground and so killed him. The helped the girl to ride the horse and brought her to home. As the daughter of king saw again a girl accompanying Javad, she began again to swear to Javad. But when she understood that by each guffaw of the girl a hundred guffaws would pour from her mouth, she got friend with her. They filled three trays with the flowers made from the guffaws of the girl and sent them to the king. The second girl wrote a letter written in the handwriting of the king's father and put it in the tray and sent it to the king. In the letter it was written in the words of the king's father: "Our place is good. You and the minister come here to see us." In the tomorrow morning, the king sent a messenger to Javad to ask how they could visit the king's father. Javad answered: "By killing you!" They killed them and buried and Javad sat on the throne and became king.



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