Tourist attractions of Hormozgan

Hormozgan province according to the latest divisions of the country consists of 8 counties, 21 districts, 69 villages and 2046 oasis, with its cities: Bandar Abbas,
Saturday, June 16, 2018
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Tourist attractions of Hormozgan
Tourist attractions of Hormozgan

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Extracted from Rasekhoon
Hormozgan province according to the latest divisions of the country consists of 8 counties, 21 districts, 69 villages and 2046 oasis, with its cities: Bandar Abbas, Bandar Lengeh, Rudan, Qeshm, Jask, Hajiabad and Abu Musa...
● Tourist attractions of Hormozgan
There are also 14 small and large islands, called Abu Musa, Bani Farur, Greater and Lesser Tunbs, and Siri, Shtor, Farur, Kish, Lavan, Qeshm, Lark, Hormoz, Hondurabi and Hengam in the waters of this province.
▪ Bandar Abbas
In the 4th century AH, around the present Bandar Abbas, there was a port and a small village called Soro, named by the geographers of the 14th century AH. Some argue that the "Shahru", the term that Estakhri mentioned as “a small village by the sea” is the same as the "Soro" port.
▪ Qeshm Island
Qeshm Island is the largest island in Iran, located in the northwest of the Strait of Hormuz. Its length is 115 kilometers and its width varies from 10 to 35 kilometers. Qeshm city is the center of the island in the northeast of the island, with an area of 3 square kilometers and an altitude of 10 meters.
▪ Hara forests

Hara forests (mangroves) are features of the ecosystem of the southern shores of Iran, which are sporadically formed from the Strait of Hormuz to the east and the Indian Ocean on the coast of Oman.
Mangrove is an ecosystem that consists of wetlands between the tidal zones of the sea and a collection of unique plants and special animals that are reproduced in the coastal areas and along the ecosystem's lagoon.
Since the Hara forest in Qeshm Island and the southern coasts of Hormozgan province is one of the widest examples in the world, it is of special importance to Iranians and scientists of other nations. These forests are located on the Persian Gulf coast around the port of Laft, north of Qeshm Island and Khamir port.
▪ Kish Island
Kish Island is about 90 square kilometers in size and it is oval. The distance from the sea to Bandar Abbas is 300 km and the island of Qeshm is 225 km. Kish Coral Island is one of the most attractive Persian Gulf islands, with its beautiful, green and unique nature with gentle swamps, coral sands, clear water and clear sea with a variety of colorful and decorative fish.
Tourist attractions, water sports, diving centers, shopping centers, international markets, diverse amenities and accommodations such as five star hotels, motels and modern villas are among the attractions of Kish. The island attracts about one million people annually.
Kish Island was used as a tourist and recreational center during the rule of oppression. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the region opened its tourist and economic facilities to the public, until the establishment of a free port on the island, previously approved by the government, was announced through mass media.
The purpose of the plan was to make Kish a suitable market for exporting and importing goods in accordance with Islamic standards, as well as helping islanders. According to the plan, people can import any amount of goods to the island to be exported to the countries of the region. There is also the arrival of goods through a market created on this island
The insignificant beaches of the coral island have beautiful varied landscape not only in different seasons of the year, but also during a day at different times. Kish Beaches in the east, northeast and south are among the most beautiful beaches of the world.
▪ Handicrafts and souvenirs
Khos weaving, embroidered with the leaves of the palm leaves, braiding, pottery, weaving bed sheets, and ... needlework - basket weaving and carpet weaving, marine crafts.



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