What possibility means

Possibility, which is one of the common words of philosophy, has varied meanings. At present, for the awareness of students, we will manifest all its colloquial meanings:
What possibility means
What possibility means



Possibility, which is one of the common words of philosophy, has varied meanings. At present, for the awareness of students, we will manifest all its colloquial meanings:

1- General or commoner possibility

It means divesting necessity of the theorem’s opposite direction, in a sense that if we said ((A man is a writer)) or ((Hassan is rich)), the writing and wealth is not possible for a man and Hassan, viz. since the lack of writing and wealth is not essential for a man and Hassan, the writing and wealth are possible for them. And universality and being a commoner this possibility is for the reason that primarily, generic from specific possibility, and secondly, in the general usage possibility is implicated as they say, expedition to Mars is possible, i.e. not travelling to thither is wisely unnecessary.

2- Specific possibility

Specific possibility is necessity divesting of antagonist and conformable parties. With indecision and preciseness, it is obvious that this possibility is composed of two general possibilities. For an example, if we say ((A man is a scholar)) definitely wisdom is not a necessary affair for him and as well his ignorance does not have a decisive and unoffending aspect. Therefore, this preposition, from the point that the necessity divesting in its entities is loyal, acquires a logical specific possibility figure. Possibility in the expert’s idiom is more said with this meaning and, in this manner is famous as a specific possibility.

3- Particular possibility

This is entitled to the intrinsic and descriptive necessity divesting and when it is loyal, in an accordance that if the descriptive concept is compared with the intrinsic and nature essence and the result of the comparison is such that any kind of exigency and instinct and description is absurd, i.e. this description does not have an intrinsic necessity, an occasional necessity and a descriptive necessity, then the particular possibility persists. For an example, when we compare a writing with the man’s intrinsic and we do not find any exigency relationship between these two and even we do not assume any subject or period related to the subject (man) that makes the writing necessary for the man, we resultantly find that this quality for him does not have an intrinsic, descriptive and occasional necessity. But if we theorize a superfluous quality in the intrinsic of the subject that has a natural and forcible proportionate with the writing activity, then of course writing turns into a necessity for a man.

4- Acclamation possibility

This kind of possibility is termed by usual philosophical that do not have an originality in the theoretical issues due to the ambiguity that is visible in the conditions and future circumstances of the world’s phenomena and for the validity of its originality have reasoned on this quality; ((Whatever in the universal phenomena, in the past and in the present, in the form of occurrence or non-occurrence has gained a certainty and has surpassed the possibility level and has come to the existence necessity or non-existence and so the description of possibility is not correct for it. It is only the future that has could have an ambiguity form in relation to the possible phenomena and in no circumstances; one cannot know anything in it as an imminent or inevitably non-existing. And the same ambiguity necessitates that against the future incidents, we place a hesitancy sign that will have a story of acclamation possibility.))
But the philosophy thinkers do not consider this redundancy stable on the logical basis and do not consider the future period, from the viewpoint of the persisting causes and conditions, with past and the present alike and say: thinking is a continuity philosophy and has an inherent relationship of causes and effects in the past or in the future have diagnosed and recognized them as an unoffending and intellectual reputation and for this reason one cannot consider the world’s genesis phenomena with the least doubt or real ambiguity precept that is observed as a possibility. Doubt can only find a way in the realistic mind or feel where its origination possibility is same in the cases of past, present as well as future phenomena. Therefore, it should be mentioned that the philosophical system has refused to accept the acclamation possibility.

5- Intellectuality possibility

It is doubtless that each creature that has an admixture with the material and its symptoms can be placed in the path of development and perfection and it is obvious that any kind of natural reformation and perfectionism or aspiration related to the amount of natural merit and intellectual that is accumulated in a progressive creature and in this way, advances and reformations of the nature can never be regarded as an extravagant or natural incident, on the contrary, these advances and reformations are present in the constitution of nature.
On the basis of this principle, the natural creature that according to the reformation reputation is ready for a substantive revolution or a permutation latitudinal or other changes, its capacity is ably analyzed to two mutually discordant relationships. Since predisposition and merit, from the point that it is a foreign reality and is present in its place (susceptible object), intellectual, and from the viewpoint that advancements and accomplishments field is as per the expected, it is called as an intellectual possibility. Sometimes we say a fetus has humanity intellectual. And some other times we say humanity for a fetus, might be due to an intellectual possibility. And what are considered in this discussion are the intellectuality possibility, and not the intellectual and ability which include the body symptoms and present facts. One of the specifications of the intellectuality possibility is that it is in one direction active and the other direction potential and till the ideal perfectionism is not achieved the intellectuality possibility will persist.

6- Incidental possibility

((The thing that from its incident assumption impossibility is not necessitated)) is the definition of the incidental possibility. On the contrary, the incidental impossibility is ((The thing that from its incident the opposite of intellect necessity is necessitated)). If we imagine a thematic and its imagination, automatically and without an inception and opinion intervention leads to the refusal of intellect verdict, its refusal will be inherent, such as imagination of the oppositional society which intellect, without guidance requirement will confess its refusal. But in the other cases the issue is not so simple, rather the intellect from the necessary theorem, will explore the possibility or refusal of an object.

7- Possibility signifying probability

The intellectual probability and doubt are the other epithetic meanings of possibility that in the general and private noise is very common; in the usual communications, we say that ((Greek Alcibiades might be a philosopher)), and the purpose is that it is probable that he too like Socrates and Plato knows philosophy. This possibility type except the declaration of doubt and intellectual ambiguity does not have a conceptual and philosophic property is not related to it. And if it is heard in the philosophical words that ((Whenever you heard about an extraordinary event which narrates an unnatural affair, one has to percept it possible)), this is not more than a philosophical speech exhortation and one has not to transfer its possibility to special philosophy meanings, on the contrary in this position means probability and possible means probable.

8- Possibility signifying poverty

It is doubtless that each possible entity can be analyzed in intellect to essence and existence and for each of the two analytical ingredients, orders and attributions are regarded. The intrinsic possibility, which is the same existence divesting and non-existence, is the property of intrinsic essence; but the possibility in the case of possibility existential means dependency and intrinsic relationship where these in derivation have their own creation and exigency; and other than dependency and relationship to the position of reason does not have any type of identity and reality, the poverty and need is as reality and their original existence and intrinsic.
These existential like literal and organic concepts, and as the literal concept is not able to be reasoned to freedom, the possibility existence also without theorem reason is not possible to be realized or belonged. This intrinsic destitution, which in the meanwhile is the basis of object’s esteem and perfection, is being interpreted as the existential possibility since existence possesses intensity, infirmity, primacy, recency, esteem and dimension, respectively.

9- Comparative possibility

((The concept of this possibility is loyal only in the case that nil natural and inherent liking exists between two objects, due to necessity divesting existence or lack of an object via the other object and with proportion to it)) is the correct explanation of comparative possibility. Since in the case of two completely independent objects that do not have any kind of inherent and natural relationship with each other, it is correct to say that none of them in relation to the other have any existence or non-existent felicity, and this type of possibility in the theism issues are considered and used theoretically.




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