From Jesus Christianity to Polos Christianity

“There are many things that I shall tell you, but at the present they are tiresome. Anyway, when he comes that is the spirit of truth, he will lead you to the whole reality;
Wednesday, June 1, 2016
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author: علی اکبر مظاهری
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From Jesus Christianity to Polos Christianity
 From Jesus Christianity to Polos Christianity


Translator: Davood Salehan


“There are many things that I shall tell you, but at the present they are tiresome. Anyway, when he comes that is the spirit of truth, he will lead you to the whole reality; because he won’t tell anything from his own mind: But he will state what he has heard”.
The Jews killed the reformer prophets for a long period and they continued their satanic efforts in the hope of reaching to a world ruling.
At last, it was the turn for the last prophet of Israelites, means Jesus (peace be upon him) who appeared for the reform of them and others.
All of his speech was this that leave your vain and false claims and desires and return to God and act to the God rulings which were mentioned in the Old Testament (Torah).
<< And when Jesus came with his clear reasons, he said that I have brought theology for you and I have come to express the things that you may have some discord. So, scare from God and obey me. Verily, the unique God is the nourisher of you and I pray him, this is the right path >>.
Jesus (peace be upon him) did not fight with Israelites polytheism. Jews rabbis were not idolater, but they were deviated materialists which wanted religion in the direction of their goals and since Jesus (peace be upon him) acted on contrary to their will, they fought with him. The Jews were constituted of various sects and beliefs. The greatest sect was “Frisian” which had much influence in Rome court and most of the Jews’ scientists were from this sect. Superficiality and attraction to the appearances had blinded them to a great extent. Jesus (peace be upon him) suffered from them very much and always called them claimants of religiousness, nice snakes, hypocrites, and apparently ascetic secular individuals.
Their appearance was religious, but they were unbelievers inherently, and they did not act to God’s orders in Torah. The Jews network was a network that claimed to be religious; but it had inverted religion and misused it for its objectives. Jesus (peace be upon him) was seeking to struggle with this diverted network.
The Jews knew Jesus (peace be upon him) with some information, and they knew his birth, but they disregarded the whole things and started their confrontation with this great miracle from the beginning. At first, his mother was convicted of prostitution and they wanted to lapidate them in front of people, but when Jesus (peace be upon him) talked in the cradle, mother and son saved.
When Jesus (peace be upon him) understood that the Jews insist on the opposition and enmity, and they won’t desist from disavowal and aberration, said: ‘Who can support God’s religion and defend me? ‘Twelve persons of his disciples replied him positively that Holy Quran calls them ‘apostles’: “When Jesus (peace be upon him) understood that the Jews won’t believe him, he said: Who are my companions in the way of God? The apostles (Havariun) said: We are God’s companions. We believe in God. Give testimony that we are surrendered to God “.
‘Havari’ is derived of ‘Hur’ which means white, pure and net. “Imam Reza (peace be upon him) was asked: why they are called Havariun? He answered: some people think that their job was washing cloths and for this reason they are called Havari; but we believe that not only they had purified themselves from sin, but they tried to purify others as well”.
The apostles were always with Jesus (peace be upon him) and they were ascetic and self-denying. During the period of Jesus (peace be upon him) prophet hood, about 70 other individuals were always with him which they are called his disciples.
By the instigation of the Jews, the followers of Jesus (peace be upon him) were chased by the central rulings severely. The Jews system wanted to topple this motion; since it opposed with their will. In case that this motion developed and propagated among the people, the Jews could no longer reach their claimed ruling. The only obstacle for the Jews and Zionism in the access to the world ruling was the believers to God; because only this group disagreed with the superiority for a race and they protested against the inequalities; whereas non-believers were at the service of them by the Jews’ conspiracy. Principally the actions of non-believers are caused by the secular problems and sources, and the Jews organization dominated on these principles during the deviation period and by this tool, they had made non-believer Israelites to work for them (free of charge).
Jesus (peace be upon him) traveled to Yahudieh and Jalil by his 12 apostles. The actions of the Jews against him continued to the extent that made him a missed prophet in the history and today each one of the schools have a view concerning his fate. What is said between the Jews and Christians is his killing; with this difference that Christianity believes that after killing, he has gone to the sky with a new life. The Christians narrate the story in this form that the soothsayers and clerical authorities of Jerusalem which were from Frisian arrested Jesus (peace be upon him). Sahandin or higher court of the Jews condemned him to death. Pilatos who should approved the court verdict found no sin in Jesus (peace be upon him), but the Roman government had made him to obey the rabbis and they wanted nothing except crucifying Jesus (peace be upon him).
Upon the narrations of the bibles, the apostles were waiting that he saves himself by his miraculous power from the trap of the Jews, but he had accepted his fate. He had found that one of the apostles conspired for him and in the last supper he disgraced Yahuda Eskharyuti overtly. Yahuda indicated the place of Jesus (peace be upon him) by taking 30 silver coins. He guided the soldiers by kissing the God’s prophet. Roman soldiers arrested him and after conviction and abundant torture crucified and buried him. After 3 days Jesus (peace be upon him) became alive and aroused from the tomb and the apostles also saw him and talked to him. But another narration has come in Holy Quran and Islamic narrations. In Holy Quran, God explicitly negates his crucifying and killing and states:
“They did not kill Jesus (peace be upon him) and did not crucify him, but they thought so. Verily, those who had disputes about him, they themselves were in doubt and they were not assured and they only thought so and certainly Jesus (peace be upon him) had not been killed.”
Polos Christianity; Performances of the Jews for spoiling Christianity
After Jesus (peace be upon him) the Jews organization relieved, but they struggle with the Christianity continued incessantly. Upon the statement of the bibles, Jesus (peace be upon him) selected Petros as his successor and had called his tribe to follow him. Bible sayings express that Petros’s mission has been for the public and included non-Jews as Well.
After ascension of Jesus (peace be upon him), Petros had an essential role among his followers. This affair is well expressed from the expression in the first chapter of the book “Prophets’ acts “. In some cases even Petros went among non-Jews and made activity there.
About the year 40 Christian year, it means 10 years after the death of Jesus (peace be upon him), the same situation existed. At that time, a person called Shaol became Christian and changed his name to ‘Polos’.
Polos was one of the Frisian and great Jews and also an enemy for the Jesus (peace be upon him). He disturbed the Christians and tortured them.
He had taken a letter from chief rabbi for arresting the Christian new believers who had escaped, and he was going towards Damascus that near Damascus a light shined around him and he heard a voice which told him: Shaol, Shaol, why do you oppress me? He asked: “who are you?” and heard the response: “I am Jesus (peace be upon him) that you oppress me. Then Jesus (peace be upon him) ordered him to go to the city to receive the next order. When Polos entered into Damascus, Christian believers frightened and the Christians temples warned that the Jew Shaol has come and he will fire everywhere. He entered into a temple and said that don’t frighten, I believe like you; to the present I was wrong and now I have understood that you are right and Jesus (peace be upon him) called me to follow the right way.
This event was later narrated by Logha who was private disciple of Polos (or Solos) in the book “Prophets’ Acts “. The first 8 chapters of this book is about Petros ( true successor of Jesus (peace be upon him) and his efforts; but from the 9th chapter, it mostly states about propagandist trips of Polos among people which was caused abundant number of people become Christian in various cities. Even Barnabas who was one of the good apostles of Jesus (peace be upon him), at first was attracted to the false beliefs of Polos; because Polos knew all the interpretations of Torah and memorized it. Little by little Barnaba found that Polos‘s teachings have some diversions. Then Barnaba protested him, but Polos replied: “you and I interpret Bible differently “.
Gradually some discrepancies occurred between Polos and other apostles in the leadership, practical fields and belief of Christian society. Polos had accepted election of Petros on behalf of Jesus (peace be upon him), but he claimed that his mission was only among the Jews and later, Jesus (peace be upon him) has given him the same mission for other nations.
The problem was not ended there, but Polos disagreed Petros face to face; Even Polos convicted Petros to discord: “and the rest of the Jews (also) acted hypocritically along with him, with the result that even Barnabas was carried away by their hypocrisy."
From that time, two flags were raised in the Christian society and people were divided into the 2 groups as well. Upon the order of Jesus (peace be upon him), one group followed Petros and the apostles and another group, who were mostly non-Jewish, selected Polos as their leader. Polos created new theology which never adapted to Jesus (peace be upon him) sayings.
He believed that Jesus (peace be upon him) had a divine and super-human position. He was God who embodied in order to be crucified and become victim of man’s sin. Little by little the great scholars of those days who believed in Jesus (peace be upon him) found the reality, but it had become late. Polos declared all the Gospels illegitimate and he only regarded his own statement as proof. The foundation of Jesus (peace be upon him) religion was battle with Frisian and he had attacked them manifestly.
But with his letters and books, Polos adjusted Frisian’s battle and changed Christianity as a religion which is in peace with the Jews. This matter can be understood from Polos letters.
In this manner, by embedding Polos in Christianity, the Jews emptied it inherently; in such a manner that to the present the whole world of Christianity is in the service of the Jews. In the Islamic narrations, Polos name has been mentioned several times and he has been introduced as a key factor for diversion and aberration among the Christians. But Musa Ibn Jafar (peace be upon him) in a long narration introduces a land in the Hell that is especially for the innovators and great astrays; in this land, five of the former nations including Polos exist. Also in another narration, he stated: “God’s prophets in their period and after that suffered from some Satans who hurt them and misled people after them. Polos and Nastur in the nation of Jesus (peace be upon him) are the same ones.” Later on, Merciun continued the thoughts of Polos.

The Jews Christianity

The Jews by entering Polos in the world of Christianity put it at their disposal very smartly. Polos very delicately changed Gospel content, to the extent that even the name of Ghods in the Christian sources (New Testament) sometimes has been called ‘Yahudieh’.
In the 16th Christian year, Marin Luther completed the work of Polos and put Christianity at the disposal of the Jews. The Jews changed the Christians’ thoughts and beliefs so delicately that today, due to their promulgation, many Christians believe that today for appearing Jesus (peace be upon him), Ghods shall be put under the Jews’ ruling.
This is an evident contradiction that Ghods shall be put at the disposal of Jesus (peace be upon him) enemies in order that Jesus (peace be upon him) appears there. Unfortunately, at the present ruling everywhere is apparently in the hands of the Christians but practically it is in the hands of the Jews. The candidates for presidency in many western countries shall talk in support of the Jews to get verdicts. The Jews’ thinking governs on the thoughts of Christianity world to the extent that in case that their candidate praises the Jews, the Christians give vote to that person. In the ancient Rome also such situation existed, but at that time, the policy of the Jews was secretly.

Revelation for the Promised Prophet

Gospel in Greek language means revelation. Prophecy of Jesus (peace be upon him)can be summarized in revelation of the Promised Prophet. He starts his prophecy with this sentence “Repent; since the celestial world is near”.
The Israelites who upon the forecasts of the former prophets were waiting for the Promised Prophet, upon seeing the miracles of Jesus (peace be upon him) thought that he is the same Promised Prophet, but that prophet rejected them with his works and thoughts: “When people saw this miracles of Jesus (peace be upon him) said: this is the same Promised Prophet that shall be born. So when Jesus (peace be upon him) understood that they want to make him king by force, he was separated of them and went to the mountain alone.”
With observation of ‘New Testament ‘context, particularly Yuhana Bible, we will understand some of these points. Before Jesus (peace be upon him), the Israelites were waiting for 2 Promised Prophets, Jesus (peace be upon him) and the Promised Prophet; many people said: This man is the same Promised Prophet. Others: This man is Jesus Christ... in this manner 2 groups were created concerning him”.
Thus with appearance of Jesus (peace be upon him), the first Promised Prophet was materialized and brought revelation of appearing the last divine prophet. Waiting is the nature of all the divine religions and the former prophets also have given this nature to their followers. Before rising Jesus (peace be upon him), the world was waiting for his appearance and the appearance era had prevailed everywhere. Yahya (peace be upon him), who lived at the same period, in response to the people who asked him: “are you Jesus Christ?” Said: “Someone had stood among you that you do not know him. He will come after me, but I even do not deserve to open his lace shoes”.
Jesus (peace be upon him) whose great prophecy was revelation of the last prophet, always gave good news for his appearance. According to Yuhana, the last speeches of the Jesus in the Eucharist, was repeated emphasis on the closeness of appearance and greatness of the last prophet. This familiar expression that has been repeated in “Old Testament” as well is a small section of good news by Jesus (peace be upon him) which remained in the present gospels: “There are so many things that I shall tell you, but at the present you cannot endure. Anyway, when he comes that is the spirit of truth, he will guide you to the whole truth; because he won’t tell anything of himself: but he only tells about what he hears”.
Such that we observe this feature in Holy Quran for the prophet that God says:
“He does not talk out of caprice. This word is what inspired him”.
Playing Innocent of the Jews. We shall analyze the whole fights between Christianity and Jewishness in order to recognize that creating wars was by the instruction the Jews or not. Do really the Jews had no other way except that the world of Christianity attacks them and they escape to go to another place? In contrast to what was said, always in wars the Jews’ opponents have been killed whereas it had determined that the Jews to be killed.
In Holy Quran no reference was made to killing the Jews, but it quotes killing of the Christians by the Jews in the event of Okhdud disciples: “Okhdud disciples were killed, a fire blamed from the firewood, when they had sat beside that fire and they witnessed what happened for the believers. And they found no defect in them, except that they had believed the praiseworthy honorable God.”
When the Jewish Zonova became ruler at Yemen area in Najran, he called the Christian to convert to the Jewish religion. They did not accept and he killed all of them as well. This question arises that with regard to the case that the Jews do not permit other religions enter into their descent and also with consideration of the point that in the wars which were imposed on them, how they survived? Thus, we shall look at all of their wars and their roots and consequences with suspicion.


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