King's son and the old woman

There was an old man in ancient times having a son and a daughter. His wife had died. On days the boy and the girl went to school. But the teacher of the school
King's son and the old woman
 King's son and the old woman

Author: Mohammad Gasemzadeh
Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefipoor
Source: Rasekhoon.net

Extracted from Rasekhoon
There was an old man in ancient times having a son and a daughter. His wife had died. On days the boy and the girl went to school. But the teacher of the school was a wicked woman. One day the teacher said to the children: "If you have any work in your home, bring here and I'll do it for you." At night, the children quote her speech to their father. As he heard her speech, gave the children some dirty clothing existent in home in order that the teacher to wash them. As the teacher saw the clothing, poured some salt on them and dusted them on the oven in front of the children. The salt powder was poured in the fire and exploded. Then the teacher faced the children and said: "Say to your father to marry in order that his clothing wouldn't have so much lice."
The children said: "No woman marries our father."
The teacher said: "I'm ready to marry him."
At night the children said the words of the teacher to their father. Then father proposed to her through an intermediary, and eventually married her.
As the teacher became the wife of the children's father, she began to show the other side of her. She began to be bad tempered with the children, and wanted to kill them.
One day she gave them a pot of meat and wanted them to take it to their aunt's home and cook it in the oven of her home. On their way, a crow said to them: "If you give me the pot, I'll tell you a good thing." The boy said: "First you should say, and then we will give you the pot."
The crow said: "Your stepmother wants to kill you. Caw caw …. It is better for you to return back to your home no longer. Caw caw …."
The boy and the girl went toward the desert and continued their walking until when the boy got thirsty. So he wanted to drink water from a spring. His sister said: "Don't drink water from this spring otherwise you will become a deer." He continued and reached the second spring. The boy wanted to drink water, but the girl said: "You should not drink water from this spring too, otherwise you will became a deer." They went and went until they reached the third spring. The boy wanted to drink water, and the girl said: "Drink water here, but only a little."
The boy put his lips on the water of the spring, but since he was so thirsty he drank so much and suddenly he became a deer. As the girl saw her brother in that form became upset and sat weeping due to sadness. But that act was useless. After a while she stood up and looked at around herself and noticed that there was a pistachio tree there. She climbed the tree. She broke a pistachio to eat. But she noticed instead of pistachio seed there existed a golden chain. She came down from the tree and hung the chain round the neck of the deer. She broke another pistachio and noticed that inside it was a shirt. He continued breaking the pistachios and instead of seeds in them she found things like clothes, bangle, gold, and so on. The girl wore the clothes and used the jewelry on her hands and feet and neck.
By chance, the king's son had come to the spring to give water to his horse. He noticed that his horse did not drink water. Whatever he tried to persuade the horse to drink water, he was unsuccessful. He looked at the water surface and saw the image of a girl in it. He looked at the top of the tree and saw her and said to her: "Come down in order that my horse to drink water." The girl said: "I won't come."
The king's son went to an old woman and wanted her to devise a trick to cause her to come down. The old woman picked up a cauldron and went to the spring. She put the cauldron upside down into the water and pretended that she wanted to fill the cauldron with water. She repeated this act a few times. The girl from above said to her: "Put the cauldron in the water from its other side."
The old woman deliberately put the cauldron from a side other than the side the girl meant. As the girl understood that the old woman cannot grasp what she meant, came down the tree to guide the old woman. At that time the king's son came ahead and made her to agree to go with him to the palace and made her to understand that he had really fallen in her love. The boy helped her to rode the horse and took her with the old woman and the deer to the palace and two days later he married her.
After a while the king's son should travel. Thus he faced the girl and told her that his journey would last one year. In the next day the prince set off and went. The days elapsed and elapsed until when it was a few days remaining before the prince to come back. The old woman said to the girl: "Let me warm up the water in order that you can wash yourself and become clean."
The girl agreed. The old woman put a large piece of rocky salt on the opening of the well an put on it a rug. The girl sat on the rug. The old woman poured warmed water on the girl. The salt gradually became liquid and suddenly the girl fell into the well. The girl who was pregnant gave birth to a son in the next day. The old woman went and brought her daughter who had remained single and seated her instead of the wife of the prince.
When the prince came back from his travel, he asked her wife: "Why have your hands become so long?" The girl replied: "Because I have rubbed my hands on the wall so much." The king's son asked: "Why do you have falling eyes?" The girl answered: "Because I have wept so much due to separation from you." The king's son believed her words and took pity to her.
One day the girl said to the king's son: "It is better to kill this deer." The prince agreed. In the morning, they brought a butcher to the house to kill the deer. The deer said: "Let me go and drink a little water before being killed. I'll come back soon."
The deer went at the opening of the well and cried: "O sister! O sister!"
The girl from the bottom of the well said: "What do you want dear brother?" The deer said: "They have brought butcher to kill me." The girl said: "O my God. Make the butcher blind." The butcher became blind. They brought another butcher. Again the deer get permitted to drink water and went to the well and said the same words. The girl said: "O my God. Break the arm and the leg of the butcher." The arm and the leg of the butcher were broken. When they brought the third butcher and the deer was permitted to drink water, the prince followed the deer and noticed that the deer was calling someone at the well and that person in the well was replying to the deer. So he went and put her head in the opening of the well and shouted: "Who are you?"
The girl told the prince all had happened in detail. The prince sent someone to the bottom of the well to take out the girl and her baby. In the next day, the prince filled a big cauldron with boiling water and dropped his ring into the water and said to the two girls: "Whoever takes out the ring, it will belong to her."
The daughter of the old woman went to take out the ring but the prince pushed her into the boiling water and poured a lot of rice into the cauldron on her. At noon, when the rice had been cooked, the prince ordered to put the cooked rice on a tray and send to the old woman.
The son of the old woman came home from outside and said: "I am hungry." The old woman said: "Your sister have sent cooked rice for us. Go and eat it." The boy went to eat the cooked rice but he saw that the hand of his sister was in the cooked rice. He went and said the story to his mother. His mother said: "Shut up." Then she beat his son by a skewer and killed him.
The husband of the old woman came home from his work place and wanted food. The old woman said: "They have bought cooked rice from your daughter' home. Go and eat it." The man went and saw that the hand of his daughter had come out of the rice. He returned back and told the story to the old woman. The old woman said: "Shut up. You stupid guy! Your daughter is now the wife of the prince." And again picked up the skewer and killed her husband too.
Then she came herself and saw the dish of cooked rice and understood that what her son and husband had said was right and she had killed them unreasonably. Due to sadness she fell herself into the oven and was burnt.
The prince and his wife continued a long happy common life.


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