Emerging theosophies in cinema

New religious movements or in other words, emerging theosophies or pro-idealism movements, have particular definition in literature of social science. Groups that after World
Emerging theosophies in cinema
Emerging theosophies in cinema


Translator: Majid Jamalzadeh
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New religious movements or in other words, emerging theosophies or pro-idealism movements, have particular definition in literature of social science. Groups that after World War II, especially in the seventies and then, in the west, particularly the united states, emerged and consciously and deliberately or negligently, became in charge of presenting the answers to some ultimate questions that, religions were have attention on them previously, such as: Is there a God? Where to find God and how? What is the purpose and ultimate meaning of life? What happens to us after death? What rites and rituals lead to the satisfaction of human existence?
There are special features in the recent movements, which separates them from religions. They have plurality, diversity and severe eclecticism. But they have some common traits, such as:

1-ignoring God as the ultimate goal.
2-assuming the happiness as the ultimate target.
3-anti-wisdom and avoiding the logic.
4-anti-jurisprudence and avoiding the religion.
5-incompatible assumption of material and spiritual dimensions of human existence.
6-denying the resurrection assuming the issue of reincarnation.
7-axial pole and master worshiping.

One of the most important issues in real mysticism and false sects is to recognize the master and leader of the disciples. Recognizing the real leader from imposter is not easy for everyone. But we can express the characteristics of false leaders as below:

1-invitation to the self.
2-talking in mysterious ways.
3-fighting against the divine religions.
4-advertising about mystical pluralism and provoking to sectarianism.
5-denying the reality of religious values.
6-theorization of sexuality and provoking for it.
7-creating specific holy places.

New sects are decreasing the concept of the religion, and also replacing self-centeredness, instead of God- based and showing the religion as secondary, compare to humanistic. All these issues will bring great impact on religious minded fellows. Moreover, these movements, claim to have a monopoly on truth, having structure that demands the unconditional information, encouraging to have growing dependence to the movement in case of material, spiritual, and social resources, cutting off from the society, and other hidden hazards that, should not be neglected.
The obvious risks from one source to another is different, risks such
as obtaining funds from individuals and customers and gaining huge windfall, destruction of work and job in members and reducing marriage and increasing the sexual promiscuity, eliminating the feeling of fear or guilt in people, eliminating the responsibility feeling, leading the individuals to have a cunning life, cruel and criminal are their sentences.
New religious movements are shown in various frames in films:

1-life, behavior or thoughts of one of the main characters is the main theme of the story. Most of these films are presented in a documentary frames, but in story films, there are documentary samples too.
Explaining the beliefs and doctrines of new religious movements in the form of a story which is transmitted through the story. It should be noted that in this category, films are dealing with the teachings, but they are not mention about the source.
3-they are portraying the symbols signs of the tribes and explaining the concepts and meanings and by this way, they are transmitting a part of the teachings to the audience.
4-presence of influential figures of sects as main factors of the film that led to making them to be more famous.
5-we can find another frame for expressing these events in the films which will include the 3 mentioned ways, and we have discussed about them already, but there is a difference, film makers are not possessing proper information about these sects. They are producing the films without knowing for whom and which source, they are advertising.




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