Reincarnation and physical resurrection

One of the discussions that are mentioned in the ideas of different groups of people is the issue of reincarnation, as it is said that there is no group in which the idea of reincarnation
Reincarnation and physical resurrection
Reincarnation and physical resurrection


Translator: Zahra Zamanloo
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One of the discussions that are mentioned in the ideas of different groups of people is the issue of reincarnation, as it is said that there is no group in which the idea of reincarnation has not been penetrated. Although there are different ideas and analyses on it, but the simple definition of reincarnation is that the spirits of humans return to their human or animal bodies after death. In the words of the great men of history, great philosophers and mystics of old rhetoric that has emerged in reincarnation, very much. (2) This statement has caused superficial and superficial people, there are many words on the reincarnation and these words have caused that some shallow people think that after death souls come back to this world and they incarnate in the material bodies. One of the main tools to accept the belief in reincarnation in its surface analysis has been the denial of resurrection on some of the ideas and people.
Muslim mystics have absolutely denied this definition of reincarnation and men like Ibn Farris Egyptian and Ibn Arabi have clearly denied the reincarnation openly and clearly.
The researcher Gheisari, following Ibn Arabi and has mentioned an important issue that later Sadr ol Moteahelin has explained it in an excellent way and the essential back grounds of the physical resurrection have been formed. The researcher Gheisari believes that human souls after being separated from the physical body, they will be subject to the principle of reincarnation, but not reincarnation to other physical elements, but they will be reincarnated to purgatory and example bodies. As the philosophers and mystics of history, have been the people of mystical intuition and revelation, they could notice the interest of spirits to these purgatory physical bodies, for example, they could clearly saw the spirit of man after the separation of the material body, joins to the body of a wolf, pig, Ant and brilliant man. As a result, when they narrated their observations for the people, those who were unaware of the depth of the problem, could not really understand the meaning of their words and applied their words as the meaning of void reincarnation.
Translating a part of the valuable research of scholar Caesar's description says:
“there are many appearances for the spirit from the beginning of its existence based on the places from which the spirits are passing and the spirit while return and in the resurrection time will be appeared with the appearances of paradise or hell and all the gestures and words of the saints of God, "the reincarnation of them used) refers to as purgatory and resurrection appearances, not the material body “. So the reincarnation will be void).
In this way, bodily resurrection is also relatively clear. Of course in this topic there are so many discussions in which Sadr ol Moteahelin has used verses and traditions and he is prior to other scholars and he has widely spoken in his works like Mafatih Al Gheib.”
Based on his researches as human is in this world he is building and completing another body beyond this material body and that body belongs to the example world. Of course those who have achieved high positions and they can see everything, they can see everything and they can see these appearance that have been built by their behaviors and actions. As the spirit of human destroys the physical bodies get along with the example body and he starts a new life. It is the beginning of resurrection and judgment.




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