Ways of God recognition

Enjoying and being happy in the time of committing a sin are factors that magnify a sin and they cause punishment and torture for sinners.
Ways of God recognition
Ways of God recognition
Translator: Zahra. Kalaa
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Enjoying and being happy in the time of committing a sin are factors that magnify a sin and they cause punishment and torture for sinners.
God classifies people in three groups in the Quran (Hamd Surah): those that were bestowed; those that made the anger of God; those that went astray. We seek guide and help from God in our prayers every day in order that we can live in a path to achieve to the blessings of God not his anger. Hence, getting object lesson from the destiny of the last tribes in the Quran and avoiding actions and thoughts that cause the anger of God, we should refuse to be in the path of their destiny. For example, Bani Israei is one of tribes caused the anger of God toward themselves. In fact, since they had deviations in their thoughts and actions, they caused the anger of God toward themselves and God humbled them while they had a lot of honor.
Mentioning the thoughts and the beliefs of the tribe and their destiny in the Quran, God wants us to pay attention to the destiny of this tribe and not to follow their deviational path so that we do not cause the anger of God like them.
We should know what God grants us is blessing and the anger of God is due to our wrong deeds.
Sometimes, we do actions and jobs that make others satisfied. However, to make others satisfied and happy, we should not do any wrong actions and sins.
Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) states
لاأفلَحَ قـَومٌ اشتَـروا مَـرضـاتِ المَخلـُوق بسَخَطِ الخـالِق
People will not be saved if they make God angry in order to make others happy.
Great God that is the creator and the owner of all creatures wills that human has choice in doing his affairs. However, this does not mean that we think God is not aware of the affairs and the intentions of his human.
God is closer than everything to us and is kinder than our conscience to ourselves. Hence, how and why should God have us be in pain and torture? The religion provides a right path for living and if a person wants, he or she can prance in and pass it.
We always censure a person that commits a sin and prevents him or her from committing the sin.
How many times have you prevented someone from doing a sin, but then you committed the sin yourself?
I know persons that are satisfied of themselves. In other words, they are sure that they never committed any sins and never see the consequences of their sins.
We can extinguish the largest fires of the world with a cup of water if we recognize its time. In other words, we should extinguish fire with the cup of water when it just starts. Similarly, sins should be subdued from the beginning.
Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) states
فَإیّاكَ أنْ تَكونَ مِمَّن یَخافُ علی العِبادِ مِن ذنوبِهِم و یَأمَنَ العقوبةَ مِن ذَنبِهِ.
You should not be like persons that are afraid of the sins of others, but they are at ease from the consequences of their sins.
Have you ever thought about the consequences of an action before you did it?
From time to time, human do wrong actions; these no only make us sorrowful, but also bother others.

In some situations, we can prevent from a lot of problems and great troubles with few minutes silence. Each person is aware of his or her attributes well. Some persons are sensitive, others have a short temper and still others are very patient. Which one are you alike? Have you ever discussed with your friend?
Have you ever apologized someone for the argumentation that was your fault and you made it and then you became regretful of that? Or have you been regretful of any argumentation even although it was the fault of your friend? Have you ever forestalled to apologize your friend in an argumentation? If you go astray, do not panic to give up the wrong path.
If you have not experienced the enjoyment of forgiveness and friendship, right now go and reconcile with someone that you are angry with and have animosity with.
Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) states
أیما اثنَین جَرى بینهما کلام فطلب أحدهما رضَـى الاخر کانَ سابقة الىَ الجنّة
''If an argumentation happens between two persons, the person that tries to reconcile with other one will be qualified for the heaven''.
The Satan applies all of his efforts to deviate human. One of his tricks is to make us hopeless from the mercy of God so that we can commit sins whereas the prophets of God never made human, even persons that committed big sins, hopeless from the mercy of God.
Do not get disappointed from the mercy of God so that the Satan cannot dominate on us due to our hopelessness. You should know that the Satan has been the enemy of human since the creation of the world. God admonishes us the animosity of Satan with human in order that we can be alert against the temptations of the Satan.
If an enemy cannot invade his rival face to face at a war, they have a look at back of the war scene in order to invade their rival in this path. This is true about the Satan.
It has happened to us a lot, we feel hopeless and penitent doing a sin. In fact, disobeying the orders of God can be the cause of worry.
Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) states
مَن حاوَلَ اَمراً بمَعصِیَةِ اللهِ کانَ اَفوَتَ لِما یَرجُو وَاَسرَعَ لِمَجئ ما یَحذَرُ
A person that tries to disobey the orders of God loses his hope and becomes anxious and worried.
I have felt the existence of God in my life several times and have different experiences from him in my life. In fact, God is the most precious property in my life.
I felt God in each and every moment in my life and I was able to spend my life with the help of God.
When I am sad, I feel God and when there are no solutions for my problems and I have no one to talk to, I remember God unintentionally and feel him beside myself.
When I do a good action, I feel happy because I know God is happy from my action.
In contrast, if I commit a sin, I feel guilty conscience because I know God sees all of my deeds (whether good or bad). Generally, my day spoils because I know someone (God) is sad with me.
This causes we have fear from God in our inner. In other words, if we want to commit a sin, something (bad attitude toward doing a sin) prevents us from committing the sin.
In contrast, when you want to do a good action, all over your body helps you to do it because you know there is a person to tell you to do this good action. In such situation, we feel lucky.
Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) states
اللّهُمّ اجعَلْنی أخشاكَ كَأنّی أراكَ ، وأسعِدْنی بتَقواكَ ، ولا تُشقِنی بِمَعصِیَتِكَ
O' God! Make me fear from you as if I see you and make me a lucky person having faith in you and fear from you and do not make me a miserable person committing sins and disobeying his orders.
Definitely, all of you are familiar with these words. The world is to evaluate us. To express it simply, our life is a test. Each and every moment of our life is test. Let's evaluate our good or bad deeds.
Similarly, our deeds in the life are evaluated in this way. If we do a good action, it can have positive effects for us in this world as well as the doomsday and bad actions have their own consequences and punishment.
Sometimes, we drown in the material affairs and the pleasures of the life as much as we forget the doomsday.
We drown in sins as much as committing them seem a common affair. Dear friends, do you think you can pass the test of the life successfully.
In your opinion, what score will God consider for you in the doomsday?
Bear in mind; a good action can improve you thousands steps and save you. Let's not neglect the doomsday and pass the test of the life successfully.
Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) states

عِباداللهِ! لا تَشْتَغِلُوا بِالدُّنْیا، فَإنَّ الْقَبْرَ بَیْتُ الْعَمَلِ، فَاعْمَلُوا وَ لا تَغْعُلُوا
O' the creatures of God! Not entertain yourself in the world because a grave is like a house and only good deeds are beneficial in this house and they can save you. Hence, be alert not to neglect the doomsday.

Most people believe that Imam Hussein was martyred because the sin of the nation was forgiven. The martyrdom of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) was considered as the sins atonement of the nation. This was the same opinion that Christians had about Hazrat Jesus. Hazrat Jesus accepted his death on the gallows because he became sacrificed of the sins of the nation. This means that committing sins has consequences and in the doomsday, we will be responsible for our sins. Imam Hussein was martyred so as to neutralize the consequences of sins in the doomsday and in this way, he gives freedom to human.
This way of thinking and interpretation are very wrong and dangerous.
In that era, Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) thought he was obliged to revolt regarding the conditions of the Islam.

He thought he had to revolt in order to keep the Islam. His revolt was in the right path. His disagreement and struggle with the caliph was not on caliphate and it was not on their choice and freedom in the affairs of the government, but it was a basic and principal disagreement.
Even If there were someone else instead of Yazid and had the same ways and actions, Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) would definitely revolt again, whether he behaved Imam Hussein mildly or harshly.
Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) states

و أَنِّی لَم أَخرُج أَشِراً و لَا بَطراً و لَا مُفسِداً و لَا ظَالِماً و إِنَّمَا خَرَجتُ لِطَلبِ الإِصلاَحِ فِی أُمَّةِ جَدِّی صلَّی الله علیه و آله، أُرِیدُ أَن آمَرَ بالمَعرُوفِ و أَنهی عَنِ المُنكَر و أسِیرُ بِسِیرةِ جَدِّی و أبی علی بن أبی طالب علیه السلام .
In fact, I never revolted with futile and tyrannical purposes, but I did it in order to rectify the nation of my grandfather, Hazrat Muhammad (peace of Allah be upon him and his descendants), and I want to encourage human to do something right and to dissuade them from doing something wrong and to behave according to the way of my grandfather, Hazrat Muhammad (peace of Allah be upon him and his descendants), and my father, Imam Ali (peace be upon him).
How do you like praying and talking to God? Have you ever poured out your heart to God?
Persons that talk to God, when they are alone, are lucky.
By the way, to whom does God grant the blessing of praying? Do you know a person that cannot talk to God?
Human prays and talks to God when they are at misery. Have you ever shared your happy times with God? Merciful God that we resort to in difficulties has granted us happy times.
I have heard that wealthy and well-being people do not pray. Of course, I have heard that….they say '' we do not need to pray since we have everything. Why should we pray?
O' God! We hope we are not people that have no good luck for talking to God.
O' God! Help me to remember you throughout my life. Help me to thank and worship you more than before.
Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) states
أَعجَزالنّاسٍ مَن عَجَزَ عَنِ الدُّعاء

Persons that are not able to worship God are the weakest.


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