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Prophet Muhammad Said: "My Lord, command me to do my duties, as he command me to tolerate with people." The book Al-Kafi, vol. II, p. 117.

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You tilted. How good you tilted!

You tilted. How good you tilted!

You tilted. How good you tilted!

Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefipoor
Source: rasekhoon.net


When Moses was living, there existed a man whose job was rinsing. He cried every day in the alley and market in order a person to take him for rinsing. This man dad a hard life and could not cope with his life. He was watching that some businessmen had such big fortune that they did not know what they did with it. So he was sad. One day he went to Moses and with annoyance said if he and that big businessman were not creatures of God. He complained why he had nothing to satisfy his huger while God had given the businessman such a fortune that he could not calculate it. The prophet of God answered that was your fate to rinse and his fate to be a big businessman and these fates were not changeable.
As the man heard this, went out sulky and no longer even looked back. The next day saw Moses who was going to Mount Sinai. On his way, he said Moses: "Are you going to the mountain to speak with God? Give my greetings to God and say him to tilt his pen and to change what he has written for me as my fate. Until when should I rinse hardly?" Moses answered: "That pen no longer will be tilted. You should bear forever your situation." The man said: "Please you tell, and leave that he will or won't tilt for me and God." Moses accepted and continued his way.
After worship on the mount, Moses wanted to go back. God called him why he did not say him the message of his rinsing servant. Moses answered while God know himself what he should say. God said Moses to say his servant that he tilted the pen. Moses came at once and sent the message of God. The rinsing man thanked God and gladly went. He slept at night comfortably and when it was day he took his bucket and went.
By chance, he passed the big house of the businessman. He saw that there was in the house a wedding celebration. His daughter was to be married with the son of the minister. When the servants saw the rinsing man wanted him to change the water of the pools. The poor man was rinsing until noon and after that he fell so tired in a corner. When the wife of the businessman saw him took pity to him and faced his husband and said him that man was working hard that day and it was better to remain here and ate lunch and confection. The businessman did not accept saying that they would be embarrassed by his dirty and torn clothes. But the wife insisted on her opinion about inviting him and said it was only sufficient to give him new clothing. So at last the businessman accepted and ordered to dress the rinsing man by a fine cashmere suit and to give him lunch. The rinsing man was very glad and put on the clothes.
At the time of marriage sermon, the king reached too, and as soon as he saw the rinsing man he asked the businessman who he was. The businessman became confused and said he was his nephew who had just come from Ahvaz. The king became glad and asked him how a person who had such a beautiful nephew gave his daughter to the minister's son. The king ordered the businessman to give his daughter to that boy, and said that he himself would give his daughter to the minister's son. The businessman was very surprised and could say nothing other than obeying the order of the king too.
Well, the pen had been tilted! In the same session the businessman and the rinsing man married, and also the king's daughter and the minister's son married too. The wedding had become mourning for the businessman but waited until the session finished. Then he went immediately to his wife and blamed her that her offer caused their misery. The woman shrugged and said nothing important had occurred. She said that for being gotten rid of the rinsing man they could give him even one hundred Toomans. She believed that one hundred Toomans would make the man so happy.
The businessman went and gave the rinsing man one hundred Toomans and wanted him to leave there forever. The man threw back the money and said if they did not give him his wife, he would go to the king's palace. The businessman had no way and became so sad and went to a cornet and sat.
It was the night they should consummate. The women took the bride to the bridal chamber and gave her hand to the hand of that harsh man and came out themselves. The girl's mother was seeing inside, from behind the door, through a hole, and wanted to see what this harsh man did with her delicate girl. She saw that the rinsing mam took his clothes off and put them beside the wall and rolled up the carpet and put it too beside the wall and began to roll on the uncovered ground. He was rolling from this side of the room to the other side and vice versa while he was singing: "O God! You tilted, and how good you tilted!" He continued this song without tiring. The woman went to his husband, the businessman, and cried him that that man was not only poor but also mad.
The businessman came rapidly and watched through the hole what his wife had told him: a rolling man singing "O God! You tilted, and how good you tilted"! The businessman opened the door of the bridal chamber and went in with his wife and saw that his dear daughter was shedding tear at a corner severely. But the man was such rolling and singing that he did not notice presence of others in the room. The man and the woman were standing and watching the rinsing man. When they noticed that the man did not intend to stop his act, they faced the rinsing man and gave him an oath of God who had transferred him from a poor man to the bridegroom of the businessman to tell them why he was uttering those words. They wanted him to wear clothes like a gentleman and sit and say what he meant.
The rinsing man became calm and wore his clothes and told them in detail all the story of him from seeing Moses to that day. The great businessman and his wife understood that whatever happened was the work of God and they must be satisfied to God's wish. Both of them prostrated and thanked God.
Then they went toward their daughter who was watching her husband and father and mother surprisingly and comforted her and said her that God had attention to her and she was now the bride of God and she should be glad that the prayer of her husband had been fulfilled so. The girl became calm and kink to her husband and they began their happy common life.


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