How Nestle, Coca Cola, IBM, Babylon Ltd and Walt Disney Can help the economic condition of Israel?

Nestle is the world's largest producer of food ingredients has received Jubilee Award from Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister) in recognition of his services to the Zionist regime. The
Thursday, January 26, 2017
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How Nestle, Coca Cola, IBM, Babylon Ltd and Walt Disney Can help the economic condition of Israel?
How Nestle, Coca Cola, IBM, Babylon Ltd and Walt Disney Can help the economic condition of Israel?


Translator: Davood Salehan



Nestle is the world's largest producer of food ingredients has received Jubilee Award from Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister) in recognition of his services to the Zionist regime. The company has invested more than two hundred billion Toman in Israel, and it receives approximately twenty four billion Toman funding from the United States for its service.
Child labor in farms of the company and selling products that caused the death of several children, including infants, led to Nestle boycott in some parts of the world. Nestlé has given more than fourteen billion Toman to help Holocaust compensation fund in 1379, and it one of the major shareholders of cosmetics and Beauty Company of L'oreal (Another big supporter of Israel).
Unfortunately, the Iranian branch of Nestle is established in 1373 with a capital of about forty two billion Toman and is now managed by a non-Iranian named Pierre Truba, who distributes and produces a part of Nestle's products in Iran.

Black file of Nestle

• Fifteen infants death annually as a result of the use of milk powder of Nestle in the semi-industrial countries led to international organizations active in the field of baby food boycott the company since 1356.
• In the winter of 1383, hundreds of bird, animal and pet died in Venezuela. Experts have diagnosed cause of death liver disease caused by contaminated food. The food was distributed in the country represented by Nestle.Venezuela's National Assembly knew Nestle guilty and sentenced them to pay compensation.
• According to a report released in May 1383 by Forbes magazine by the International Labor Organization, Nestlé uses child labor for the manufacture of chocolate. In later assessments it was revealed that more than two hundred and fifty thousand African children work in West Africa in the fields of the company.

Nestle of Iran

Company Name: Nestle of Iran
Field of activity: food production
Related tags: espresso, coffee-mate, bread, cereal, Maggie
Director: Pierre Truba
Phone: 88729858
Central Office Address: Tehran, St. Shehykh Khalid Istanbuli, Alley 21, No. 12
Nestle's products have a long existence in Iran. Nestle of Iran (PJS) was registered with the number 111 604 in the Companies and non-commercial institution Registration Office on February 1373. Capital of the company is estimated more than forty billion Toman that a part of it has been spent on the purchase of a drink manufacturing company in Karaj. Equipment of the company has been restored without the transfer of new technology and has been given to Nestle. In May 1382, the first Nestle's baby food cereal by the brand of Cerelac was entered to the market.
Nestle of Iran is the exclusive import, sell and distribute agent of Nestle products in Iran, and the foreign company owns a large part of Nestlé of Iran's stock and is also responsible for the management.
In January 1384, baby milk powder was produced in the new factory in Nestle Qazvin site by brand of NAN.
Since the spring of 1384, Nestle of Iran began permanent export of Cerelac to several countries in the Middle East. This trend has been developed in year and also included the export of milk powder.
Nestlé's products are distributed through agents and distributors of Sayeh saman, using a fleet of special cars.


IBM Company began investments one year after declaration of the state of Israel in the occupied territories, and in 1381, in recognition of remarkable services to the government in half a century received Ambassador Award from Shimon Peres (former Israeli prime minister).
The company, which has a dismal record in terms of working environment and economic offenses, is one of three companies which were praised in 1380 by Ariel Sharon (former Israeli prime minister).
Lawrence Rikiardy, who is a senior manager at IBM, said in an interview with Jewish newspaper Jerusalem post: "The land and its high ideals are very important to us." Interestingly, the company is one of the most important industrial and economic partners of Nazi Germany during World War II.

Black file of IBM

• German branch of the company has been one of the creators of computing machines that Hitler needed it for Railway Administration, maintenance of information on prisoners of war and building armor. This cooperation has continued from 1312 to 1324.
• The workers of the Company in Mexico receive a little more than five hundred Toman in exchange for an hour of work. IBM applies a complex network of small and large offices to hire these workers so that his workers form a worker union.

Coca Cola

Zionist Foreign Ministry has called six events chronicle ones in a newspaper published in 1345. Coca-Cola's opposition with the boycott of Israel by Muslim countries is one of these events. The company has been encouraged by the Israeli board in 1356 in recognition of thirty years support of Israel and resistance to economic boycott of Muslims.
Coca-Cola has built a production complex on the lands of a Palestinian village by receiving 55 billion Toman of tax breaks. The company hosted and sponsored the Chamber of Commerce of Israel and America in 1380. Use of toxic and harmful substances for children in Third World countries and the use of paramilitary groups to deal with protesting workers in South American countries, has led the company's products to be boycotted by some civil society organizations worldwide.
Unfortunately, the Company of Khoshgavar in Mashhad produces and distributes Coca-Cola products with paying annual payments over a half a billion Toman to a branch of the company. Company officials opposed people's asking to boycott Coca-Cola Company.

Black file Case of Coca Cola

• Nutrition experts recognize the use of Coca-Cola detrimental to children and adolescents. Consumption of such beverages prevents the absorption of calcium, magnesium, vitamin A and B.
• Coca-Cola has used a harmful acidic substances for the manufacture of soft drinks since 1297.
• The company is using the sugary nectar of the plants that have been genetically modified since 1362. This causes the risk of diabetes and obesity.
• According to the report of Center for Science and Environment in 1382, which is a non-governmental Hindi organization of scientific research, Coca Cola and Pepsi which are produced in the country, contain pesticides such as DDT, and the volume of toxic substances and materials in these drinks is thirty times more than standards of European countries. Even the company's products do not contain these substances in America.
After the release of the report, sale of Coca-Cola in that year was reduced up to fifteen percent.
• Food and Drug Administration of America warned people of existence of carcinogen benzene in Coca-Cola drinks after many studies in 1385.


Company name: Khoshgovar of Mashhad
Field of activity: production of carbonated soft drink
Related tags: Coca-Cola, Fanta, mineral water Dasany, Khoshgoar Coca, orange Khoshgovar
Director: Masoud Yazdi
Phone: 6625757 and 6624969
Factory Address: Mashhad, Toos Industrial Estate, Asian Highway
The company, whose products were produced long before the revolution by the Coca-Cola Company, after the Islamic Revolution also maintained its connection with American company and annually sends a billion and a half million Toman in deposit accounts of Coca-Cola in America through an Irish company. Coca-Cola, which was out of the Iranian market in 1373 after the Islamic Revolution, with the signing of a franchise agreement with companies such as Khoshgovar re-entered Iranian market that Iranian companies receive the nectar of the drinks through an Irish company called Coca-Cola of Atlantic and later through Drogheda Concentrates.
CEO of Khoshgovar says in response to requests from people to cut ties with Coca-Cola: our sales are dependent to the same name and we cannot remove it.

Babylon Ltd

Co-creator and publisher of the Encyclopedia of Babylon * which is nowadays a more or less known name, was established in 1375 in the occupied territories. The company employing around eighty people has offices in Israel and Germany.
The strange name of the company is one of the first elements to attract the audience's attention. Choosing the name of an ancient state in which Jews once lived and applying the image of a green land between the two streams of water, is a reminiscent of an imaginary ideal of the Jewish state from the Nile to the Euphrates. Let us not forget that whatever the brand of company represents is territory of the land of the same government that the company has chosen its name for it. Interestingly, planet which Babylon Company has depicted has nowhere else with the exception of the two rivers and territory between them!
Stranger is that the company has two identical bases on the Internet, in which one of the two does not have any name and address of Israel, and instead address of offices in Palestine, Jordan and other Muslim countries are written!

Walt Disney

Disney's millennium exhibition announced Jerusalem as capital of Israel, while even on the basis of the UN resolutions, the occupation of the city by the Zionist is contrary to international law regime. Disney experts along with representatives of Israel had worked more than 18 months on the part of the exhibition called "Forum of Israel". The Jewish Chronicle (Jewish journal published in London) wrote: "If it you observed the exhibition, undoubtedly you will accept that Jerusalem is capital of Israel."
request of some Islamic organizations and states of the Arab League for boycott of Disney failed in the final steps and by speech and opposition of Walid bin Talal, the Saudi prince and one of the largest shareholders of Walt Disney. Israel's government, which had paid over a billion and eight hundred million Toman of eights billion Toman cost of building the exhibition, thanked Disney for his resistance against Muslims.
Disney family investment company has invested more than five hudred billion Toman in the occupied territories. The company has said it wants to start a new business volume of at least two hundred and fifty billion Toman.


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