Shahrokh and Narpari - 1

Once upon a time there was in ancient times a king. He had a son whose name was Shahrokh but the people call him as Shahrokh Shah. The king and
Shahrokh and Narpari - 1
Shahrokh and Narpari - 1

Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefipoor
Source: Rasekhoon.net


Once upon a time there was in ancient times a king. He had a son whose name was Shahrokh but the people call him as Shahrokh Shah. The king and his wife loved their son. They kept this boy in a big basement to keep him save from evil eye. A mullah went to the basement to teach him. He also had close relationship to him and educated him. This was the case until one day that after the mullah left there, the boy thought why he should be imprisoned there forever. He thought that he was better to go from there to see what's going on in the world. He said this and got going. He went a few steps toward the door and reached a place through the window of which sun was shining. As he saw sunshine, he became surprised and thought himself that while there were such an interesting things in other rooms, he should be kept in a dark and damp basement. He decided not to return back to that basement at all.
The boy went to his father at the same day and said him his decision and that he would not return back to the basement and live with that mullah and that he wanted to go out and live similar to others. The king was surprised and suspected that these words were induced to his son by others. But the king worried that maybe evil eyes of the jealousy people could harm his son. So, he evaded until his son to return back to the basement. But Shahrokh insisted so much that the king agreed to not sending back him to the basement. After a while, Shahrokh learnt all the customs of the court and especially in hunting and shooting and horse riding became skillful and famous among the people. Everyone was talking about him.
When he was only 19 years old, no one could win him in shooting and hunting. One day he went to his father and said that he wanted to go hunting. The king at first did not agree that this 9-years old boy to go to hunt. But the boy insisted so much that the king agreed inevitably, but with this condition that forty persons of the best horse riders and shooters of his army accompany him in hunting and quite take care of him.
Shahrokh who had been quite encouraged by seeing the hunting ground, followed energetically prays and by the aid of the people accompanying him hunted a few birds and stags. Suddenly they saw a beautiful deer having two horns: one from gold and the other from silver. As the king son saw it, liked it such that he decided to catch it by lasso. So her ordered to surround that animal without any shooting toward it. The men soon surrounded it. The deer ran here and there for some minutes but it could not find any way to escape. The shooter made the ring of surrounding closer and closer. At this time the deer suddenly jumped over the head of Shahrokh and escaped quickly. The king's son who had lost the hunt got furious and said the people accompanying him: "You, turn back from here and go to the city and greet my father and say him that I have gone to follow the deer. My going is according to my decision but my returning back will not be so. I will not return back before catching this deer."
The horsemen returned back and informed the king. Shahrokh, riding the horse, galloped following the deer. The deer and the king's son went and went and passed deserts and plains until they reached a palace. The deer went up the stairs of the palace and disappeared from the vision of Shahrokh. The king's son who had followed the deer up to the walls of the palace and was not able to catch the deer, wanted to enter the palace but the doorman prevented him and immediately informed the owner of the palace, who was a demon, that a human being had come and wanted to come in. the demon said him to say the human being to tie his horse outside the palace and come in himself to see what he wanted. The king's son closed the tether of his horse to a tree and went to the demon. As the demon saw him, said: "O stubborn human being! Why have you come here?" The king's son answered: "I saw in desert a deer and followed it. The deer came to this palace and I have followed it to hunt it." The demon said: "You are stupid! It is about thirty years that we are following this deer without any success in throwing lasso round its neck. Now, how do you want do this act with this age you have?" The boy said: "Say me everything you want to say. But I must catch it anyway. Nothing can prevent me." The red demon, who was watching a brave boy insisting on his speech without any fear, liked him and called his slaves and said: "Which one of you is able to transmit this young man very soon to the yellow demon?" The first one answered: "It takes two hours for me to transmit him." The red demon said: "It is too late." The second one said: "It takes one hour for me to transmit him." The red demon said: "It is still too late." The third one said: "It takes half an hour for me to transmit him to the yellow demon." The demon said: "OK. Take the boy with yourself. Say the yellow demon that the red demon greets him and request him to transmit this young man to the black demon without causing any annoyance for him."
The slave put the king's son on his back and went to the air. He went in half an hour a path that would take 5 years long for a horseman to pass regardless of so many dangers on the way. When they reached the palace of the yellow demon, the slave said the yellow demon the message of the red demon. The yellow demon faced Shahrokh and said: "Now, where do you want to go?" Shahrokh told the yellow demon the whole things he had told the red demon. As the demon heard the speech of Shahrokh, advised him to be worry about his youth and not to follow that deer. But Shahrokh insisted to follow the deer. When the demon noticed he was determined to follow the deer, called his slaves and asked them: "Which one of you is able to transmit this young man to the black demon as soon as possible?" One of them said 2 hours and the other one said one hour and finally the demon gave him to the slave who has said in half an hour Shahrokh would reach the black demon. That slave picked up Shahrokh and transmitted to the black demon. This brother also advised Shahrokh not to follow the deer, but he was decided still. The demon said that that was not an act a human being could do. Shahrokh said: "Both of your brothers said just this speech. But I have come to throw lasso round the neck of the deer even if I would be killed in this way. Pease put aside these advices and let me know what I should do to catch this deer." Hoplessly, the demon continued his advices uselessly. At last he agreed to help him. The demon called one of his slaves and said him: "Take this young man to that certain old woman and say her my greeting and want her to have favor to this young man as much favor she has to me and to guide him."
The slave transmitted Shahrokh to the old woman an returned back. When Shahrokh and the old woman became alone, the old woman said: "The name of this deer you have seen id Narpari. I can transmit you to it provided that beforehand you are successful in some tests. The first test is that you should stand up continuously on one foot on a certain rock during forty nights and days without any sleeping. Even a short nap will destroy all your endeavors. This rock has rested in front of my home and I will watch you always, during night and day in every moment." The king's son accepted to perform this test. He went and stood up on one foot on the rock and during continuous forty nights and days did not sleep and could pass that test successfully.


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