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Sigh of the little daughter of the merchant

Sigh of the little daughter of the merchant

Sigh of the little daughter of the merchant

Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefipoor
Source: Rasekhoon.net


Once upon a time, there was a merchant having six daughters. One day this merchant decided to travel. Every one of his daughters wanted a thing from him. The little daughter wanted her father to bring him a bouquet. The merchant went to travel. When he wanted to return back he forgot the order of his daughter and just when he was near the city he remembered the order of bouquet by her little daughter. He became upset and sighed deeply. Just at this time a little man appeared and said: "I am sigh. What do you want?" The merchant said that his little daughter hah wanted him a bouquet and he had forgotten her order. Sigh said: "I will bring you the bouquet provided that you promise that when she will be twenty years old she will become my wife." The merchant accepted. Sigh brought him a bouquet, and the merchant gave it to her little daughter.
After passing several years, the daughter became twenty years old. One day when the merchant was passing through a valley he saw Sigh. Sigh came ahead and wanted the daughter from him. The merchant said: "In order that she does not become upset from me, it is better that you kidnap her yourself." After three days Sigh kidnapped the daughter and took her to a big palace. The girl began to cry. But her cry was useless. Every day two bondwomen came and served her. At each night Sigh came and gave her a cup of tea due to which she fell asleep after drinking it.
One night the girl decided not to drink the tea but to pretend her as asleep to understand what was happening at the palace during her asleep. At night she used an opportunity and poured the tea outside the window. She also cut one of her toes and poured salt on it and pretended that she was asleep. At the midnight she saw that a beautiful young man came in the room and sat beside her and began to talk with her. The girl opened her eyes. She asked the young man who he was. The young man was forced to say that he was the master of Sigh and he had ordered to bring her there. In this manner the secret of the master of Sigh was revealed. The young man and the girl married at the next day and for recreation went to a plain full of apple trees. The boy was picking apple. At a time the girl noticed that a leaf had fallen on the shoulder of the boy. She hit with her hand to the shoulder of the boy to drop down the leaf. Suddenly the head of the boy became separate and fell in a corner. The girl began to cry and sigh. Immediately Sigh appeared and said her: "You should search and find some glue to stick the head into the body."
The girl went and went until she reached a city. In that city she became the maid of a merchant. She noticed that all people were mourning. She asked questions in this respect and found out that the son of the merchant had gotten lost since a few days ago. But due to the death of her husband she could not sleep. One night she heard a sound. She noticed that one of the maids took a key and went out. The girl followed her and found out that she had jailed the merchant's son to force him to marry her. The girl revealed the secret of the maid. The merchant went and released his son and wanted the girl to marry with his son. The girl did not accept and went from the merchant's home to fine the glue.
The girl went to a village and obtained a job at a miller. There was a dragon around there that always attacked the village and annoyed the people there. The people were very upset but did not know what they should do. One day the girl said: "I can kill the dragon." She wanted the people to dig a pit and fill it with thistle and put around it firewood. The girl went and said the dragon: "I am your lunch for today." The dragon attacked her. The girl dropped herself into the pit. The dragon went to the pit too, and the thistles went into its skin. The girl came out of the pit and ordered to fire the firewood. The people ignited the firewood. The dragon caught fire and died. The people got very glad and wanted the girl to remain there and to marry with the miller. The girl did not accept and went from there.
She went and went up to another city. There too she became housemaid in a rich man. The wife of this rich man cut off the head of her husband every night and went to became busy in sensuality with the pirates and would return back near dawn and using a kind of glue would stick the rich man's head into his body. The girl found out the secret of the wife. One night when the wife cut off the head of her husband and went out, the girl stuck the man's head into his body and told him the whole story and by the aid of him attacked the pirates. They arrested the woman too. The rich man wanted the girl to marry him. The girl did not accept. She took the glue from him and went where her husband had fallen. She stuck the head of her husband into his body. The man became alive again and they kept a happy common life with each other for many years.


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