Golden forelock son and pearl teeth daughter

Once upon a time in ancient times, there were three sisters living in a ruined place. One day a prince was passing there. He heard this speech of the
Golden forelock son and pearl teeth daughter
Golden forelock son and pearl teeth daughter

Translator: Mohammad Ali asefipoor
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Once upon a time in ancient times, there were three sisters living in a ruined place. One day a prince was passing there. He heard this speech of the oldest sister: "Prince to be healthy! If he marries me, I will weave new clothes for all the army with only three coils of yarn." The middle – aged sister said: "If he marries me, I will make all the army full using only a pot of porridge." The youngest sister said: "If he marries me, I will give birth for him a golden forelock son and a pearl teeth daughter." The prince heard these speeches and returned back to the palace and ordered to fetch all those sisters, and he married all of them. Then, he said them that they had to prove their claims.
The first girl brought three coils of yarn and put around the neck of every person of the army three threads. The prince said: "This one was useless." The middle – aged girl cooked a pot of too salty porridge such that no one could eat more than tasting it." The prince did not accept that too. But the third girl gave birth to a golden forelock son and a pearl teeth daughter after nine months. The sisters, who were afraid of that their little sister could become dear to the prince and when the prince fell quite in her love it was probable to expel them from the palace, hurried and, by the aid of the midwife of the court, put the children in a box and dropped the box onto the river. Then they put two puppies on a tray instead of them and took them to the prince and said him that his wife had given birth to them.
The prince got furious and ordered to take his wife to the desert and to cut off her head. The minister, who was in charge to kill the wife, took pity and at night took the girl to his home and hid her.
Now hear from the golden forelock son and pearl teeth daughter. A watering man, who was watering the plants, saw the box and took it from the river. He opened the box and saw in it the babies. He took them to his home and grew them up until when they were eighteen years old. At that year, the watering man got sick and made a will to the boy and girl that when he died they would not cry for him and they should not let anyone come the home, and if anyhow anyone came home, they should not eat food from his / her hand at all. The watering man said that and died.
When the watering man was buried, the boy and the girl took their property and came to the city and took a house and began a new life. By chance, one day the midwife saw the golden forelock boy and recognized him and immediately went and informed the wife of the prince who was the aunt of the boy. That aunt informed the other aunt, and the two sisters sat plotting to kill the golden forelock boy and pearl teeth girl. They sent the midwife to the home of the golden forelock boy. The boy had gone outside for a work. The midwife began to cry at the girl and begged her to let her to come into home. The girl said: "Go and return back tomorrow. I must take permission from my brother." The midwife went and provided a poison.
The girl said the boy that a strange old woman had come and wanted to come in. The boy got upset, but the girl insisted until when the boy let her to come in home. At tomorrow, when the golden forelock boy had gone outside of the home, the midwife came. The girl let her come in home and cooked lunch for her. When she had gone to wash her hands, the old woman poured the poison into her food and said goodbye to the girl and left there. The girl accompanied the old woman up to the door. When she returned back, she saw a cat had eaten from the rice and had died. She understood that the old man had a trick in her work, At tomorrow, the midwife came to feel out. She saw that both the boy and the girl are healthy. She went and sad the price's wife: "We should plot another plan." The midwife brought some dried bread and fastened them to the waist of the prince's wife. The wife began to wiggle while complaining about the pain caused by the pressure of the dried breads on her skin. On the other hand they learned the physician in prescribing as her cure to say the prince that her remedy was the smiling apple and crying pomegranate.
The physician came and, as had been learned, said: "the remedy of this pain is the crying pomegranate and smiling apple." The midwife said: "I know a boy who is able to find the smiling apple and crying pomegranate." The prince ordered to bring the golden forelock boy. When the boy came to the palace, the price ordered him to fetch the smiling apple and crying pomegranate. The boy had to get going while he did not know the way.
In his way he encountered a good looking old man. He greeted the old man. The old man asked him: "Where are you going?" The boy told him his story. The old man showed him a garden and said him: "Go into this garden. Pick the smiling apple from the first tree and the crying pomegranate from the second tree and return back. If anyone called you must not to return back to see him / her, otherwise you will become stone." The boy acted as the old man had said him, and so took the smiling apple and crying pomegranate to the prince.
After a while, the prince's wife again pretended to be sick. The physician said: "The remedy of the illness of the wife of the prince is the meat of the Chinese chicken." Again the midwife guided them and sent them to the boy, and the prince ordered the boy to fetch the Chinese chicken.
The boy went and went until when he encountered the same old man. After finding out what he was seeking, the old man gave him some medicine and needles and said him: "You should go up to the end of the garden. There, a demon exists. When you reach him, the demon will say: Has human being com? You should say: Maybe human being is able to cure your eye and to take the thorn out of your foot." The boy did this act. The demon got happy and asked the boy: "What do you want in return?" The boy answered: "The Chinese chicken." The demon said him: "The Chinese chicken is in this well. If anyone goes into the well, he /she will become stone. I will send one of my sons to fetch it for you." The demon sent the seven sons of him into the well one by one and all of them became stone. At last the boy went up the well and called: "O Chinese chicken!" Immediately, the Chinese chicken flight onto the shoulder of him, and he promptly moved toward the palace. He delivered the chicken and went to his home.
A few days the Chinese chicken did not eat grain. Inevitably, they brought again the boy to see why the chicken did not eat anything. The boy came and asked the chicken: "O Chinese chicken! Why don't you pick grain?" The chicken answered: "O golden forelock boy! O brother of pearl teeth girl! Why don't you sit on the knees of your father, the prince?" The prince took the hat from the head of the boy and noticed that he was the same golden forelock son. The prince asked him: "Do you have any sister?" the boy answered: "Yes. She is the pearl teeth girl." The prince ordered to fetch her.
When the prince was informed of the story, he ordered to arrest the two older sisters, both of them being his wives, and the midwife and to tie their hairs to the tales of horses and to leave them in the desert. Then the prince said the minister: "I wish I had not killed the mother of these children." The minister said the prince: "Their mother is alive in my home." The minister explained for the prince that he took compassion to her and did not kill her. Then the minister went and brought the little sister, and after eighteen years, they again gathered together.


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