Halal and haram

In the times when people had more faith and belief, a poor man left his wife and child to go to a strange city to find job and arrange the life of himself and
Halal and haram
Halal and haram

Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefipoor
Source: Rasekhoon.net


In the times when people had more faith and belief, a poor man left his wife and child to go to a strange city to find job and arrange the life of himself and his family. The man went until when reached a small city. After a few days wandering, he found a very arduous job. After a while his work finished. The employer, who was a very greedy and stingy man, said him: "I have forty Rials haram money and five Rials halal money. Which one do you want?" The simple man, who believed in halal and haram so much, immediately answered: " Certainly, sir, the money that is halal!" The deceitful employer got happy when he thought his trick was successful. Instantly, he gave five Rials to the poor man and dismissed him.
The upset man went to the square of the city and searched and found a merchant from his city. He went ahead and after greeting, he gave the merchant five Rials to take for hie wife and child.
The merchant said: "Oh my friend! This money is very small. You are better to buy something and send it to your wife and child." The man accepted his offer and went to the market. But how he tried he could not find any suitable thing purchasable by that money.
Being tired, he sat in a corner. Just at that time, an old woman approached him while holding a basket containing her cats. She begged the man to buy her cats. The man took pity on her, and gave five Rials to her and took the basket and took it to the merchant. The merchant, who was a man believing in God, did not say the man any objection and did not blame him.
In the next day, the merchant went with a big caravan until when he reached a cultivated land governed by a just ruler.
As it was custom then, he was going to take a present to the ruler. When he entered the palace, surprisingly he saw that, in every a few steps, a person had stood holding a stick. He asked the ruler: "What is the matter?" The ruler answered: "There exist here so many mice. They bother us so much. So, our persons have stood to kill any mouse they saw." As the merchant heard that, got glad and said: "Oh excellent ruler! From now on, don' worry. I'll do something causing no mouse to be found around here." The ruler asked surprisingly: "How?"
The merchant answered: "Now you will see how yourself." The he wanted them to put aside their sticks and remain waiting in a corner. Very soon the mice came out of their holes everywhere. At that time, the merchant released the cats among the mice. Very soon, the cats routed all the mice. The ruler and the courtier got so happy. The ruler took the cats from the merchant and gave him ten bags full of gold.
In the next day, the merchant and his entourage got going and went and went until they arrived at their home city. The merchant went to the home of the poor man and gave ten bags full of gold to his wife. The woman got happy. She took a bag for herself and gave the rest to the merchant to trade with it.
A year later, the poor man returned to his city, and, while being empty – handed, went to his home. An old man opened the door and asked him what he wanted. The man answered: "Here is my house." The old man replied: "I have rented this house from a rich woman whose palace is in the other side of the city." With fear and worry, the man went to the address the old man gave him. As his wife and children saw him, they gladly ran toward him and embraced him. His tongue was strained due to surprise. He thought he was dreaming. The woman wanted to take him to the palace but he was running away from there.
He reached himself to the merchant's house and asked him: "Oh my friend! What's the matter? What has happened here during this one year I was away?" The merchant laughed and said: "No problem. Only you are now a rich man!" Then the merchant told him all that happened in detail. The man kissed the face of the chivalrous merchant and thanked God.
Then he returned back to his home and said his family: "This blessing and mercy is from halal money." They lived together for years with great joy and happiness, and they did not eat anything except Halal.


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