King and three sisters - 2

In the next day, the old man took the transparent beads to the city. One of the rich jewelers of the city said him that those beads were very valuable pearls
King and three sisters - 2
King and three sisters - 2

Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefipoor
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In the next day, the old man took the transparent beads to the city. One of the rich jewelers of the city said him that those beads were very valuable pearls and he would bought them no matter how much the old man brought. The old man earned a fortune by selling the pearls to the jeweler. Happily he bought clothes and delicious foods for his wife and daughters. He also bought warm and soft clothes for the baby, and also he bought a cow in order its milk to be given to the baby. His family was very glad because until then they had had no new clothes and had eaten a full food.
From that day on, the child had become so dear. Two of the girls were about him always to take care of him, and other girls took the cow to pasture and also help their mother in the works in home.
Little by little the baby grew up and began to walk. When he was walking, golden break would be made under one of his feet and silver brick under the other foot.
The old man put a hat from the skin of the lamb on the head of the child to hit the golden and silver hair of him to be seen by ever one. The old man had obtained so money due to the baby blessing in a short time. Instead of his old ruined house, he built a beautiful big house and got flocks of cows and sheep and bought lands to farm. Two older daughters of him also married.
As the old man commute to the city, he heard a rumor that the child who had come to his home and had caused his life to become so happy was the same lost child of the king who had tolerated disasters due to the jealousy of the sisters of the poor wife of the king who had been jailed by the (stupidity of the) king. The old man, who was wise, at that time, did not recognize it true to reveal that the child was in his home. Since the old man had no relation to others, he could not go to the king to tell him the story and he knew well if he told the story to others, the sisters of the king's wife would kill the child. Therefore he hid his secret in his heart and only gradually le the child himself to realize who he was and what his lineage was. As the child was growing up, he became more and more beautiful and his wisdom had surprised everyone.
After a while, the king invited all the people from the city and the countryside to dinner and every night a group of people came for dinner party with the king. When it was the turn for the old man and his son to go to dinner with the king, the boy went to the carpenter of the village and wanted him to make a wooden chicken for him. When it was made, the boy put it to his pocket and at night, when he and his father went to the king's palace, when all the people were eating dinner, the boy had been holding his wooden chicken and did not eat dinner at all. The king, who was watching the guests, noticed that the son of the old man was not eating food. The king asked him: "O boy! Why don't you eat food? Don't you like our food?" The boy, who was waiting to just this question, answered: "King to be healthy! But all of these foods are poisonous. See, my chicken ate out of them and died." The king got upset and then angry and cried: "O impolite boy! Are you mad? Do you know what you are saying? Is the food of my palace poisonous? Is a wooden chicken capable to eat at all before considering whether or not the food is poisonous?" The boy, who was watching the success of his plan, answered: "Yes, just as a wife can give birth to a puppy, a wooden chicken is also able to eat food."
The king was shocked by hearing the words of the boy and remembered his wife. So, at once, he dismissed everybody except the old man and the boy. The he asked the boy: "What do you mean? Who wanted you to utter these words?" The boy, who had achieved his purpose, clapped and picked up his hat and said: "I am the same boy your wife had promised to give birth."
By seeing the head of the boy that was from gold and silver, and by hearing the speeches of the boy, the king remembered all what happened in the past in this respect and had realized that he had found his real son. He was crying out with joy. He embraced the boy. Both the father and the son were very happy. The son asked the father about his mother. The king answered that he it was so long that he had known nothing about her.
The king and his son went together to the prison and saw that the poor little sister was breathing her last breathes. The king's wife got very glad by seeing her son and husband and thanked God. After a few days, she was quite well.
When the king understood that the cause of that accident was the jealousy of his wife's sisters, he ordered to leave both of them in front of the wild dogs. He also gave the old man a very good reward and made him satisfied before he left them. From that day on, the king had a very good common life with his kind wife and his unparalleled son.


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