Master Abraham

One day Shah Abbas went to the market. He went to the tailor shop and said: "I've brought some thick cloth that you have to make clothing for us out of it."
Master Abraham
Master Abraham

Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefipoor
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One day Shah Abbas went to the market. He went to the tailor shop and said: "I've brought some thick cloth that you have to make clothing for us out of it."
The tailor answered: "OK qibla of the universe! But I need one month time." Shah Abbas gave the cloth and went.
The master tailor and his apprentice, Master Abraham, began to cut the fabric.
After twenty days the work had not finished yet. So Shah Abbas disguised himself and went the tailor shop and stood there a little to see what the master tailor was doing. Just at that time, the tailor said Master Abraham: "Oh Master Abraham! Make flowers for Shah Abbas dress too. We have almost no time." Master Abraham who was napping, woke up and answered: "Oh master! You destroyed! I was dreaming of the moon and the star." As Shah Abbas heard those words went to his court and summoned Master Abraham and said him: "Oh little tailor! You said yesterday about the moon and star! What were you dreaming?" Master Abraham answered: "Oh the qibla of the universe! I cannot say." Following of his refusal, Shah Abbas jailed him.
After a while, the king of the neighboring country wrote a letter to Shah Abbas and wanted him to solve three problems otherwise to get ready to fight. First, he sent a dagger in a closed – end sheath and Shah Abbas had to detect which end is the handle of the dagger. Shah Abbas wanted all the scientists in the city to solve this problem, but none could find out the secret of the dagger.
One day the daughter of Shah Abbas had gone to the jail for inspection. There she saw Abraham and fell in his love. Since she knew that her father was helpless in solving the first problem, she said Abraham: "Say my father that you are able to solve the problem provided that if you give me your daughter. If he accepts your offer, you should throw up the dagger sheath for three times. The dagger sheath will fall on the ground from the end in which is the handle of the dagger." She said this matter and returned back to her palace.
Abraham informed the guard his conditional ability to solve the problem, and the guard informed it to the king. Shah Abbas got upset and said: "A tailor's apprentice and a king's daughter?!" At last, the minister and the court advisers convinced him to bring Abraham out of jail. Abraham, as the king's daughter had guided him, determined the position of the handle of the dagger. Shah's circle said bravo to him, and Shah Abbas sent a letter to the king of the neighboring country writing in it that the problem was so easy and was solved easily by a twenty - years old young man of the country!
This time, the king of the neighboring country sent two young ones, similar to each other, with the same height and physique and the same clothing, to Shah Abbas, and wanted him to detect, only from their appearance, which one was girl and which one was boy. Shah Abbas's advisers could not solve this problem either and eventually said: "Call the same tailor's apprentice."
Nightly, the king's daughter went and said the problem solution to Abraham and wanted him to mention its provision to the king. Shah Abbas became upset as before, but his advisors convinced him.
Master Abraham ordered to bring two trays being on one of them gold bracelet and on the other one gold belt. Then they put the two trays in front of the young persons. One of them picked up the gold belt and the other one picked up the gold bracelet. Abraham said: "The one who picked up the gold belt is boy, and the one who picked up the gold bracelet is gill."
This time, the king of the neighboring country sent two horses with the same height and figure and wanted Shah Abbas to say which one is mother and which one is foal. As before the king and his advisors could not solve this problem either. They found the remedy to ask Abraham. Shah Abbas's daughter reached herself to Abraham on time and guided him how to do in that respect. In the session of Shah Abbas, Abraham said: "Oh qibla of the world! If you agree the marriage of me with your daughter, I will solve this problem." In the presence of the audience, Shah Abbas pledged to agree to that marriage.
Abraham wanted two sacks full of barley. He poured poison into one of them and put the sacks in front of the horses. One of the horses neighed and ran toward the poisonous sack and took its head into the sack. The other horse slowly went toward the sound sack of barley. Abraham pointed to the first horse and said: "This horse is mother, since it exposes its life to ganger to save its foal." Shah Abbas sent the solution of that problem to the neighboring king too. Afterwards, he illuminated everywhere for three days and nights and made his daughter to marry Abraham.
After three years Abraham had two sons. One day he was sitting beside his wife on the porch of the palace while his two sons were on his knees. Shah Abbas arrived at the palace of Abraham. As Abraham saw the king, he remembered the dream he had sawn several years ago. So he said: "Oh qibla of the universe! Do you like to hear the dream I had seen but I avoid to tell you then?" Shah Abbas said: "Of course. I'll become glad to hear that." Master Abraham said: "I dreamed that the moon was in my right hand side and two stars were sitting on my knees." The he added: "The moon was your daughter who is sitting in my right hand side now, and the stars were my children who are sitting on my knees now." Shah Abbas said: "How beautiful dream you saw, and how well it was interpreted!"


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