Malek Jamshid and Chel Gis lady

Once upon a time, in ancient times there was a king who had a son whose name was Malek Jamshid. The king sent the son to school and that son was
Malek Jamshid and Chel Gis lady
Malek Jamshid and Chel Gis lady

Author: Mohammad Ghasemzadeh
Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefipoor
Source: Rasekhoon.net
Extracted from Rasekhoon

Once upon a time, in ancient times there was a king who had a son whose name was Malek Jamshid. The king sent the son to school and that son was educating until the age of seventeen and eighteen. One day the son faced the king and said: "I have learnt whatever I wanted."
The king became glad and sent several persons to accompany him in hunting. They were searching in the hunting region and hunt the animals until when saw a deer. They gathered and ordained that everyone over whom the deer jumped should hunt the deer. By chance, the deer jumper over the king's son and galloped away. The king's son wanted their accompanying persons to get back and himself I the desert began to follow the deer by galloping his horse. But as he tried more he could not reach to the deer. He went and went until at the sunset he reached a place where some people had erected a black tent and the deer went into that tent. The prince dismounted from the horse and went into the tent to see what was in it. He saw a huge old woman was sitting and smoking hookah there. The prince said hello. The old woman said: "Here you are. What do you want?"
The prince said: "I am following a deer that came into this tent. I was galloping following it one whole day."
The old woman said: "Why are you hurrying? For a moment sit and drink some tea and rest and smoke a hookah. I will give back your hunt in its opportunity."
The boy said nothing and sat and rested. He was smoking hookah that he saw a girl came in from the behind of the tent. The boy fell in her love strongly. The old woman said: "She is the same deer you were following."
The boy remained surprised and understood that the deer had been a fairy and now she had gained her main figure. Since he had become the lover of the girl, he face the old woman and said: "I am a king's son and my name is Malek Jamshid and I wanted this girl."
As the old woman heard that speech said: "In order to get that girl, you should first go and bring a fortune. If you bring that, that girl will be yours."
Malek Jamshid stayed in that tent for a while and then he returned back to the palace and told the king what he had sawn and heard. But the king did not agreed and said: "The was no proportion between you and the daughter of a nomadic stranger. No, it is impossible."
Malek Jamshid became sad and went to his palace and slept several days and did not go out. The prince was in bed and thought only about the fairy girl. During that time, whatever the king or the queen or the minister or physician came at his bed Malek Jamshid did not notice to them and did not get up at all. The king did know what to do no longer with that son. He consulted with the minister and eventually gave in and decided to go for proposing the nomad girl. The king and the authority of the court rode their horses and moved toward the black tent. When they reached there they noticed there was no tent there because they left there.
When they returned back and informed Malek Jamshid, he became so upset as if the whole world became dark to him. But he swiftly got up and began to search for the girl and old woman in the hope to find any sign from them. He went here and there. Suddenly he saw a letter had been put between two stones. He picked up the letter and saw that in it a text had been written: "O Malek Jamshid! This is my mother, the magic Reyhaneh. If you want to find me, you should come up to China and Machin." When he read the letter, he said to the young men accompanying him: "Return back you, since I want to go to China and Machin alone."
They tried so much to dissuade the prince from going to China and Machin, but he did not agree. At last, all of them returned back sadly and disappointedly. Malek Jamshid rode his horse and galloped and galloped until he reached a small castle after 24 hours. He looked at around and saw an erected black tent in the middle of the castle and a young man was sitting in it. He went ahead and said hello and added: "Don't you want guest?"
The young man said: "Here you are. You are welcome."
The both sat and that young man entertained as proper as possible with all thins he had and then they slept. In the morning, when they got up, the young man faced Malek Jamshid and said: "O young man! Did I fulfill the condition of entertainment fully or not?"
Malek Jamshid replied: "Yes, and even more than what I deserved. Thank you. God bless you."
The young man said: "OK. Now I have a condition too." Malek Jamshid said: "What condition?" The young man said: "We should wrestle together."
Malek Jamshid agreed and stood up and began wrestling. Their wrestling lasted from morning to the late evening, and at last Malek Jamshid won the wrestle and picked up the rival above his hands and dropped him onto the ground. As the young man was hit onto the ground, Malek Jamshid saw that his hat dropped from his head and a batch of hair like a harvest came out of the hat. Malek Jamshid became sorrow and said to himself: "I have been wrestling with a girl from the morning and hardly I could conquer her while I wanted to go to China and Machin and bring wife!"
In summary, Malek Jamshid and the girl sat talked with each other. The girl said: "you were lucky, otherwise you would be killed." After saying this, she took the hand of Malek amshid and took him toward the opening of a well just at the middle of the castle. Malek Jamshid noticed that at least five hundred young men had been killed by that girl after being defeated in the wrestle and their corpses were dropped into the well. The girl said: "O Malek Jamshid! You were lucky to win the wrestle. Know that my name is Nesman Arab and I have promised to myself not to marry with any man unless that man who conquer me. You did so, and from now on I am your bondwoman and you are both my husband and my chief."
Malek Jamshid said: "I accept. But you should know that I have a candidate for marriage who is the daughter of magic Reyhaneh and I should go to find her in China and Machin."
Nesman Arab said: "No problem. I also accompany you."
Malek Jamshid remained that night in that castle and in the early morning they got up and prepared their luggage and rode their horses and went until they reached a small castle. Both of them were tired and decided to rest beside the castle. Thy tied the horses that were tired in the meadow and themselves lied on the ground in order to nap.
They had not lied completely yet that Nesman Arab heard a foot sound and got up suddenly and saw that some persons had come out of the castle and were bringing a big tray on their hands. When they got closer, Nesman Arab saw that the tray was full of food and cookies. One of them said: "O lady! This is the castle of Chel Gis lady. She has seven brothers who are male demons. Chel Gis lady gave these meals and requested you to eat them and immediately leave here before that her brothers will return back to the castle, otherwise they will kill you."
As Nesman Arab heard so, she hit under the tray with her hand and dropped the foods and tore the metal tray itself in front of the servants as if it was a paper, and threw it toward them. Then she said to them: "Take it to Chel Gis lady and say that Nesman Arab says when your brothers return back want them to me in order that I tear them like this tray."
Her speech had not been finished yet that the male demons returned back to the castle. They saw from the top of the mountain that two persons were standing near the castle and were talking to their servants. The older demons wanted the youngest brother to go and cut the heads of those two persons and their horses and bring them back.
When the male demon came, Nesman Arab grabbed him and lifted him overhead and hit him strongly onto the ground. The demon began to nag. Then at once she tied the legs and arms of the demon and put him in a corner to decide for him later. After a while, the demon noticed that their younger brother had not come back yet. So they came one by one and Nesman Arab tied all of the seven brothers with rope one after the other. During the time Nesman Arab was tying the demons, Malek Jamshid was sleeping. When he got up, he noticed that a yellow hill had been appeared next to him. He opened his eyes and saw more carefully that seven male demons had been tied to each other with rope. The male demons had begun begging and said: "O Malek Jamshid! Please make us free from bind. Instead, we promise to give you our sister, Chel Gis lady, as your wife."
Malek Jamshid and Nesman Arab untied the arms and legs of the demons. Then the demons from front and Malek Jamshid and Nesman Arab from behind entered the castle. The male demons entertained them for five days. Afterwards, Malek Jamshid said to them: "Let your sister be here. I want to go to China and Machin and bring my fiancée here. When I returned back, I'll take your sister too with myself." He said this and said good bye to the male demons and Chel Gis lady and set off together with Nesman Arab.
They went and went until they reached a beach next to a sea, where a ship was releasing its anchor to move. Nesman Arab in an acrobatic act caught the anchor and said to the sailor: "You should embark we two too." Since the sailor had seen her power in her hands, he agreed and embarked them.
They sailed several days on sea until they reached to land. They said good bye to the sailor and other persons on board and continued their way to China and Machin by asking address from people.
At the gate of the city they encountered an old woman. Nesman Arab went ahead and helloed. She said: "O mother! We are stranger and don't have any place to reside. Do you know any home to reside there?" The old woman said: "I have residence for you but not for your horses."
Nesman Arab took out a fist of gold from the saddlebag and gave it to the old woman and said: "Provide also a place for our horses." As the old woman saw the gold, her eyes became open. Malek Jamshid said: "O mother! We are to find the daughter of the magic Reyhaneh. Do you have any information of her?"
The old woman said: "O sir! It seems that you don't know that these two or three days the daughter of the magic Reyhaneh is to marry with the son of the king of China and Machin. I am her servant myself in that ceremony."
Malek Jamshid said: "O mother! If you help us to kidnap the girl, I will make you needless from the property of the world." After saying this, he poured another fist of gold into the open skirt of the old woman who replied: "OK! Tomorrow they will take the girl to the bathroom. If you are ready, kidnap her. I also will inform the daughter of the magic Reyhaneh to be ready completely and to cooperate with you to be kidnapped." In summary, the next day in the morning, when they wanted to take the bride to the bathroom, Malek Jamshid and Nesman Arab went and ambush about the bathroom and took her from out of the hands of the officers. Nesman said to Malek Jamshid: "You take the girl and go. Put the war in the city to me."
Malek Jamshid put the girl on the back of the horse and galloped away from the city. On the other hand, Nesman Arab set herself in the city and began to defeat strongly the army of China and Machin. When she finished her work, she jumped on the back of her horse and reached herself to Malek Jamshid. She was attentive and brought with herself an additional horse for the daughter of the magic Reyhaneh. All three made their horses to gallop and straightly without any stop came and came until when they reached the beach. They embarked again and reached themselves to the castle of Chel Gis lady. They were guest there for some days to rest adg get rid of tiredness. After that, they took Chel Gis lady too and came until they reached near the city of Malek Jamshid. Nesman Arab said: "O Malek Jamshid! Now it is about foue or five years that you had left this city and we don't know what happened to it in your absence. Who knows whether or not your father is alive? If alive, is he steel the ruler the city or not? So by caution it is reasonable that you go alone into the city while we remain waiting here, and after you become certain that all things are ok you return back to take us with yourself. But if you will not return back yourself and another person will come to us, we will understand that something bad will have happened to you and we will kill that person." Malek Jamshid found her speech reasonable and accepted her offer and set off alone toward the city.
The officers informed the king that his son had been returned back. The king ordered to welcome him and to bring him to the court during a wonderful ceremony. The king was so glad. He embraced his son and asked him what happened to him in the journey to China and Machin. In response, Malek Jamshid told him in detail all what had happened to him.
The king sighed when he heard the story of his son and the name of Chel Gis lady because he was first lover to Chel Gis lady but he had been afraid of her male demon brothers and so had done nothing to get her. Now that he noticed that Chel Gis lady had come herself to his city, he deceitfully decided to take her out of the hands of Malek Jamshid in order to marry her. So he called his minister and said to him: "O minister! Please let's think about a way to get rid of this boy in order that I can get Chel Gis lady." The minister said: "The only way is killing Malek Jamshid." The king said: "How?" The minister said: "We will make a trick and will bind his hands and then we will kill him."
The king and minister made a plot. After an hour the minister came to Malek Jamshid and said: "O prince! You are very powerful and in the journey to China and Machin you has done so many things that nobody else could do. But in order that nobody doubt in your power, we decide to bind your hands and you should tear the bands in front of the people and then everybody will watch your power and will believe your story in the journey to China and Machin."
In summary, the minister eventually deceived Malek Jamshid and bound the hands of Malek Jamshid with a very strong rope from behind. Malek Jamshid who agreed to do this thing because he did not thing it was a plot, whatever tried to tear the rope he was not successful. As the order of the king, they took Malek Jamshid to desert and there the king took out the two eyes of Malek Jamshid by the hands of himself. Malek Jamshid with bloody eyes became unconscious there under a tree and the king and minister returned back to the city and sent some footmen to bring Chel gis lady, but all of them were killed by Nesman Arab.
On the other hand, hear from Malek Jamshid. He had been dropped under a tree and next to a fountain with bloody and blind eyes for several hours until when gradually became conscious. Since he was lucky, a simurgh had nest over the tree. When it was sunset, the simurgh appeared in the sky and came and sat over the tree and saw Malek Jamshid in his bad situation. It face Malek Jamshid and said: "O human being! What do you have? What do you want here? What happened to you?"
Malek Jamshid told the simurgh all of his story in detail.
The simurgh took pity on him and said: "If you have your eyes, I can put them on their places and cure you." Malek Jamshid picked up his dug out eyes from the ground and gave them to the simurgh. The simurgh put them under its tongue and soaked them and said: "In the name of God" and then put back them into the eye socket of Malek Jamshid. God wishing, Maled Jamshid became seeing again and opened his eyes. He noticed that it had become night. He decided to use the darkness of night in order not to be seen and go to the city. So he said good bye to the simurgh and came to the city.
When he reached home he noticed that some persons were sitting and crying. He entered and said hello and asked if what happened to cause them to cry. They said that their king had a son who had gone to China and Machin and had brought three girls with himself, and the king had fallen to love of one of them and in order to get her he had killed his son, and now everyone who went to bring them he would be killed by the girls, and so far, many gladiators had gone to fight the girls but none had returned back healthy, and now it was the turn of Ghasem Khan, their young man, and they were sad in that respect since they were afraid of him being killed.
Malek Jamshid said: "O people! I am ready to be killed instead of Ghasem Khan. Only give me the clothing of Ghasem Khan in order that I go to the battlefield instead of him. If they killed, they would have killed me, and if I won, I would have won under the name of Ghasem Khan."
All became happy and agreed gladly. They brought the clothing of Ghasem Khan and gave it to Malek Jamshid. He slept the night in Ghasm Khan's home and in the morning under the name of Ghasem Khan went to the battlefield. Nesman Arab came and grappled with him, but she soon noticed that it was Malek Jamshid. So she greeted him. He said: "My father blinded me, but God saved me." Nesman arab said: "Now shout to inform the king that it is close that Ghasem Khan to hit Nesman Arab onto the ground. When the king will come we can kill him."
In summary, they informed the king so and he came and sat on the throne to watch the battle. At this moment Nesman Arab took out her sword and cut off the king's head. The crowd was frightened. Nesman Arab shouted: "O people! Don't be afraid of us. This boy you are watching is Malek Jamshid, the son of your king. You have heard his story and you know that his father because of the love of Chel Gis lady did bad to him. Now God has helped him and has taken his revenge. Now Malek Jamshid is your king."
The people calmed down after hearing the speech of Nesman Arab. Malek Jamshid and the three girls entered the city. From then on, Malek Jamshid was the king.


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