A one-day wander around Isfahan’s nature

Isfahan is famous for its history and architecture but if you ever visit the place, you can spend a whole day or half a day to enjoy its recreational resorts. To wander the
Wednesday, December 16, 2015
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A one-day wander around Isfahan’s nature
 A one-day wander around Isfahan’s nature


Translated by: Samira Hasanzadeh
Source: www.rasekhoon.net


Isfahan is famous for its history and architecture but if you ever visit the place, you can spend a whole day or half a day to enjoy its recreational resorts. To wander the nature in Isfahan, here are our suggestions:
Sofhe forest park
The famous heights of Sofeh are located in the southwest of Isfahan. The highest point is 2257 meters. It extends to the bypass from north, to Takht-e Rostam from west, to townships and residential complexes from east and to open space and a railway from south. The mountain used to be separated from the city but now it has joined due to the development of the city. The forest park is a part of it.
The mountain has an amazing natural structure. Its history is mysterious as the explored ancient remains are unknown. It’s old fortress ( which is the main castle) known as Dio, where Ismaili sect and the Seljuk fought, existed in the 6th century. The caves of the mountain were a place for hermit Sufi dervishes.
 A one-day wander around Isfahan’s nature
There are different stories about why it’s called Sofhe; some attribute it to the flat rocky peak of the mountain and some believe it’s called Sofhe since the it has pleasant landscape. But research shows that the name Sofhe is taken from the ancient word Espah,or Sepah( troops) which reminds you of Isfahan (or Sepahan).
Leaving its adventurous and mysterious history, the mountain has beauties which attract visitors. To have a pleasant trip in a nice climate and charming nature with a spectacular sky , don’t miss it and head off to enjoy the peace and tranquility.
Najvan park
The beautiful resort with gardens and forests, survived from developments, is still fresh and pleasant. Najvan consists of two words: Naj ( a plant belonging to the family of Spruce like Tabrizi and aspen) and Van ( a suffix for a place). So Najvan is place, west of Isfahan, with dense indigenous trees like aspen, and ash.
 A one-day wander around Isfahan’s nature
In an area of about 1200 hectares in the west of Isfahan , it is a resort which is important environmentally. Zayanderud river flows in the heart of gardens, forests and broad pastures and make the whole region fresh and beautiful. Totally different from other parks in Isfahan, it’s now one of the main recreational resorts in the city.
Close your eyes and imagine this: a magnificent landscape with dense trees, a river flowing down, migratory birds, wild forest , a mild breeze blowing in the morning and striking sunset and sunrise. This is all you can get in Najvan , a quiet place void of any disturbing noise of the large cities with a pleasant climate.
The recreational resort with facilities such as sports grounds, pools, camp sites, playgrounds, and stations for carriage riding, horse riding, boat riding and biking is awaiting the floods of tourists.
And the good news is it will be developed with the establishment of butterflies garden, restaurants, nationality gardens, therapeutic herbal center, water park, a ground for traditional games of the kids, etc.
After two forest parks, now it’s turn for a field in a mountainous region. Kolah Ghazi heights with the surrounding fields are among the best habitats for the wildlife in the country. According to the history, Shah Abbas from the Safavid and Qajar kings went over to do hunting. In the late 19th century , Zellosoltan , the eldest son of Naseredin Shah who was the ruler of Isfahan for several years, in his diary has mentioned Kolah Ghazi and Shahkuh as the richest and finest places for hunting.
 A one-day wander around Isfahan’s nature
The wildlife region is half desert as it is located in a dry land. Its vegetation is not dense due to low rain. As a result the wild life population is limited. But it’s broad and has a nice topography (including 2 mountains on two sides and a field in the middle). It can provide all the environmental needs of the wildlife all year round.




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