The story of Umar ibn Al-Khattāb's conversion to Islam

In respect to the way of writing we said when a verse was revealed, the prophet summoned up the divine writers and recommended them to write therefore, the Revelation
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The story of Umar ibn Al-Khattāb's conversion to Islam
The story of Umar ibn Al-Khattāb's conversion to Islam


Translated by: Ahmad Ismaeil Abadi


In respect to the way of writing we said when a verse was revealed, the prophet summoned up the divine writers and recommended them to write therefore, the Revelation writers carefully and recorded the verses and recounted them to the Prophet. Once it occurred he put his finger on a word asked about it. He, himself, commanded where to put any verse. In late in his life, sometimes he mined on clear writing of some letters, drawn or racked letters and also when some tribes converted to Islam the prophet sent a group of friends to teach the Quran as well as the Islam rules. It is natural that they also carry inscriptions from the Quran and the revelation popularized in a way that they exemplified it. Take a look at the lyrics of Hassan ibn Thabit (d. 54 AH), panegyric poet, that after the event of Badr in a lyric he spoke of "a revelation "in a subtle paper which undoubtedly he means writing Quranic sheets. It was due to this that nothing passed the revelation that Quranic verses passed from hand to hand and chest to chest so, the one who did not know to read could learn by heart by hearing and recounted to the others and those who did not know to write, prepared an ascription for his own to have it ever. Teachers who shouldered the task of teaching Quran carried a copy of the Quran to teach. We have sample of this since the beginning of Islam and the Prophet mission reflecting the huge popularity of the Quran from the early days. However, it is an story that Scholars and historians have narrated in various ways and we narrate the oldest and more authentic of all and it is the story of the second Caliph conversion to Islam, Umar ibn Al-Khattāb.
This is Ibn Ishaq who has narrated that and with all its longevity and its details, color and luster of the Quran attractions is seen in it that showed its trustworthiness and credibility. This narration has been narrated in other forms as well, but the contents of this narrative indicating its accuracy.
Three or four days after the Prophet's uncle, Hamza's conversion to Islam, nearly six years after the Prophet's mission and about seven years before the migration Umar ibn Al-Khattāb was a twenty-six-year-old man and Umar at the time was strong, mighty and leader among the peers; he was of the trained of his day and knew how to read and write. In those days, after five or six years of preaching still the number of Muslim group was few and eighty-three of that small group as a result of torture and violence of the people of Mecca have left the country and emigrated to Abyssinia and resorted to the Negus and the rest of them included thirty-nine men and one woman inevitably concealed their new religion of the public. They practiced religious ceremonies in secret and sometimes even learned and recited verses away from the eyes of those close to them. The Prophet Mohammad at that time was in the home of "Arqam's son "' and, alas, short minutes of this secret and hidden swath of the struggle continued in the Mecca. The secretly battle has left secret. Quraysh were searching on and even sent some after immigrants and eventually returned Abyssinia empty-handed. However, they did not withhold any violence about the Prophet and his companions. In short, Quraysh's chaos had gone up.
In the midst of the storm and stress, one day, Omar decided to kill God's prophet whereby ends that chaos and tumult; he was a fanatic and determined man. In Mecca, there was no one taller than him and later, when a mosque was built in Medina, when Omar entered the mosque his head touched the ceiling. That day he took the sword and with drawn sword was set out to find the prophet and kill him entirely. On the way, he came across to "Naim Ibn Abdullah Alnham". As Noaim saw him asked where he goes and what he wants to do? Umar said: I would like to go and kill Mohammad (PBUH), that guy who has divided Quraysh, called their educated people stupid, ridiculed their Gods, insulted them and called their religion ridiculous. Naeem had accepted Islam but, kept it secret from others and no one knew that he was a Muslim and according to Omar he was also a "Sabi". Here, he sensed danger and said to himself in any case, this tall and strong man will make a conspiracy and it was the case that Naeem changed the issue with subtlety. He replied to Omar: 'You are deceiving yourself. You thought that if you kill Muhammad (PBUH) will bani Abd Manaf still leaves you alive? Why don't you go back to your family and do not help them with their affairs? On the one hand stimulation and on the other hand the threat of ethnic nervousness! Umar said: Who I am? Naim said, I mean your cousin and your sister's husband, Fatima; both of them became Muslim and followers of Muhammad's religion (PBUH). You are right, follow them! So, Omar who wandered the streets looking for the Prophet and the Muslims now felt that Islam had also penetrated to his sister's house and he is unaware of that therefore; he got worried and set out to his sister's home. He did not know that his brother, Zaid, has also converted to Islam so, in this time, in the house of Saeed a man of the Sahabeh naming" Khabbab Ibn Hareth" was busy teaching Quran and made sword; he was one of the first who had declared his Islam Publicly and openly, in those difficult days therefore, they had burnt his back-skin by torture and hard time was passing on Muslims and he and other disabled had left work and the prophet had told that every Muslim take care of two people of his brothers . Nevertheless, he was busy teaching Quran to the couples. Meanwhile, the door was knocked. Who is that? It is Omar. The couple stood up immediately, and covered Khabbab in a blanket and put aside the reading scripture. The door opened, and Omar entered while he was angry and sword in hand. What you were whispering together? Fatimah and Saeed said together, it was nothing! ; Not a word that you hear. Omar said Yeah. I know you both became followers of Mohammad (PBUH)! So, told this and attacked to Saeed. Fatimah stood up to help her husband and wounded in this fight and blood flew. The couple were excited of this incident and shouted: Yes, Yes!! We became Muslims and converted to Allah and His Messenger, do what you can do.
His bloody sister, his husband's sustainability, and above all, the couple true believe in God influenced on Omar. This time, with regret and shame asked his sister softly what you have studied before I arrive. Perhaps the sister had hidden under the knee or it was on the ground she had forgotten to hide anyway it was discovered and Omar founded it and said give that scripture to see what has been revealed to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) . A flash lighted in the eyes of the asker and there was certainty in his speech that made Fatimah hopeful; the expectancy of Omar conversion to Islam. But, on the other hand, she was still worried and she easily rejected and said I fear you do not pay it back to me. Still, the sister was not agreed to give the scripture. Omar swore to his God to give it back after reading. Ultimately, she convinced Omar to shower and to be cleaned and then gave it to Omar. Omar was Speech was a man familiar with speech and knew the value of words and its respect and so far several time had happened that he heard the language of Quran from Muhammad (PBUH) and his heart had trembled moreover, before that, he was familiar with teachings of Honafa and censuring the idolaters. That's why his father-in-law, Zayd, had been exiled from Mecca. Hadith Umm Abdullah and others have narrated of prepared conditions regarding him. Even the narration of Atta and Mujahid though it is another form again narrates this prepared condition for them. But it has not ever occurred that in tranquility after the excitement and in a intimate group and alone, with reliability and precision to hear the verses of God or read them. Omar took Sahifeh (scripture) and read it. We have sent the Quran to you to put you in troubles. But, (I sent) to remind those who know and fear. It is a revelation from the merciful God landing to the throne of God; what is in the heaven and whatever is between them and under the soil all belongs to Him. If talk loudly, he knows slower and more secret of that. There is no God but Allah; Belonging to Him the best names.
So far, he had heard sweetest words and heard the poem of Arab Bedouin poets in the markets, knew seven hung of Kaaba and had heard their good poetic sonnets. Including, he had seen the rhyme of the priests, and had heard lyrics and legends that make children sleep and the youth dreaming. But never had he faced the word with this depth and breadth with unlimited zone and unseen depths. No! This statement is of different quality. It can not be made by human; it has a taste and attraction that the reason becomes amazed and ecstatic. He also from the beginning of words got fascinated and intrigued. Just these a few verses completely changed him.
The atmosphere governing them, the scene of their thoughts, everything changed, the man who with the world of ignorant anger and prejudice had come to destroy everything now, facing the infinite greatness has become humiliated and belittled. Khabbab that so far has hided came out of hideaway and went towards Omar. Took his arm, pressed it and said: Omar! I swear to God that you'll be specified to the prophet's invitation. Omar slowly and softly said: where is Muhammad (PBUH)? Take me there therefore I become Muslim so, since then, he stepped toward Muslims' cache and pronounced his Islam.
This narrative, regardless of the many other important points, well shows that since the very first years that the Quran has been going hands in hand on different Sahifehs. This case is clear by its own; when, in the earlier time, Muslims were so diligent in writing, reading and teaching of Quran even under pressure of enemies and secretly, naturally, in a safe environment and in the promotion of Islam, belief, the process of writing Quran has been going well.


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