General Assembly of the United Nations and split Resolution

Despite much opposition from outside and within the America, Truman was a follower of the opinion that the Jewish state must be established. Thus,
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General Assembly of the United Nations and split Resolution
General Assembly of the United Nations and split Resolution

Translator: Davood Salehan


Despite much opposition from outside and within the America, Truman was a follower of the opinion that the Jewish state must be established. Thus, when a special Palestine commission suggested division of mandated territories into a Jewish state and an Arabic country and turning Jerusalem into an International region, President ordered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support the partition plan.
Time for the final battle of ideas about Israel in Truman mind was started in November 1947. Meanwhile the United Nations decided to vote for partition of Palestine into two Jewish and Arab states. Anti-Zionists who were headed the Foreign Ministry, adamantly opposed the proposal. Zionists and their allies in the White House worked hardly to have support of the United States for the partition plan.
Finally the split plan of Palestine became inside a meeting on November 29, 1947 against America's pressure and it was adopted with 33 positive votes, 13 opposing votes, 17 abstained and 2 absent votes.
Gathering the thirty-three positive votes in the United Nations was a complex process. For this reason, many American figures by global influence were used for the success of the project of division. America's Deputy Secretary of State, Robert Luft, wrote: Company of "Fire Sotun" manufacturer of tires and rubber, used his influence in Liberia and ordered representative in Liberia in a letter put pressure on their government in there to vote in favor of the split.
Bribes and threats were used at the same time. Representative of one of the governments of Latin America in the United Nations change his position in favor of the split vote by getting 75 thousand dollars. The representative of Costa Rica rejected the $ 45 thousand bribe, but in the end because of his government decree he voted in favor of the split.
In the meantime, there was no pressure worse than what was on the Philippines. Gen. Carlos Remailer, chairman of the Filipino board and national hero of the country, after speaking harshly about anti-division in the United Nations General Assembly, left America to go to Manila.
But Ambassador to the Philippines, Elizalde contacted his country's president, Manuel Roxas, and told him that in his opinion the partition is an irrational plan, but America has insistence on it and voting against the will of the United States is something crazy. Finally, the President and the Ambassador agreed the idea that if Philippines positively vote the question of division, later the government can take benefit from the plan.
The only government that did not to give up to pressure from America was Greece. Greece, on the basis of its traditional friendship with Egypt, put it in expose to the wrath of Congress and voted negatively to split. Haiti also voted positively despite his agent had disagreed the partition plan 24 hours before that. Haiti vote was one of the three votes - in addition to Liberia and the Philippines - which was changed at the last minute and thus split plan was approved with two-thirds of the majority (33 votes against 13 votes).
France was threatened to face huge cut in United States' aid and they surrendered as well. America's most political idea from Palestinian issue was seen in testimony that Colonel Eddie provides and is concerned with the talks between Truman, President of America, and four American diplomats that were called from the location of their mission in the Middle East. George Wadsworth who speaks in the name if four people, apparently was trying to show risks of an anti-Arab policies to the President. But according to Colonel Eddy, President Truman concluded:
Gentlemen, I'm sorry, but I must be responsive to the hundreds of thousands who show intolerance for the success of Zionism; I do not have hundreds of thousands of Arabs among voters.
Thus, one of the events that took place during the reign of Truman in the world and replaced America with England in the Middle East was the emergence of Israel in 1947 accompanied by wars against neighboring countries. In the war that began in May 1948, the Zionists were funded and armed by America.
Truman was the first world leader who recognized Israel.
Illegitimacy of Israel in terms of international relations
Analyzing and review of the definitions and reality of the state clearly show that there are elements that are fundamental to the existence and preservation of the state. In the absence of any of these elements, there will be no government. The country has three special characteristics: people, specific land and state.
1. People: people are the first and fundamental element of existence of the state. State as human nature cannot be imagined without people. The Zionist state in Palestine, despite the multitude of current Jews in Palestine it must be said that these people do not belong to this country. They are alien and they have come here form around the world and against desire of the indigenous people of this country who have been displaced by force. Therefore, in no way definition of people cannot be true about them, so we cannot call them people of Palestine.
2. Specific Land: all people agree that the government should have a certain country and there is no such thing as the migrant state. New government essentially depends on the land according to its nature.
In relation to Zionist state, regardless of the fact that Israel has no specific boundaries, territorial integrity of occupied territories with the original people of Palestine and neighboring Arab countries is disputed. North of Palestine is claimed by Lebanon, east is claimed by Syria and Jordan, south is claimed by Egypt and Palestine is claimed by Palestinians that since 1947 the Zionism government occupied the territories.
Thus, the question is posed that which parts belong to Israel?
On the other hand, Zionists do not believe in borders, as one of the leaders of the Zionist, Golda Meir, says: border is where Israel requires to maintain its own security.
On May 11, 1949, the Zionist state of Israel that was imposed to the United Nations with the will of the United States, mentions the following three conditions:
1. It does not touch the status of Jerusalem.
2. To allow Palestinian Arabs to return to their homeland.
3. Respect boundaries set by the dividing decision.
Ben-Gurion after the decision of the resolution states:
The Israeli government thinks that the UN resolution dated November 29, 1947 is null and meaningless.
General Moshe Dayan says:
Consider American Declaration of Independence. The declaration does not refer to any territorial limits, and we do not have to decide limitations of the government.
Former Israeli Prime Minister, Ben-Gurion, addressed the students elsewhere:
This map is not the map of our country. We have another map that you, Israel's youth and school students, have to fulfill. The nation of Israel shall develop its territory from the Euphrates to the Nile.
Menachem Begin also writes:
when I look at north, I can see the fertile plains of Syria and Lebanon, as I look to East I can see fertile valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates... and we see Iraqi oil and as we look at West we can observe Egyptians land… we are not able to progress until we have not resolved our territorial issues from a position of power ... We should make the Arabs to surrender soon.
3. Government: it is also clear about the issue of government that in terms of definition, government should be representative of the population. Here also we cannot say that the Israeli government is representative of the Palestinian people that has displaced them and they are living under tents in neighboring countries.
In addition to the lack of basic and normal conditions of being a country, Israel is infected by inherent illegitimacy. This lack of legitimacy can be examined from three aspects:
1. Usurped political power.
2. Usurped land.
3. The lack of any legal basis in international law to declare it (the establishment of it) as a country.
Condemning the racism of Israel by the United Nations in the year 1977 (1356) was along presenting a group complaint of black American Jews to the United Nations. Some members of this group were imprisoned in Israel and then they were deported from there because they wanted to live in the "Dimona" settlement located in the Negev desert that more than a thousand black Americans Jews lived there. Acyl Ben Israel, clergyman of the group, interpreted the behavior of the Israeli government: the Israeli government is a government that is fundamentally racist.
Doctor Israel Shahak also about has an interesting discussion about definition and characteristics of the Zionist government. He writes:
Without discussing ordinary behavior and attitudes of Jews with non-Jews, even the concept of Israel as a "Jewish state" - as Israel formally defines itself – is not understandable. The common wrong sense that Israel is a true democracy even regardless of the mode of rule in the occupied territories originates in deliberately ignoring the importance of the term "Jewish state" for non-Jews. Not only Israel as a Jewish state causes trouble for itself and its residents, but it is dangerous for all Jews and all other peoples and governments in the Middle East and beyond.
Shahak adds: Let me begin with the official Israeli definition of the term "Jew" that indicates the clear difference of Israel as "a Jewish state" with most other states. This actually means that if the members of a Peruvian tribe convert to the Jewish faith, accordingly, they will be considered Jewish Israeli citizens immediately.
Finally, Israeli society is a society composed of settled people which was formed during the colonization of land that was formerly the Palestinian residence, but this is not its feature, but the community also has unique advantages. This country benefits a wealth flow from the outside that is unique in terms of quantity and quality. In fact, in 1968, the country received 10% of all aid to the backward countries. Israel is unique in the Middle East, imperialism provides it’s funded without the exploitation of the country's economy. This situation has always existed in the past: imperialism used Israel for its own political purposes and in exchange it supports their economy.
Oscar Goss, American economist who once worked as an economic adviser to the Israeli government in the country, writes:
What is unique in this stage of development of Israel is factor of capital inflow to inside the country… during 17 years, from 1949 to 1965, Israel has received $ 6 billion imported goods and services more than what it has exported. In 21 years (1948-68) extra imports of the country was more than 7.5 billion dollars.



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