Protocols of Jewish (Zionist) leaders to conquer the world

About protocols of senior Jewish scholars that its text will be mentioned in the same number, following description is required:
Protocols of Jewish (Zionist) leaders to conquer the world
Protocols of Jewish (Zionist) leaders to conquer the world

Translator: Davood Salehan
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About protocols of senior Jewish scholars that its text will be mentioned in the same number, following description is required:
1. The term "protocol" has several meanings, including the drafting contract, treaty or formal document signed between two or more States, but here it has concept of formulation designed or decisions made by a group of Jewish thinkers, strategists and rabbis in order to conquer the world.
According to the outstanding scholar and Palestinian militant, Avij Nevihez: "protocols are programs that Jewish capitalists and economists and thinkers and scholars have set to destroy the foundation of Christianity, Pop's territory and finally Islam. The Zionist Jews believe that after this destruction that according to those protocols will last for a hundred years, they will have domination over the world and they will establish a royal Jewish - David rule that by their measures and resources will make the Jews that are a tiny minority able to rule all the authoritarian world and no religion, neither Christianity nor Islam will remain along with Judaism"
2. Texts of protocols are prepared to be read in several conference sessions for discussion and final decision that the Russian Tsarist secret police attacked the mentioned conference held in Basel in Switzerland in 1897 and looted the documents.
3. . Protocols were translated from Hebrew or French into Russian in 1905 by a Russian writer, Sergei Nilos, who was one of the Christian clergy and scholars and in 1906 it entered the library of the British Museum London.
4. Victor Marsden, British journalist who was working for the British newspaper Morning Post in Russia at the same time with Bolshevik Revolution, translated the protocols into English in 1917.
5. Henry Ford, founder of the American Ford Automobile Company (published protocols in 1920 as a series of articles in the newspaper that belonged to him. The aim was that the American people get aware of the risk of the formation of the Jewish empire. Ford knew protocols of Zion Elders as the main program of the Jews to dominate the world and he warned that Jews do not confine the US government and are seeking to establish the global rule.
Henry Ford, in an interview published on the seventeenth day of February 1921 in the "New York World", claimed against the "Protocols of Zion": "the only thing that I am interested to say about the protocols is that they have implementation with what is happening. The protocol schemes are sixteen years old and they have been consistent with the state of the world so far. "
Ford said the point when the Jewish leaders and the Jewish press in the US touted against him and advocated outcry. Henry Ford, after suffering oppression and hardship that only organized Judaism can design and implement it, finally was forced to officially apologize from Jews on June 30, 1927, in a letter addressed to "Louis Marshall" leader of "Association of American Jews". Of course, Ford did not deny the truth of protocols and analyzes published about them in his apology nor afterwards.
6. The provisions of the some Protocols seemed contradictory. For instance, in somewhere there are recommendations to promote the theory of "freedom-seeking" and in elsewhere it is said that we will oppose any "freedom" by power. In this case, it should be noted that these instructions are divided into two categories. One category is about plans and programs that Jews implement before the establishment of the global State to destroy the countries and the states and other category is concerned about the programs that are set to be implemented after establishment of rule of the Jews over the world. So wherever we hear talk of promoting "freedom-seeking" or "freedom of the press", it is related to a program that makes countries, states and nations divide, instability and disintegration, but wherever there is talk of a fight with " freedom ", it is about the time when the world state of the Jews is established and it shuts any opposition to strengthen its power.
7. We cannot conclude that the Jewish people of the world are agreed and alignment to what is mentioned in the protocols. In fact, Jews, who are under oppression and capitalist exploitation of Judaism and rabbis in line with the capitalists, or from unawareness and deceit, are manipulated by them that it is essential for these Jews to be alert and wake up and know about the danger of Judaism linked with Zionism.
8. For more information about the "Jewish Protocols", interested readers are referred to two major books:
A) Journal of Research on Zionism which is a series of articles by Mohammed Ahmedi, Publisher: Cultural Institute Zia Andishe, 1415-544
B) The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, wrote by: Ajaj Nevihez, translation by: Hamid Reza Sheikhi, Publisher Astan Quds Razavi

Now we consider some parts of these Protocols as an example:
Some parts of Protocol. No 1
We end the freedom
- If we take a look at past, we will find that we were the first people who called for freedom, equality and brotherhood . These words were later repeated by non-Jewish people in stupid way and they caught them unaware and destroyed freedom which was like a strong obstacle in front of pressure of the masses. Gentile wise men are unable to get away from absolutism and mentality and celibacy and accept the reality. They will never notice the contradiction between what they say and what they do. They do not understand that people have different talents, abilities and personalities. They do not believe that the masses are blind and ignorant. They do not believe that a person, who emerges from the heart of the masses, cannot become leader. They do not accept that leadership talent is passed from father to son in a descent. By ignoring such facts, they acted against the rules of nature, and we see that the issue of hereditary of leadership is forgotten, and this issue has caused us getting closer to success.
- Dissemination of words such as freedom, equality and brotherhood in the four corners of the world are attributed to us. We must be grateful to our agents who unconsciously raised our flag with great gusto. We know that mentioned words destroyed prosperity, peace, and cooperation of the rule of non-Jews in the history. Later, we will note that how our puppet agents will finally help us be winner. It means that in the future we will be able to destroy any privileges including aristocracy and capitalism and Gentile communities which are as a bulwark against our victory, and we will build our aristocracy, which is based on wealth and leadership of educated people, on ruins of the Gentiles' aristocracy. Again we note that knowledge and fortune are two basic conditions for the formation of the aristocracy. We have wealth and knowledge of leadership is provided to us by earlier philosophers.
- If in relationships we put a hand on the most sensitive nerve of the human mind, we will win soon and the sensitive nerves of the human mind include gold-gathering, wealth-worship and variety in the satisfaction of material needs. Each of these demands alone can make others surrender us.
- subjectivity of freedom issue helps us to make the masses of people around the world understand that their governments are only observer of spending wealth of people and the states can be changed frequently such as gloves.
- Since changing leaderships of the kingdoms of the world is possible and since we can have a very important role in these changes, it would be easy for us to take the nomination and selection of the world's leaders.

Protocol No. 13

- the need to daily food products will force the Gentiles to sit quiet and silent and become humble servants of us. We will choose individuals from these factors, and we will send them to press.
These factors will discuss issues that are not in our favor to be officially released. At the same time we will be aware of these discussions and we will present discussed subjects by the press as we want. Obviously, when a subject gets common among the people, no one dares to demand the denial and revocation of that subject. In addition, in needed situations, we will distract people's thought of matters that have been raised by the press, and we will make them note other things.
Basically, non-Jews are narrow-minded people who are unable to understand the simplest political issues. Besides, political issues are difficult issues to be understood except for the ones who are designer and creator of such issues.
- According to what has been aforesaid, our purpose for attracting the minds of the masses of the people is just facilitating our work, and if are looking to get approval of people for this or that issue, we just talk and do not act. In our writings we will announce people that we seek public happiness and well-being.
- to distract the mind of those who may cause problems in the political debate, we will raise new issues, such as industry and we will say they are new political issues, and we will allow people to discuss such issues. The masses of people tend to be inactive in politic situations. Therefore, in order to mistaken them and to be confused and unsure of what they are talking about, we will entertain them by topics such as leisure and going to the clubs. In the same period, we will force the press to deal with issues such as competitions and art contests and exercises. Undoubtedly dealing with these issues will divert them away from fundamental issues. Gradually they will get used to not express their opinion and ultimately they will repeat things that we want and this is how we will direct their mind, and we can trust their cooperation.
- the role that freedom-seekers, fantasy-makers and dreamy people should play finally happens until the our government is accepted by all. So, till the start of our government, they will be serving us well and we try to occupy mind of these people to imaginary nonsense issues and theories. We should entertain non-Jews to issues such as development so that in the end, they state inability in understanding the matters. The word "progress" like a fallacious idea will mislead the truth and no one knows the issue except us, the chosen people of God.
- When we come to imperial throne, our speakers will discusses great problems that makes humans away from humanity, so such problems be resolved under our leadership.
- We were the ones who led people step by step, according to our political program over the centuries. Can anyone doubt it?


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