Some Question about the Israel from Mr. Taghipour

*Do you mean religious motive for immigration to Palestine as Promised Land was fake among the Jews?
Some Question about the Israel from Mr. Taghipour
Some Question about the Israel from MrTaghipour

Translator: Davood Salehan
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*Do you mean religious motive for immigration to Palestine as Promised Land was fake among the Jews?
- Basically, the primary leaders of Zionism all had ideological thoughts. Even when the slogan of immigration to Palestine was raised in the form of a religious issue, the Zionist leaders said behind the scenes that Palestine was full of "stones" and let the rest go and see these "rocks"! The leaders of Zionism all have ideological and materialist ideas.
*As you say, it turns out that there was a central that decided to form a Jewish state at a particular time. Who and what group were this centrality?
"The Jews, in terms of their ethnical character throughout history have seen a unity among themselves. This issue also exists in the Qur'an. When the Samaritan calf discussion is raised, we read in the Tafsir al-Mizan that when Moses (AS) went to the mountains, not all Jews worshiped the calf, but the reason why God curses all of them in the Qur'an is that their tribal character did not allow them to oppose the calf worshipers and the offenders, and voted in favor of calf worshipers by their silence. This ethnicity has always existed for the Jews, and it was not difficult to organize them, and they did it through Zionist organizations, like the Freemasonry organization, which, despite the beliefs of many people, this was a Zionist-Jewish organization. Gradually after the activities of these institutions, which often had economic and political power, and the organization of Jews, in 1897, by leadership of an Austrian Jew named Theodor Herzl, the First World Zionist Congress was held in the city of " The Basel "of Switzerland consisted of Jewish leaders in five continents, where the World Zionist Organization is founded, and thus institutional and organizational activity of them is started by forming such an institution.
*You said that since the early 19th century the Zionist organization had begun its activities, and on the other hand, the Jews were not ready to immigrate to Palestine, because they considered their current situation ideal. What did the Zionist organizations do to satisfy the Jews for their departure to Palestine?
- The Zionist leaders first started a series of cultural and literary activities. They wrote novels with the Old Testament and translated it into several languages and sent to the Jewish home. Like the novel David Alero, etc., or Hebrew lyrics like "Lord Bairon" that he was not a Jew neither, but they paid money and, on the order of the Zionists, he wrote poetry for them in Hebrew, for example, a famous poem that said "Crows have a house and fox has a house, but we do not have anything that is written by the same Christian Lord Bairon in the 19th century. With these activities, they wanted to tell the Jews that Palestine was your promised land, and basically this land is yours and you have no other place than there.
*How effective were these activities?
- These activities failed, and after these failures, the secret Jewish-Zionist centers with the guidance of the Zionist leaders began physical stimulation against the Jews, known today as "anti-Semitism" or "hurting Jews".
*Did "anti-Semitism" root in Jewish sources?
- Yes, the Zionist leaders saw that they could not separate these Jews from their countries of residence, and, naturally, they needed a motive for them. Therefore, it was necessary for the Jews to be informed that they did not have security in their countries of residence, and therefore began these activities, such as the Dreyfus case, which is present in the history.
However, the Zionists, in the name of Muslims and Christians, began to engage in anti-Semitic activities to induce the Jews not to be safe in other countries and to go to Palestine. An example of that was the "ghetto." The "ghetto" is the name of the walls that Jews lived in special neighborhoods around their place of residence. But they propagated that, as they harassed the Jews, they were forced to wall around themselves and live apart from everyone else. While Jews believe that they should live in special places, according to their beliefs.
However, they started anti-Semitic activities to force the Jews to immigrate to Palestine. So the first nuclei of immigration to Palestine will begin in 1880.
*Where did these immigrations really begin?
- In 1880, two Russian Jewish groups, the "Bilo" movement and the "Love of Zion" group migrated to Palestine and were the first immigrant groups to enter Palestine.
*Were the initial immigrations to Palestine in form of occupation?
- you see the Zionists went to Palestine with various tricks because of the special situation that the Ottoman regime had at that time.
They influenced in some western consulates there, and they helped these groups. Some went to Palestine as migrants and pilgrims, but they stayed in there. Of course, I should say that the government system, especially at the time of Abdul Hamid, did not allow Jews to reside in Palestine because of certain problems in the Ottoman administrative system, but they entered Palestine with different tricks and settled in the villages of this country.
As I said, after the First World Zionism Congress in 1897 in the city of Basel in Swiss, the World Zionist Organization was formed, and marginal institutions such as the National Jewish Fund and later the National Jewish Agency were founded and Zionist leaders made their work more serious and basic. At the same time, Theodor Herzl wrote the book "The Jewish State", and in this way the Zionists, along with each other, pursue their various activities more seriously.
*The "anti-Semitism" discussion that you said was followed on one side, and the theoretical discussions and other Zionist activities were also pursued on the other hand.
- Yes, they pursued these activities together. Herzl, in one of his secretive speeches among Jewish delegates at a Zionist meeting, whose document was there and later revealed, says that if I cannot meet our goals that is gathering and absorbing the Jews around the world and move and settle them in Palestine and realizing the establishment of a Jewish state, I will set fire to the world; this was while at that time the Jews had a substantial base of political influence, especially in Europe. For example, the Jewish Benjamin Desailee was UK prime minister twice. When he was not the prime minister, he was in charge of everything in the court. In other places of Europe it has been in the same condition. The "Rothschild" partners, as I said earlier, were very influential in England. It's interesting to know that when the Balfour Declaration was issued in 1917 it was addressed to Rothschild. Rothschild, who did not have any government or executive position, then it turned out that he was Sultan without the crown of who was the person who dealed the official representative of the British government ...
*You were talking about the course of the formation of Israel and, consequently, the activities of the Zionist Jews and their influence in the Western world to advance their goals.
- Yes. Another leverage they had was the leverage of cultural and ideological influence, and of course it is working now as well. Perhaps Zionist Christianity was the power that has been able to bring Christianity and in particular many Christian leaders and the Western world with them from the past two and a half centuries ago, and make them peruse their will and desire. That is, after the Protestant movement in the Christian world in the 16th century, and they created a differential in the Christian world and brought a wide circle of Christians with them.
It is said that Protestantism has Jewish origin. There have recently published some researches on the subject that Protestantism is wholly derived from Hebrew texts. That is, they took all their ideas from the Old Testament. Some Protestant sects, such as Puritanism or Peorians, or the pure religious ones had the Old Testament as the source of their intellectual origins. That is, the same Christian slogan that they say that Christ is coming back again. They came to influence in Christianity so they said that we are looking for Christ and waiting for his advent. When does Christ come to appear; when the will of Israel is fulfilled. What is the desire of children of Israel? Promised Land. That is, with the various tricks of the Old Testament, they gathered evidence and documents for this issue, which became a school and an official religion. With these tricks they infiltrated the West and Christianity. You will notice that if the Jews are influential among the leaders of the West in the Western world now, it is not only because of the Zionist economic and political domination, but partly it is because of their ideological and cultural influence.
*About the words of Herzl, among the heads of the Jewish people you said...
"Yes, Herzl, with that word, sent his message to the Jewish leaders, which we should not think it is enough to achieve these goals." We must, however, accelerate our work with the privileged position that we have and achieve our goal of forming a Jewish state, and therefore the First World War begins with the plot and conspiracy of the Zionists and their heads of influence. When a man reads the history of World War I, he is surprised. A prince is being assassinated and not only two countries, but the world enters the war. What is happening? People do not understand at all, but after the war, when you look, you see what happens?
*Ottoman split.
- Yes. The Ottoman Empire, which is a danger to the Western world; it means the invasion of the Islamic world.
*Are there other reasons for this new narrative since the beginning of the first war, which is more tangible?
- you see, when they occupied the Palestine during the First World War, the commander of the British army was a Jew named General Allenby. When General Allenby arrived in Jerusalem referring to Salah al-Din Ayubi's pulpit that we are back! And there he recalled the Crusades that saved Salah al-Din, Quds, and Palestine. Allenby said that we are back. By "we" he meant the time when there were the Crusaders, and this time Zionists exist. In any case, the Occupation of Palestine and the Ottoman Empire are fragmented, and thus the Jews are one step closer to their goals.
*How did the fate of Palestine take place after the World War and when the Ottoman rule collapsed?
- After the Ottomans were categorized by the Allies of England and France, they prepared a bill for the presidency of Palestine. The Guardianship was written by several Zionist theorists and presented to England, and the country presented the bill to the community of nations at the time after the war, and the community of nations approved the bill, which is why England is governor of ownerless land of Palestine from this date.
Britain's first action in Palestine was to put an entire governor in the country.


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