King and Minister

In ancient times, there was an old poor woman who was living with her son. One day the boy said to his mother: "Go and propose to the daughter of the king for
King and Minister
King and Minister

Author: Mohammad Ghasemzadeh
Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefipoor
Source: Rasekhoon.net

Extracted from Rasekhoon
In ancient times, there was an old poor woman who was living with her son. One day the boy said to his mother: "Go and propose to the daughter of the king for me." At first, the mother laughed at his son's speech. But when she noticed that his son was decisive in his decision. She said to him: "O my son! We are not proportional to the daughter of the king."
But the boy was decisive and wanted to do that. He insisted that anyway his mother must go to propose the daughter of the king for him. Inevitably, the old woman went for this act and proposed to the daughter of the king. The king heard the words of the old woman and laughed in himself, but since he was kind and didn't want to break her heart, in order to get rid of her he guided her to a way that he was sure that she would be unsuccessful in it. So he said to the old woman: "There exists a man in this city who knows magic. Want his son to go to him and lean his magic and come to lean it to me and then I will give him my daughter."
The old woman went and said that to her son. The boy went to the magician's home. When the magician's daughter saw the boy fell deeply in his love.
The boy said to her: "I have come to learn magic from your dad."
The girl took the boy to the yard of the house and paid too attention to him.
The magician had dug a pit in the middle of the room and had mounted in it daggers and swords in such a manner that their blades were upwards. He had put a felt over the opening of the pit in order to hide them. Whoever sat on the felt fell into the pit and the daggers and swords tore his/her body and he/she would be killed in this manner.
The father of the girl came home and when he understood that the boy had come there for which purpose, seated him on the felt. The boy fell in the pit. But the girl had taken out the daggers and swords beforehand and instead of them she had put some pillows. The magician said to her daughter: "Oder the servant to come and take out his dead body and bury him."
After saying this, the magician went out of the home. The girl took out the boy and hid him in the chamber of the house. Whenever her father was out of the home, she taught magic to him. When the boy learned all necessary things, the girl said to him: "Marry me."
The boy agreed and returned back to his home to his mother and said to her: "I'll become a horse. Take me to the market and sell me. But you should not sell my tethered even very expensive otherwise you will see me no longer."
The boy read a pray and changed into a horse. The old woman took him to the market and sold him but kept his tethered. The old woman came home and his son too reached home immediately after her. In the next day, the boy read another pray and this time he changed into a camel, and this time too, the old woman took him to the market and sold him but kept his tethered. In the third day the boy changed into a mule and the old woman took him to the market to sell him. The magician saw them and realized that the mule was not an ordinary mule. So he went to the old woman and bargained and bought the mule and since he knew the property of the tethered, he offered a high fee to buy it from the old woman. The old woman became greedy and sold the tethered.
The magician took the mule to his home and said to his daughter: "Bring the knife to me. I want to cut off the head of this mule." The girl hid the knife and said to his father that there was not the knife. The magician wanted the sword, and the girl said the same thing. The magician wanted the ax and the girl said the same thing. The magician went himself to search for the knife. The girl opened the tethered of the mule and threw it onto the roof. The boy changed into a pigeon and flew. When the magician was returning back, he saw the pigeon. So he changed himself into a hawk and chased the pigeon. Inevitably, the pigeon went toward the palace of the king. There he changed into a bunch of red flowers and threw himself into a room of the palace. The king saw the bunch of the red flowers and picked it up.
The magician changed into a dervish and entered the palace and requested the king with insistence to give him that bunch of red flowers. The king got angry due to the insistence of the dervish and threw the flowers toward him. The bunch of flowers became a fist of millet. The magician changed into a hen and some chickens and began to eat the millet. But a millet grain had fallen in the shoe of the king, and just the same grain was the boy who changed into a fox and ate the hen and the chickens. The king was so surprised that suddenly the fox changed into a young man who said: "I am the same person who had proposed to your daughter."
The king agreed and gave her daughter to the boy and held wedding celebration for seven days and seven nights and at the seventh night the boy and the girl married. The king's daughter and the young man went home. The young man sent some persons to bring the daughter of the magician too to his home.


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