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Prophet Muhammad Said: "My Lord, command me to do my duties, as he command me to tolerate with people." The book Al-Kafi, vol. II, p. 117.

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Sour orange and bergamot - 1

Sour orange and bergamot - 1

Sour orange and bergamot - 1

Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefipoor
Source: Rasekhoon.net


Once upon a time, there was not anyone apart from God. In ancient times there existed a king having forty wives, but no even a child. The problem was in him. He had tried so much to overcome this problem but had no success. At last he vowed if one of his wives gave birth to a son he would make one of the pools of his palace full of hone and the other one full of edible oil in order that the poor came and ate and took without any charge. God accepted his vow and his fortieth wife gave birth to a son. The king was very happy. He gave the son to nurses to take care of him.
The boy grew in luxury until when he was 18 years old.
One day he was playing and going here and there in the palace while the king was watching him. Suddenly he remembered his vow and that he should fulfill it now that he had a son. Immediately he ordered to build two big pools outside the palace. When they had built they poured honey in one of them and edible oil in the other one. Then they announced that everyone could to come to eat and take honey and oil. The poor came there and took honey and oil with bowls and jugs from morning until evening every day.
One day an old woman came at the pool. As she wanted to take from the pool by her bowl, the king's son saw her with her hump and bent stature and lighted her, and threw a pebble to her bowl and broke it. The edible oil in the bowl poured. The old woman lifted her head and saw the king's son. She said him: "I don't like to curse you, because you are the only child of the king, but I hope the retribution of the daughter of sour orange and bergamot." The old woman was staring at the prince continuously, but the king's son got thinking who the daughter of sour orange and bergamot was. So he asked the old woman about her, but the old woman said: "I know nothing about her. Go and ask the people who know her." While wondering, the king's son went to his mother and asked who the daughter of sour orange and bergamot was. The mother was surprised that from whom his son had heard that speech. The boy told her mother all had happened to him. The king's wife said: "As the people say, there is a garden far from this city that its sour orange and bergamot are the best, and the most beautiful girls in the world will emerge from them. But these are only tale, since so far everyone who has gone to get the daughter of sour orange and bergamot has not returned back and no one has any information of them." The king's son, who had feared from the speech of the old woman, fell in love of the daughter of sour orange and bergamot by the speech of her mother and decided to go and bring her. The mother, who was sorry to say him about her, tried so much to dissuade him from his decision by saying him that so many greater people dad tried to obtain her without any success in saving themselves, but the boy was determined to do his decision. He was fallen in her love and was insisting that he should go there.
The worried king's wife went to her husband and told him about what the boy had decided. The king called up his son and talked with him so much in the hope that he realized that he could not become successful and will die in that way, but the boy did not care to his speech.
The king did not know to do with the boy. At last he wanted him at least to go there with some slaves. But the boy answered that he wanted to go there alone and bring back the girl. The king's son went and ordered the barn warden of the palace to give him a swift horse. He also took a bag holding what he would need during his journey. The he got going.
He went and went and when he got two or three milestones away from the city in the desert, he encountered a bright old man. He was surprised that how that old man appeared in front of him, because before that he could not see anyone whatever he was trying to see everywhere. The old nan faced the king's son and said: "Yong man! Be healthy. Where are you going?" The king's son answered: "I am going to the garden of sour orange and bergamot to bring his daughter for myself." The old man said: "It is better for you to return back to your home just from here. This way is full of disasters. Return back and keep your easy life in your city." The king's son answered: "So many people said me just this same thing, but I should go." The old man said: "Now that you don't listen to me and you don't intend to change your decision, at list listen to this speech of me: Go straight just this same way you have come. After going a lot, you'll reach a jungle. As wild animals and reptiles see you in the jungle, they will begin to make noise and will show you their tooth and nail, but you should ignore them. You should continue your way without noticing them and seeing backwards. When you went out of the jungle you should continue your way to reach a house. A female old demon will have been sitting in front of that house. You should ask her where the garden of sour orange and bergamot is, and she will say you all necessary things well."
The king's son became glad and said good bye to the old man and got going. He went and went, and he had not yet be located in the jungle that predatory animals attacked toward him showing him their teeth and nails. The boy ignored them and kept his way and went until when he passed the jungle and came out of it while there was any noise of them no longer. He was glad to get rid of that danger, and now he should continue his way.
He went until he reached the same house as the old man had given him its address. He saw that a female demon was sitting in front of its door. He went ahead and greeted. As the demon saw him, the boy began to say her lots of things and continued in this manner until the female demo got happy. Then she said: "O boy! Until now, no human being has been able to come to the land of demons. How have you come here? You have passed the jungle of the fairy health. It is clear that you are very lucky. Now that you have welcomed so many dangers let me know where you are going." The king's son answered: "I am going to the garden of sour orange and bergamot." The female demon said: "So far you have reached here healthy. If you listen to me carefully and do not forget what I say, you will certainly reach the garden of sour orange and bergamot. You should go straight this way and climb that mountain. When you reach there, you will see a black horse the tether of which had been tied to a tree. You should come down your horse and open the tether of the black horse and tie the tether of your horse instead, and ride on the back of the black horse. This black horse is able to go swiftly in one day a path longing one year, and can reach you to the garden of sour orange and bergamot. When you approached the garden, you should hunt a big prey in the desert and bring its carcass with you. When you reach the garden you will see a dragon sleeping in front of the door of it which is the guard of the garden door. As it saw you, you should throw the prey in front of it, and when it was eating the prey you should go into the garden. There are so many dense trees in the garden all having many sour oranges and bergamots and a demon is sleeping under every tree. You should pick sour oranges and bergamots how many you want as you are riding the horse and return back as soon as possible. As you did not fear in the jungle, you should not fear there too and you should not pay any attention to any sound you will hear there, and you should not look behind you. When you come out of the garden, the black horse will take you to your first place. There you should tie the tether of the black horse to the tree and ride on the back of your horse. When you tie the tether of the black horse, the demons would be able to reach you no longer."
The king's son said good bye to the demon and went in the same way she had given him its address. He went and went until he reached the top of the mountain. He opened immediately the black horse and closed his horse to the same tree. As he rode the black horse, the horse galloped as rapidly as the eyes of the king's son went black. They were about one hour galloping that the walls of the garden became visible from afar. The boy stopped the horse.
He took his bow and arrow and hunted a big antelope and took it on his horse toward the garden. He saw the dragon. Before the dragon had any movement, he threw the carcass of the antelope in front of it and the dragon had become busy to eat it when the king's son went into the garden. There were so many marvelous trees in the garden. As he was riding the horse, he went toward the middle of the garden. He was watching the demons sleeping under trees. There he returned back and as he was galloping toward the door of the garden he lifted his arm and picked some sour oranges and bergamots. When he was picking the first fruit, a voice rose saying: "He picked, … , picked." Due to that voice the demons woke up. But before the movements of them, the boy picked some additional fruits and as rapidly as possible went out of the garden.


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