Sour orange and bergamot - 3

The king's son was very depressed. Very lethargic went ahead and gave her the clothes he had brought with himself. She put them on and came down the
Sour orange and bergamot - 3
 Sour orange and bergamot - 3

Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefipoor
Source: Rasekhoon.net


The king's son was very depressed. Very lethargic went ahead and gave her the clothes he had brought with himself. She put them on and came down the tree. She immediately sat on the palanquin and the slaves took her and got going toward the palace. But as the boy wanted follow the black bondwoman, his eyes fell on the sour orange tree. He immediately took the tree from the root and when they reached the palace he planted it in the little garden in front of his room. The boy did not know what to do with that girl who was not like a human being at all. In this respect he was so sad. He had toiled so much and had encountered many dangers to pick those sour oranges and bergamots, and now he had gotten that ugly girl! He did not know what to say to his father and mother and relatives. Those all had advised him not to jeopardize his life useless. He thought that they would rebuke him. But he hoped himself that if the girl slept in shadow for a while, her skin color would be changed and would become the same girl emerged from the sour orange.
After a few days, the king's son and the bondwoman noticed that the sour orange tree was growing rapidly and whenever a breeze hit it, it began to whimper. The bondwoman realized that the tree had grown from the blood of the daughter of sour orange and bergamot, and so it was necessary for her to destroy it as soon as possible. Thus, he faced the king's son and wanted him to call up a carpenter to make for her a bed as she ordered according to her personal wish. The king's son sent a carpenter to her. The black bondwoman ordered the carpenter to take the sour orange tree existent in front of the prince's room from its root and make a bed for her using the wood of that tree. The carpenter did so and took the tree to his shop. But when he wanted to cut it into two halves, a cry rose from the wood. The carpenter was surprised. Just at this time the same old woman, who had made the prince to fall in the love of the daughter of sour orange and bergamot, came to the shop and took the full stem of the tree from the carpenter and made a spare spindle from it. When it was ready, she put it on the shelf.
After passing some days, the old woman went to the market to buy wool. She was in market from morning into evening. When she returned back to her home, she noticed that her house had been swept completely and all the dishes were washed and the yard was quite clean. She was amazed and wondered who had come to her home to do these acts. She was thinking about this matter without any result. Two days later, when she went out of her house to the market for doing something, this story repeated and she noticed that again the jobs of her home had been done by someone who had come to her home as a rule. She said herself maybe a fairy had paid attention to her and came to work her jobs. After a few days, she got ready to leave the house but only pretended that she was leaving the house and so closed the door, but instead of leaving hoe she went and hid behind the trees in the yard. She heard a voice from her room. She went slowly and quietly to the door of the room and suddenly opened it and jumped into the room. She saw a very beautiful girl was cleaning her room. Both the old woman and the bewildered girl were surprised. The girl did not know what she should do.
The old woman went ahead and caressed her head and face and asked her who she was and why she did the works of her house. The girl told her all her story in detail. When her speech finished, the spindle on the shelf burst. The old woman said her that she liked her and wanted her to be her daughter and promised her that she would do her affairs soon. From that day, the old woman was very much happy. She was almost always beside the girl. At nights they ignited the light and sat beside each other and talk about every things.
Now hear from this side, from the king's son and the black bondwoman. The king's son could not forget the memory of the girl. He continued to talk with himself as much as causing his illness. The king and his wife were not able to tolerate the pain of their son and did not know what had caused such a pain and what they should do. They called up the physician. He came and visited the boy and went to the king and said the to cure him, they should make glass chain and hang it round his neck, after that he would be cured with a fresh mood. The king called up his right handed and left handed ministers and his solicitors and repeated the speech of the physician to them. The right handed minister said no one knew how to make glass chain, and that it was better that the announcer to announce in the city to invite anyone who was skilled in that work to come to help the king's son.
The king ordered and in the next day the announcers went to the alleys and market and announced that everyone knowing how to make glass chain was requested to come to the palace of the king since the king needed that chain to cure his son.
The daughter of sour orange and bergamot and the old woman heard this announcement too. The girl faced the old woman and said her: "Go and say them that I know how to make it. But they should give me an original mirror and a private yard at first." The old woman went to the king's palace and said that she was able to make it. By the way, there was a backyard beside the room of the prince. They brought an original mirror and gave it to the old woman. She took it and the girl to the backyard.
On the other hand the king's son was informed that his cure according to what being said by the physician was the glass chain, and now they intended to male it in the backyard for him. As the boy head this went onto the roof and hid in a corner to see what would do the old woman. He saw that an old woman and a girl came. He recognized the old woman and the gir was also familiar to him. The girl took the mirror in front of her and began to tell about her story. The king's son listened and noticed that she was telling his story that how he went to the garden of sour orange and bergamot. He displaced a little in order that he could see in the mirror. He saw in the mirror the garden of sour orange and bergamot. Then a few nude girls came ahead just like the same girls emerged from the sour oranges and bergamots. At this time he forgot everything other than what the girl was telling. The girl was telling and telling until when the black bondwoman had come up the tree and cut off her head and dropped her head onto the river and her blood poured down the tree on the edge of the river and from it the tree of sour orange grew, and that the black bondwoman who knew everything pretended her as the daughter of sour orange and bergamot and said so many lies, and that the tree was brought to the palace by the king's son, but the bondwoman who had become suspected ordered to cut the tree and make a bed for her from its wood, but its stem became the spindle of the old woman and how she came out of the spindle. The king's son listened all the talking of the girl and was upset so much. He hurried to go down toward them and embraced the girl and took her to the palace. At once, he sent the slaves to bring there his father and mother.
The king and his wife reached there and encountered a very beautiful girl until then no one had seen any girl like her. The king's son told them the whole story in detail. A jubilation rose and all the women of the harem came also to see the girl and were surprised and wondered if it was possible that a woman as beautiful and cute as her to exist! The king was watching that his son was well and was so happy. So he ordered to decorate the city rapidly and celebrated seven nights and seven days. At the seventh night the prince married the girl. But the king's son before doing anything called up the black bondwoman and said her: "Do you want runner horse or cutter sword?" The black bondwoman answered: "The cutter sword be for my enemy. I want runner horse." The prince ordered to bring a mulish and runner horse and they tied her buzz hair to the tale of the horse and guided the horse to the desert.
Also the old woman was brought to the harem with respect and she became the duenna of the women. The prince too, himself went with the daughter of sour orange and bergamot to their happily common life.


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