Haji Sayyad's daughter

Haji Sayyad had a daughter who had a teacher. Sayyad intended to go to Mecca with his family. The teacher believed and insisted that he must not take her
Haji Sayyad's daughter
Haji Sayyad's daughter

Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefipoor
Source: Rasekhoon.net


Haji Sayyad had a daughter who had a teacher. Sayyad intended to go to Mecca with his family. The teacher believed and insisted that he must not take her daughter with themselves, because otherwise she would stay behind from lessons and education.
Sayyad was looking for someone who could successfully accept the responsibility of taking care of his daughter in order that he could travel safely. At last, he went and consulted the teacher of the daughter. The teacher, who was waiting for him, said: "No one is more confident than me. Give me the girl and travel safely. I promise you to be better than you to take care of her. I won't let even a strand of her hair to be reduced from her head." Sayyad, who trusted the teacher, placed her daughter at him and went to Mecca with her wife and son.
Seven to ten days passed. One day, the teacher pinched the girl in the class. Pari realized that the teacher had a bad intention. So she said him: "My father has given me to be safe with you. Don't you feel embarrassed by this age to make harassment to me?" The teacher said: " My ears do not owe these words. You should be my wife." Pari noticed that she was in serious danger and the teacher would not desist from his intention. So, she went out by presenting an excuse. She went toward the plain and desert and continued going until when she reached a spring. There was a tall tree next to the spring. Pari went up from the tree and thought, "God, Lord, what to do, what can I do? What is my destiny in this desert?"
A king was passing there. He saw a very beautiful girl, Pari, sitting among the branches of the tree. He fell in her love deeply and seated her on his horse and took her to his palace. Pari told the king her story in detail. The king married Pari. After a while, Pari gave birth to two sons. Days and years passed and the sons became four years old.
When Pari's teacher understood that she had escaped, he wrote a letter to Haji Sayyad in which he wrote: "Oh Haji. Your daughter has brought a scandal. Come here and control her yourself. I cannot do so. I cannot prevent her works." Haji Sayyad got furious and said his son: "Oh son! I'm honest in the city. With these conditions I can return back to the city no longer. You should go and kill your sister and sent her bloody dress to me."
The boy went and searched and found out that his sister was innocent. But, how much he looked for her, he could not find where she was.
The boy knew that until when the teacher existed, his father would not believe him. So he hunted a bird and by using its blood he smeared the dress of his sister and sent it to his father.
On the other hand, one day Pari was sitting in the palace and was playing with her sons. Suddenly she remembered her father and mother and shed tears. The king asked her: "What's the matter? Why are you crying?" Pari answered: "I missed my father and mother." The king said: "No problem. Whenever you want, I'll send the minister to escort you to go to visit them and return back."
A few days later, the king ordered to provide souvenirs and prepare palanquin. Then he called his minister and said him: "Oh minister! Accompany Pari when she is going to the home of her father and returning back." Pari and her two sons and the minister got going.
Once in the middle of the desert, they had tented for rest. At that time, the minister found bad intention to Pari and said her: "I love you. You should become my wife otherwise I'll kill your sons." Pari said: "OK, but just give me a chance tonight to think a bit." The minister accepted. At night, when all had slept, Pari took the children and went toward the mountain and desert. She went and went until she encountered a shepherd near the morning. She gave the shepherd two bracelets of hers and wanted him to cut off one of his sheep for her. Pari gave the shepherd all parts of the sheep except its rumen. She picked up the rumen and threw it on her head and became a complete bald person. Then she took an old man's suit from the shepherd and wore it and got going. She also gave the kids to the mother of the shepherd to take care of them. She went and went until she arrived at her city. In front of the home of her father she began to shout: "Who wants servant? Who wants servant?" Haji Sayyad came out of home and saw the bald man. The eyes of the bald man were similar to the eyes of his daughter. His affection fell to the heart of the haji and so the haji accepted him as his servant.
Pari remained in the home, but she did not reveal her secret. She decorated the rooms every day, swept the carpets and washed the clothes, but as much as she tried, she could not treat like men. Haji's wife noticed that the bald man knew house - keeping rather than men's works.
On the other hand, when the minister noticed that Pari had released, he went to the king and said him: "I brought Pari to the city. She did not want me to learn the address of her home, so I returned back." One month passed. The king said the minister: "Oh minister! Why doesn't Pari return back? Let's disguise and wear dervish's clothes and go to see what she is doing." Inevitably, the minister agreed with his opinion. They wore dervish's clothes and went to the city of Pari. They were searching in the alley and market when Pari saw and recognized them. Pari went to Haji Sayyad as soon as possible and said him: "I have two guests. Please let me bring them to home." Haji Sayyad welcomed her offer and wanted her to bring how many guests she wished. Pari got happy. Then she went to the dervishes and began to talk with them and at the last invited them to her home. She brought the king and minister to her home. They ate dinner and talked.
Pari said Haji Sayyad: "Do you let me to invite the teacher to come here?" Haji said: "OK. If you like, do so." Pari went and brought the teacher. They all sat and talked about everything. Pari said the king and minister: "Oh dervishes! Please sing something for us. It's famous that dervishes know much and can sing well." They replied: "Sing you something yourself and we'll listen." Pari was waiting to that reply and so began to sing: "I am Pari, Haji sayyad's daughter. I am an unlucky star, in the morning sky. The teacher, who was unaware of God, repelled me from my father's home. That minister, who is sitting on the prayer – carpet, dismounted me in a valley. He wanted to kill my sons, who were like a couple of pigeon. The wicked minister made my sons homeless in the desert and mountain. Oh dear dervish! You are more kind than others. Oh dear dervish! My story is sad. …"
The teacher was surprised. The minister was afraid. The father stood from one side and mother from the other side. They said: "Oh boy! Repeat all what you said." Pari said again what she had said. Then she took the rumen out of her head and everyone knew her. Almost everyone was kissing her. Pari told her story to all. The king ordered the teacher and the minister to be punished because of their guilt. Then they took the children from the shepherd's mother and gave the shepherd a big reward.
Haji Sayyad celebrated during seven days and seven nights and gave his daughter to the king.


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