Son of plucking thorn man and Mullah Bazarjan - 1

Once upon a time, there was a plucking thorn old man who had a son. He liked his son such that he did not let him to go out of the home. He did not even
Son of plucking thorn man and Mullah Bazarjan - 1
Son of plucking thorn man and Mullah Bazarjan - 1

Translator: Mohammad Ali Asefipoor
Source: Rasekhoon.net


Once upon a time, there was a plucking thorn old man who had a son. He liked his son such that he did not let him to go out of the home. He did not even let Sun and Moon to see him. The boy was living so until when the father got too old such that he could go out of the home to pluck thorn for their livelihood no longer. Now the boy was twenty five years old.
One day the old man said his son: "O my dear son! I am too old to pluck thorn for our living. Now, it is your turn to work for our livelihood." The boy answered: "OK. I will go for working from tomorrow."
In the morning, the boy took a rope and an ax and got going toward the desert to pluck thorn there. Since until then he had done nothing, he could not do anything and plucked no thorn. He also got tired soon. At these conditions, suddenly he saw a palace in the desert from afar. He went toward it and reached it and slept in the shadow of its walls. He fell asleep with a lot of fatigue.
By chance, the palace belonged to the daughter of the king of the city. The king's daughter came to the roof of the palace and ... not by one heart but a hundred hearts fell in love with the boy. On the other hand, she did not know that he was the son of the plucking thorn man. The king's daughter threw a bead of pearl toward the face of the boy. The pearl hit the face of the boy and caused him to wake up. The girl asked the boy: "Who are you and from where you have come?" The boy answered: "I am the boy of a plucking thorn man and already I had not come out of the home. Today my father sent me to gather a bundle of thorn to take to the market to sell for our livelihood. So, I have come with these rope and ax to take a bundle of thorn. But since I have not worked already, I could not pluck thorn. I got tired and came to the shadow of this palace to sleep. Now, I neither can pluck thorn nor can return back home due to my shame." The daughter of the king liked him such that she gave him some pearls and said: "Take these pearls to give them to your father to be an aid in his life."
The child of the plucking thorn man got going toward his home gladly. When he arrived at home and his father saw that he was empty – handed, the father began to blame him and said: "You have gone in the morning, Why do you have returned back now empty – handed? Why haven't you brought thorn? Tonight, we should all sleep hungry." The boy answered: "O father! I've brought something better and more valuable than thorn." He then gave the pearls to his father and mother and said: "Sell them to be help for the livelihood." The father sold the pearls and using their prices changed the appearance of their life and bought sufficient and various foods for the family who were deprived for a long time. All were happy and wanted the boy no longer to do anything.
But after a few days, since the boy too had fallen in love of the king's daughter, said her mother: "Please go to the king and propose her daughter to me. Take his daughter for me." The mother answered: "You are the son of a plucking thorn man, and she is the daughter of the king. The king doesn't give you his daughter at all." The boy said: "There is no other way. Take the daughter of the king for me or I will leave this city."
Since the mother had only that son, who was very dear to her, she had to go to the palace to propose the king's daughter to him. When she arrived at the palace she said the king: "My son has loved your daughter. You have to give your daughter to my son." The king got very upset by hearing that speech of the old woman but did not say her anything, but gave her some gift and dismissed her in the hope that she for forgot that matter. But the old woman went to the palace and repeated uttering that speech several times.
The king was upset due to the insistence of the old woman, but on the other hand he did not want to break their hearts. So, he put such a way ahead of the son of the plucking thorn man that he regularly was not able to cope with it in order that he forgot to follow that marriage.
Now hear that there was a mullah in the city named as Mullah Bazarjan who knew magic and knew a secret. Everyone who was learned that secret, immediately was killed by the mullah. The king said the boy: "O boy! If you are right and you love really my daughter, you must do something before I let you to marry my daughter." The son of the plucking thorn man answered: "I'll do anything with all the pleasure." The king said: "You have to go to Mullah Bazarjan and learn his secret. When you learned it, my daughter will become belong to you."
The son of the plucking thorn man accepted his offer and went to Mullah Bazarjan and became his pupil in order to learn his secret. The boy went to the home of Mullah Bazarjan. Mullah Bazarjan had a daughter who could not tolerate the death of that innocent boy. So, far from the sight of his father, she taught the boy that after he learned the secret of her father, whenever her father wanted him to read that secret, he would answer him which part of it, white or black part of it, should be read by him, and he would have to answer just these words without any additional words even if her father would ask him other questions. She explained him that manner of answering would cause her father to think the boy had not learned anything and had known nothing of that secret, and in that condition he would release him, and he could go wherever he wanted, but if her father would realize that he would have learned his secret, her father would kill him immediately.
After explanation of the daughter of the mullah, the son of the plucking thorn man understood that the king had plotted for him to get rid of him by his death. He was so glad of the guidance of the mullah's daughter.


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